Is Time a Relative Entity – Is There a Thing Known as Time?


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By Dr. Fahad Basheer

Have you observed yourself when you are with people and situations you love the most – you usually witness Time getting exhausted so fast. And in the end you say “How fast has the time passed!” And you would wish to be with these people and situations for a long time.

Similarly, when you are with people and situations you don’t like at all, you feel the Time isn’t moving as usually it does. And you would say “why is the Time so slow!” and you would wish the Time moved so fast to escape from these people and situations. I know very well this is a common experience for everyone. So, is Time a relative entity? Does your perception alter the Time outside you? Or are you perceiving the same Time differently according to your emotional states? Yes! when you feel positive you experience less Time. Whereas when you feel negative, you experience more Time.

Skeptics believe the clock is the Time. But wise men knows it’s just a foolish superstition of mind. Do you actually believe 24 hours a day is the actual measure of Time! I suppose then you were trying to push a camel through a pinhole throughout your life. 24 hours may be an artificial measure of a day but it’s never a true measure of time.

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We believe that clock is the Time because we were taught and brought up with a materialistic concept of time. Capitalism, industries, offices, schools, public transports, media programmes and even educational text book are constantly giving a subliminal message that we are time bound. Just like what a music does to the mind! And the biggest real life evidence we believe is the firm of Sun rise, Sun set and Night. We are in fact deluded. What would be the Concept of time if the Earth did not revolve! So the very present concept of time which we believe is fake! We all believe that Time is moving because of this revolution of the Earth and its rotation around the Sun. But when you stand out of the Earth; For example, suppose yourself standing outside the orbit of Earth and I ask you ‘What is your Time?’ How will you calculate your Time with a clock! In fact, Your are now outside the effects of Earth’s gravity, And you are now free from the laws of time in Earth.

So where is the time to which you adjusted your whole life for studies, jobs, duties and responsibilities? I know it, you were actually stressed out and your life was hectic! All this happens because you make your life Time-oriented. When people start orienting their life with Time, they usually get stressed out because they won’t be able to achieve their goals in a limited time span. Unfinished work in a given time is converted to stress patterns in the human mind and body simultaneously. If you didn’t set a time for your target would you be stressing out all these days? The answer is obviously No!


Is there Time? The answer is simply No. There is no time! We are forced to believe right from the childhood about Time and are pushed to work and live with respect to Time. Quantum Physics states the universe is bound to Timelessness. Which means there is no Time. Everything in the past and everything in the future and everything that is happening now are existing at the same time. For example, imagine an apple as your past, an orange as your present and a pineapple as your future. Keep them in a table and imagine yourself sitting in a chair next to that table.

How do you feel the way you see those three fruits which are kept on the table. You can have any one of those fruit at the same time whenever you want. This is the Third Man perspective from which you can observe scientifically. Just like an observer of your past, present and future. So why are we cheated? It’s because of our memories in our brain, and futuristic imaginations based on these memories forces us to believe that the past and future exist. In addition, the influence of Gravity on Earth and the time-oriented lifestyles and teachings add as co-factors to our perception on time.

So how we will get access to this Timelessness?

…Which is one of the ultimate realities of this Universe. I said the answer to this question in the very beginning.

When you are in the positive states of your mind you will actually feel that Time is passing so fast but at the same time you will feel like you had been there for a long period of time. This is actually a paradox just like the quantum puzzle. How can a person feel that he has been talking with a person for a long time and then realize how fast the Time passed!

This is an example of the state of Timelessness.

So as you move more towards the positivity of the human mind you will reach closer to the state of Timelessness. In Timelessness, a person can do multiple tasks at the same time without any stress or strain because your mind is at a state of positivity at the same time pounding out more mental energy for physical work. Whereas when you orient yourself to Time you may do multiple task at a time but it would be very stressful as you have set fixed time targets and at the same time you are stressed out because you fear that if you don’t finish your work on time you will be fired. At times, you won’t be even able to complete a single task. So when your mind is at a negative state, you will get exhausted due to over-strain and stress because at negative states of mind, less mental energy is derived for physical work. At negative states of mind, you will feel like you were working for a long time even though you were doing work for a short period of time. As a result your work becomes boring and more overburdened!

At Timelessness you will be exclusively happy and enjoying your work with a feeling that you haven’t worked too much despite the fact that you have worked a lot. It’s called the Effortless Effort.

But when you orient your life with Time, there will be tensions as you are fearing your past and you will have anxiety as you are fearing your future. In sum, when you orient yourself with Time, either you will live in your past or in your future. But never in the Present.

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Yes! Timelessness is in the Present moment. Let me ask you, at this present moment, do you have any tensions or anxiety? The answer is obviously No! It’s because there is no Time-dependent memory in the present moment. Most of the time our mind will be running after the past which brings tensions and releases stress hormones in our body or else our mind will be running for future, bringing us worries and anxiety stimulating the sympathetic nervous system resulting in stress patterns in the body.

But when your mind is focused on the Present moment, you will be set free from the prison of TIME. Which ultimately leads you to Timelessness. This finally leads to peace of mind.

It’s pretty hard but trying it can change your life forever.

Dr. Fahad Basheer

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About the author:

Dr. Fahad Basheer is an author, writer and a trainer. He is a highly influential independent researcher of consciousness, mind body continuum system and its applications in medicine.He has specialized in NLP psycho therapeutics. He is the author of the book “The Science of Emotions”. He has published numerous articles to different magazines and Medical Journals. Follow Dr.Fahad Basheer on Facebook: & Twitter:

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