Bacteria are Turned into Nanobots Inside the Body to “Fight Cancer”

nanobots fight cancer

By Markab Algedi, Natural Blaze

The news has little to say about these scientific discoveries, but did you know that researchers have been experimenting with programming bacteria to essentially become nanobots and transport chemicals to people’s organs?

Researchers in 2017 are doing things ranging from spraying crops with bacteria encapsulated in electrospun nanofibers, to turning bacteria into nanobots with magnetism inside the human body.

If these technologies were the medical miracles scientists claim they are, why would the mainstream media be dead silent on the topics?

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A geoengineering researcher on Facebook discovered an academic paper titled “Magneto-aerotactic bacteria deliver drug-containing nanoliposomes to tumour hypoxic regions,” published in Nature Nanotechnology in November 2016. It is about magnetically sensitive bacteria laced with cancer fighting chemicals being used to kill cancer inside the body.

The paper reads:

“Oxygen-depleted hypoxic regions in the tumour are generally resistant to therapies. Although nanocarriers have been used to deliver drugs, the targeting ratios have been very low. Here, we show that the magneto-aerotactic migration behaviour of magnetotactic bacteria, Magnetococcus marinus strain MC-1 (ref. 4), can be used to transport drug-loaded nanoliposomes into hypoxic regions of the tumour.

In their natural environment, MC-1 cells, each containing a chain of magnetic iron-oxide nanocrystals, tend to swim along local magnetic field lines and towards low oxygen concentrations based on a two-state aerotactic sensing system. We show that when MC-1 cells bearing covalently bound drug-containing nanoliposomes were injected near the tumour in severe combined immunodeficient beige mice and magnetically guided, up to 55% of MC-1 cells penetrated into hypoxic regions of HCT116 colorectal xenografts. Approximately 70 drug-loaded nanoliposomes were attached to each MC-1 cell. Our results suggest that harnessing swarms of microorganisms exhibiting magneto-aerotactic behaviour can significantly improve the therapeutic index of various nanocarriers in tumour hypoxic regions.”

According to the activist’s post, magnetotactic bacteria are: “a polyphyletic group of bacteria discovered by Richard P. Blakemore in 1975, that orient along the magnetic field lines of Earth’s magnetic field. To perform this task, these bacteria have organelles called magnetosomes that contain magnetic crystals.”

The science is being developed by researchers from Polytechnique Montréal, Université de Montréal and McGill University. A man named Professor Sylvain Martel is the head of the team, Director of the nanorobotics laboratory at Polytechnique Montreal, and holder of the Canada Research Chair in Medical Nanorobotics. He said:

“These legions of nanorobotic agents were actually composed of more than 100 million flagellated bacteria — and therefore self-propelled — and loaded with drugs that moved by taking the most direct path between the drug’s injection point and the area of the body to cure. The drug’s propelling force was enough to travel efficiently and enter deep inside the tumours.”

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Martel held a TED talk here.. like David Keith, the geoengineering proponent.

According to an article from Electronics Lab titled “Nanobots Fight Cancerous Cells”:

“When they enter a tumour, the nanorobotic agents can detect in a wholly autonomous fashion the oxygen-depleted tumour areas, known as hypoxic zones, and deliver the drug to them. This hypoxic zone is created by the substantial consumption of oxygen by rapidly proliferative tumour cells. Hypoxic zones are known to be resistant to most therapies, including radiotherapy. But gaining access to tumours by taking paths as minute as a red blood cell and crossing complex physiological micro-environments does not come without challenges. So Professor Martel and his team used nanotechnology to do it.

To move around, bacteria used by Professor Martel’s team rely on two natural systems; a kind of compass created by the synthesis of a chain of magnetic nanoparticles allows them to move in the direction of a magnetic field, while a sensor measuring oxygen concentration enables them to reach and remain in the tumour active regions. By harnessing these two transportation systems and by exposing the bacteria to a computer-controlled magnetic field, researchers showed that these bacteria could perfectly replicate artificial nanorobots of the future designed for this kind of task.”

The activist also posted this image of magnetotactic bacteria, noting that they contain magnetite.

Why is this relevant? Probably because, as many geoengineering activists know, magnetite nanoparticles were found in human brains and scientists tried to dismiss them as a normal consequence of cars and industrial pollution.

Could this imply that magnetite nanoparticles are actually being found in the brain because they are being sprayed in the sky?survival gear

Materials such as titanium, aluminum, barium, and strontium are being found in rain tests. We know those are metals for geoengineering, possibly minus titanium.

If one fails to realize why this technology is a scary thing, they need perspective on the history of biological warfare, chemical warfare, experiments on Americans, and how scientific discoveries always end up either centralized or weaponized.

The poster of this information summarized it well:

To gain such a perspective, these videos are a decent starting point.

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