The Importance of Getting and Staying Healthy

When you live a high-stress lifestyle it will eventually take its toll on your body. It can be a high-pressure job, raising children or going through financial difficulties. Any of the above or all of the above can put you at a greater risk of developing health problems or a drug or alcohol dependency. Life throws many curve balls your way and in order to dodge them, you must get not only your physical health in check but also your mental health.

Even though states are legalizing the use of drugs, this doesn’t give you the green light!

Today, many states are decriminalizing the use of Marijuana, with some legalizing it for recreational use. In addition to Marijuana, a few other states such as Oregon are looking to take it even further and extend it to hard drugs like cocaine, heroin and ecstasy. The point of this newly introduced bill is to get states to focus their attention on medical treatment versus prison time. It also wants states to recognize that drug abuse is a mental illness and a serious addiction that affects the brain. It also targets all races and the young and old alike. Unfortunately, many people who get overwhelmed with their current status in life, turn to drugs or alcohol as a way of distancing themselves and escaping reality. The problem is that before you know it you’re hooked and now you have even bigger problems, a drug or alcohol dependency.

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Getting help to kick the habit

If you have abused drugs or alcohol there are ways to achieve a full recovery and take back your life. Places like Above It All cocaine rehab & detox can get you the help you need to end the dependency. It will take courage and strength, but you can do it given the proper help and environment.

Junk food

While some may turn to drugs or alcohol to ease their pain, others turn to food. Today much of the population is overweight. It seems like on every street corner there’s a brightly lit sign for fast greasy food. It’s ok to indulge once in a while, but if you make it a regular weekly practice, it’s only a matter of time before the pounds begin to show. Having extra weight makes you feel bloated and uncomfortable. But, it’s really much more serious than that, those are just the ones you feel immediately. Unfortunately, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes that can be quite frightening. Greasy, fatty foods and a high intake of processed sugars can literally have life-threatening consequences.  Your heart rate gets elevated, your cholesterol levels go up, you develop type 2 diabetes, you develop asthma, your joints are now fragile and at risk for breaking. These are all real possibilities with moderate weight gain. The good news is that you have a choice. You can change your eating habits and stop using food as a crutch to relieve stress. Instead, address the problem and go to therapy, or join a gym. Exercise releases natural feel-good hormones that linger on for hours after your workout ends.

Reducing the stress

Ultimately the simple solution to your problem is to reduce the stress. Without it, you wouldn’t look for ways to cover it. So, the first thing you need to do is find the root of the problem. If you’re suffering financially, take on a second job or reduce your overhead. If you don’t know how to begin, there are several non-profit agencies that can meet with you and offer guidance to help you establish a budget and show you effective ways to save money. If your problem derives from your high-stress job, find a new one. Even if the salary is less, you’ll find happiness and won’t feel the constant need to consume yourself in something harmful to take your mind from it.

Life is full of ups and downs. The ups are easy, it’s the downs that test your resilience. In order to stay happy and healthy, you need to weigh each choice and make sure that it benefits you and your family.

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