5 Steps to a More Active Life with BetterMe Fitness App

The article below is a sponsored review for the BetterMe Fitness App

We’re on a quest to find the fitness app – an app with excellent reviews and excellent features that is actually good for you. Well, BetterMe reviews suggest that everything is okay in the customer satisfaction department, but will we be as excited about this app when we try it out?

Why we’re reviewing BetterMe fitness app

Today, it’s so simple to download an app, use it for a bit and either delete and forget about it, or find out that you really like this tiny little helper and recommend it to your friends. The wellness and fitness app section is overflowing with options both on GooglePlay and AppStore, so the competition is kind of tough. What makes a certain fitness app stand out?

The BetterMe app is relatively new on the market, but it already tops the app charts and has thousands of mostly positive reviews. BetterMe Facebook community seems to be thriving as well, and they have their own site, BetterMe Guru, dedicated to health and wellness. So the BetterMe brand looks intriguing enough!

Exploring BetterMe

Both iOS and Android device owners can use the app. The developers strongly advise to download it only through AppStore or GooglePlay, to avoid possible scamming attempts.

You’ll need to enter your email, or register through Facebook, in order to set up an account with BetterMe.

The app makes use of some of your personal data you enter yourself, such as weight, age, height, target weight, your level of physical training (a newbie, moderately physically active, or a fitness junkie) to calculate which type of workout routine is most suitable for you, according to your parameters.

Strongest and weakest points of BetterMe app

Why you should say yes to BetterMe:

  1. The app is constantly evolving, and the communication between customers and BetterMe developers is great. The guys are really listening to what the users have to say and incorporate the features/fix the bugs in every new app edition. So there’s a good chance that you’ll witness introduction of more useful features, fitness and user experience-wise.
  2. BetterMe exercises and meal plans are developed and compiled by fitness instructors and nutrition specialists. This means those are not random, poorly-balanced tips from the Internet, but are actually good for you. Because there is no need for any sports equipment, you’ll be able to work out wherever. And whenever as well, since the workout sessions are quite short.
  3. BetterMe helps you keep track your progress as you’re on your way to meeting your weight goal.
  4. Working out and eating healthy are two inseparable concepts, and BetterMe app has a nice selection of foods and meals to go with your regime.
  5. The step-by-step exercise guides are really handy. You’ll know which muscles are working at each given moment, and what is the correct way to perform this or that move.
  6. BetterMe is especially great in that it helps you to develop and fall into a routine, and routine is of essence once you commit to a healthy, active lifestyle.

What you should be aware of:

  • BetterMe is not a free app. That is, it does allow you to try it out for a certain amount of time – three or seven days; after that, BetterMe price starts at $6.99 per month if you want to keep your access to exercises and meal plans. Otherwise, you can decide this app isn’t for you and discontinue the automatic subscription renewal. There is also a Lifetime subscription option, whereby you make a one-time payment and gain unlimited access to all workouts.
  • There are only two meal plans currently available to BetterMe app users: a vegetarian and “omnivorous” menus. Admittedly, more options could be introduced, but the developers say they are working on this, as well as translating the app into more languages. As of today, BetterMe app is available in English, Spanish and German.
  • Also note that for the app to function properly, you’d have to ensure you are in a location with a stable Internet connection.

How BetterMe motivates you to work out

Downloading a fitness app could be the very first step in your desired direction, not unlike buying a gym membership, or a nice pair of running shoes, or new yoga pants to work out in.

Setting up your account with BetterMe is a step-by-step process that will help you understand what you need mos at this very moment. The app lets you choose a specific body area to work on (or try the BetterMe 28-day challenge for a complex approach!), to choose your meal plan (handy if you don’t eat meat), and the intensity and frequency of your exercising. This helps you develop the right mindset, that is, that you have a fitness or weight loss goal, or are keen on just maintaining your current shape you are satisfied with. After all, one doesn’t stop being physically active once they achieve certain results.

BetterMe fitness app also helps fitness enthusiasts fall into and maintain a routine, which is really important in meeting the set goals.

As you complete one of the many available fitness programs, you can start another one!

We think it’s time to get rid of the mindset that the only purpose of physical exercising is transformation – a certain look, or a certain weight loss goal. Granted, it’s undeniably important to pull yourself together and follow up on your resolution to commit to a healthier lifestyle, for medical purposes or to get that toned body you’ve always dreamt of. But just being active just for the sake of being active is as important, like showering regularly or keeping yourself hydrated.

If you scan BetterMe reviews, you’ll see that some users note how their fitness trainers recommend this app to their clients.

So not only could BetterMe app be used on its own, it also could be a nice bonus to your usual workouts at the gym, or your guide to exercising at home, or when you’re on vacation. It’s important to keep a portion of portable motivation with you at all times!

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