How Rehab South Florida can Bring a Positive Change in Your Life

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There are some rehab centers that help you fight drug/alcohol addiction and then there are other rehab centers that change your life forever. Rehab South Florida is a center that belongs to the second category. The center’s main motive is not only helping its inmates to get out of their drug and alcohol issues, but also help them to approach life with a new view and life healthily forever. What gives South Rehab Florida an edge over its competitors? Read on to know more about the same:

12 – Step Program with spirituality being the basic tool

At this Rehab Center, doctors and other assistants know how important it is for their patients to not give in to any temptations once they have successfully quit the vices. Therefore, they provide more focus to helping maintain sobriety among their patients than helping them get out of their addiction. Their powerful 12-step treatment process is a mix of medicines, meditation, prayers, and faith that instills loads of confidence and self-control in patients to refrain from drugs and alcohol permanently. Some of the major highlights of this 12-step process are:

Ø  Teaching how alcohol and drugs create stress and disturb our physical/mental peace

Ø  Having faith in God to get over the addiction

Ø  Apologizing to people whom the patients have hurt due to their drug & alcohol addiction

Ø  Owning up for mistakes and making a conscious effort to make healthy lifestyle changes

Dual Diagnosis

The primary reason why Rehab South Florida is one of the most successful in this field is because it believes in a holistic treatment process. According to a study, at least 45% of patients who are addicted to drugs or alcohol have an existing mental health issue that is ignored. The focus is more on getting over the addiction than getting into the root of the problem (which is correcting the mental health disorder). This is why Rehab South Florida believes that dual diagnosis helps its patients recover quickly and permanently. In this process, the experts at the center approach the addiction and mental health issues simultaneously. More often than not, addiction (or substance use disorder) is accompanied by any one of the four common mental health issues – depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and personality disorders.

Alternative therapies

Injections, counseling, and medicines are quite helpful; however, we cannot deny the fact that patients lose interest in these processes when they are continuously exposed to them. When patients have to come out of their addiction, they need to be motivated and in a happy mental state. Traditional medical therapies may not be able to achieve them always. Rehab South Florida, with its wide range of alternative therapies, has a clear edge over its competitors. Some of the alternative therapies that the center offers are:


Ø  Group therapies

Ø  Family therapies

Ø  Music and art therapies

Ø  Faith therapies

Ø  Individual therapies

Ø  Therapy using horses

Ø  Yoga-based therapies

Thanks to these tailor-made treatment processes, Rehab South Florida has been doing a wonderful job in helping more than 90% of its patients maintain sobriety forever.

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