9 Delicious Breadless Sandwich Ideas That Will Make You Drool

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By Organic and Healthy

The number of people opting out of eating bread is growing at a rapid rate.

Whether it’s because they can’t eat gluten or because they hate the idea of having to eat an unhealthy white loaf, people are quickly realizing that a bread doesn’t make a sandwich.
Remember to save these ideas below because they really are a thing of succulent beauty.

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1) Barbecue Salmon-Lettuce Wraps

Stuffed with the goodness of Omega-3, Salmon is perfect for a healthy wrap. Grill the fish and chop them into some fresh lettuce before exquisitely pouring over a taste of your favourite, most beloved dressing. Simple!

2) Red Bell Pepper Sandwich

300%. That’s the figure that corresponds to the amount of your daily Vitamin C intake within a red pepper. Not only that, it also helps with iron deficiency. Stuff your sliced pepper with cheese, avocado and anything else you would deem appropriate to have yourself an incredibly tasty, and healthy sandwich!

3) Paleo Sweet Potato Buns

Grab yourself some berries and slap them inside this sweet potato goodness! Sweet potatoes aren’t only (you got it) sweet, they also release a natural sugar that progresses into the blood stream allowing for a fantastic release of consistent energy throughout the day.

4) Grilled Eggplant Sandwich

An eggplant is one of those things that just keeps giving. Now, it’s giving more in this fantastic idea for a bread replacement. This works incredibly for Italian, Asian or any other type of cuisine. The eggplant also supplies your body with manganese, vitamin B1, copper, you name it.

5) Gluten-Free Tapioca Wraps

Tapioca (or Cassava) is produced in the tropics and it’s root is an edible, flesh stock. It is created into this wrap-like substance which is a brilliant bread substitute.

6) Plantain Tortillas

It’s exactly what it says on the tin! This plantain tortilla is perfect to wrap around your cheeses, meats and any other filling you can possibly think of. They’re great for anyone scouting for a healthy, simple bread replacement.

7) Tomato-Avocado Fantasy Burgers

Slice a big red tom in half and put some mini-burger meat in the between it. It sounds simple, and it is. Chop up some avocado and stuff it into the shell of the tomato and add your own layer of cheese if you deem necessary.  Tomatoes contain a vast amount of brilliant antioxidants as well as a galloping array or nutrients.  Forget your typical burger bun.

8) Portabella Halloumi Burgers

Into mushrooms? Then this burger is going to set you right off. A combination of the 66 calories per 9 ounces Portabella mushroom and the textured, firm, grilled halloumi will set anyone swinging with succulence.

9) Cucumber Subs

Breakfast? Maybe lunch? How about an after dinner snack? Cucumber is vitally necessary for hydration – especially in the summer months. Combine the green with some of your favorite sauces and meats for a scrumptious, healthy snack.
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