OMEPRAZOLE: The Gastric Protector That Shortens Your Life

By Organic and Healthy

For many, gastric acid can be a major problem – and one drug commonly prescribed is omeprazole.

While omemprazole can be helpful for a short time, or for some people, unfortunately it’s hardly the fix it’s often sold as. This is partially because of how it changes the bacteria in your gut, but also because of other larger health hazards presented by omeprazole.

In particular, omeprazole can hamper your body’s ability to intake and absorb vitamin B12.

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And vitamin B12 deficiency can have major consequences, including:

  • Anemia
  • Anxiety
  • Damage to our central nervous system
  • Depletion in our red blood cell count
  • Depression
  • Neurological damage leading to degenerative ailments like dementia

Additionally, omeprazole can cause calcium loss in our bodies – also known as osteoporosis, or brittle bone syndrome – making us prone to fractures and breaks.

Additionally, calcium shortages can cause:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Increased risk of respiratory issues, such as shortness of breath, wheezing, difficulty breathing, hyperventilation, and congestion
  • Muscle issues

A study by the Kaiser Permanente Institute based in the United States of America researched the health dangers of omeprazole. They monitored over 26,000 test subjects every day and the subjects consumed various amounts of omeprazole within a period of two years.

VeganSafe B-12 - Vegan Vitamin B12 by Global Healing by GHCHealth

The subjects that had consumed omeprazole were at risk of having vitamin B12 deficiency by as much as 65% when it’s compare to individuals that do not make use of the medication. Yikes!

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