Newton’s Third Law of Life That You Should Know!


Op-ed by Dr. Fahad Basheer, Natural Blaze

Newton didn’t make a wrong statement. “Every force has an equal and opposite reaction.” In fact, he was right! Every thing from the motion of celestial bodies to launching satellites and the working of modern machines works on this simple principle. You cannot get something without a RESISTANCE to it.

Similarly, to achieve something you need to sacrifice something. If you want more friends, you will automatically generate more enemies. If you want more enemies, you will automatically generate more friends of your kind. You can’t see people with only friends but with equal amounts of enemies. In the same manner, you can’t see people with only enemies but with equal amount of friends.

Why is it so? For example, when you join an educational institution or a workplace, you get passively attracted to a particular kind of people who thinks in a similar frequency that you do. But at the same time, people exist with a frequency just opposite to the way you think. Whenever you get entangled with your new friend you are actually adding your friend’s enemies to your new enemy list or at least your friend’s enemies should perceive you as an enemy because you are now a friend of his enemy. To illustrate, what would be your life like after joining a political party? How many counter -party enemies will you get when you join this new political party?

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So why do you perceive in a way that isn’t according this law? It’s so simple. As your friend circle grows, your circle of enemies will also grow. The thing is, as this circle grows, enemies will live in the very same circle with the face of a friend! It becomes hard for you to recognize who is your real friend and real enemy. They adopt so, because as you have a lot of friends it becomes difficult for them to express those contradictory opinions and likes, as they fear being rejected by your friends. This in fact stands as a major obstacle which might make them lose their prestige in your own friendship circle.

The wise men says: The worst enemy of your life would be the person whom you never ever expected to stab you in the back (your own trusted friends). And often concludes by saying Life is unpredictable! But as your friend circle decreases, the number of your enemies decreases. But the greatest advantage here is that your enemies will be visible and clear as your enemies don’t need to be worried of being rejected, as you don’t have much support from your friend circle. But the trouble here is that your friends will be very hard to be distinguished from the crowd. At least You can be happy that you definitely know who your enemies really are!

In general, people actually nowadays value others by their friend circle but aren’t really aware of how many enemies he has at the same time. Also, people underestimate others if they have a small friend circle as they will get greater feedback from their own evident enemies.

Another phenomena that can give you a clarification in this law is known as the “Migrant effect.” You might have observed this in your life – someone whom you don’t know hates you for no reason and becomes your enemy. And at the same time, someone whom you don’t know loves you for no reason and becomes your friend. In sum, for each friend you make you automatically make an unknown enemy.

We are been taught to make friendship with others from moral lessons through elders and books. But what ultimately results, is that you gain more enemies as you grow into adults and make more connections. The very same thing happens when you get confined to one particular sect, you automatically generate a BIG ‘difference’ from other sects.

This ‘differences’ creates insecurities which is in turn convert to misjudgments and prejudices which are ultimately transformed into enmity. In fact, you have a lot of community support but at the same time having its own risk from other communities. To exemplify, for 10 years democrats in America focused on equality for Americans and non-Americans. But this actually created its worst counterpart like xenophobia. Which was evident and clear in the elections of 2016.


You cannot make a thing without its opposite being created and bound to it. Why do you think Atheism was born? It’s because religion was given birth. Why do you think feminism was brought into existence? It’s because anti-feministic ideologies were followed by people. Why do you think the concept of democracy was brought into existence? It’s because of dictatorial rule of the kingdoms.

These things can also happen vice versa. I haven’t heard electricity flowing through a conductor, as both poles are positive or negative. Anything you initiate in this world has its counterparts and is designed in such a fashion to create protagonistic and antagonistic actions simultaneously.

Even in our neurons, we have both excitatory (glycine) and inhibitory (GABA) neurotransmitter pathways coexisting and working to balance each other.

So do many other examples from this Universe provides us a realistic clue that “Every Action has its Counter Action.”

You cannot Live a life without a Death on its counterpart.

Dr. Fahad Basheer

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About the author:

Dr. Fahad Basheer is an author, writer and a trainer. He is a highly influential independent researcher of consciousness, mind body continuum system and its applications in medicine.He has specialized in NLP psycho therapeutics. He is the author of the book “The Science of Emotions”. He has published numerous articles to different magazines and Medical Journals. Follow Dr.Fahad Basheer on Facebook & Twitter.

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