Top 5 Ways to Burn Back Fat Naturally

By Melinda Cafferty

“Back bulge,” “back breasts,” “back rolls” and “back ripples.” These are just a few derogatory terms for “back fat”. These terms are commonly used in grocery store checkout magazines, possibly there to give women another reason feel pressure about body image. It is one thing to be a little overweight, but now there are entire industries based on where the fat accumulates (not just the weight itself).

The microscopic focus on where fat lands on the body is a major cause of self-consciousness especially when it comes to wearing lingerie, swimwear or running at the gym. There’s actually a science to why back fat has increased in recent years. It starts with age – if a person isn’t super active, they may notice more weight in their 30s. But more importantly, it is actually harder for millennials to lose weight than it was for their parents who worked out in the 1980s.

Given the reasons it’s harder to lose extra fat today, it’s not an overnight process. Removing back fat in particular will be a dedicated process that may include some exercises. Don’t rule out supplements like methylated B vitamins and liver herbs – since those can address toxicity and elimination. And the age-old approach of decreasing calories in (if you are overeating) and increasing calories out (movement, exercise) is a great start. But today we will focus on specific exercises to do every day.

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Here are some ways for women to bring sexy “back” and for men to recreate their symmetrical, strong form.

Side Plank and Arm Sweep

It is one of the best moves that can help you to lose fat from the back of the body. Lie down on the right side of the body and bend your right leg. Extend your left one and try to prop your body on the right elbow. Take one small dumbbell and hold in the left hand. Extend the arm in front of you. Try to raise the dumbbell in the arc form towards the ceiling. Try to perform at least 16 repetitions on both sides in order to get the desired results.

Barbell Row

Those who are interested to know how to get rid of back fat can practice this move at home or in the gym. This particular move will engage the abdominal muscles, arms and back, which will tone and sculpt them all. Stand with legs shoulder-width apart, knees bent, buttock out, head neutral, chest down and arms outstretched. Keep your back straight and bring chest down until you are almost parallel to the ground. Hold your barbell palms up and pull it up toward you; repeat.

Lateral Arm Raise

This pose is easy to do with handheld weights of your choice. Standing up, with shoulders and back straight, hold the weights at hip level. Keep your feet apart at hip width. Now raise your hands to shoulder height and come back down, keeping hips steady. Do 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions to get the best results.

Climbing Like Spiderman

This move looks like Spiderman trying to climb up a wall. First try to maintain the plank position by keeping the arms extended, legs extended and hands beneath the shoulders.  Keep your abs tight and feet flexed. Try to bend left leg and bring the knee towards the left elbow. Wait for some time and go back to original position. Perform 20 repetitions on both sides.

Holding Push Ups

Remain in a push up/plank position, supporting your body with your toes and place your hands underneath your shoulders with elbows extended. The body should in the straight line from head to heel – do not let hips sag. Bend the entire body down to stay just one inch above of the ground. Hold for one breathe and then come up halfway. Again, wait for one breathe and then come back to normal position. Repeat the same move a few more times.

Try to repeat these exercises on a daily basis to remove back fat and stay healthy. Although losing back fat depends on losing overall body fat, you should pay special attention to any movement that engages your back muscles. In particular, rowing activities, swimming, yoga, racquetball, tennis, pull-ups, weights and chopping wood engage the back muscles.

These moves will definitely sculpt and tone your back. It all depends on your level of dedication and mindset.

Photo by Christopher Campbell

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