A Little CDC Plunder, Death, and a Coup To Go Along With the Swell US Elections?


By Exopolitics

The CDC has come out with some stunningly fascist vaccine regulations that would allow them to force (unknown, untested, and unlimited) vaccines on everyone.  And the vaccines would be coming from Criminal and Nazi Companies.

The CDC and CIA have a close and sick relationship and the Rockefellers are running the show.  Same with their running the WHO which has its smallpox Vaccine caused AIDS but omitted that it had requested the virus.

The Rockefellers are behind this bullshit.  1918 deaths are an as yet unexposed false flag set off by vaccines, and aspirin (sold by Monsanto and Bayer) finished people off.

And who’s merging right now?  Bayer and Monsanto.

Natural treatments were what helped during 1918.

And what’s happening not to natural treatments?  FDA: A Massive Attack on Supplements

It’ so obvious how the Liar-in-Chief set the US up (has he been bested in the lying department now by Obama who hasn’t kept a single promise he ran on – anti-war, anti-GMO, anti-Guantanamo, pro-transparency, etc.) but has done a fine job doing the lots and lots of their opposites.

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Fear-wise, though it’s easy to say good-bye to fear of the 1918 Flu by reading what really triggered the deaths.

The CDC, ever helpful, allegedly reconstructed of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Virus which killed 50 million people.

You can’t handle the truth about vaccines (Ad)

Now, they probably did something nasty – they hold the ebola patent after all – but they certainly did not reconstruct the Spanish flu because it’s a fiction.

And then to keep the terror level up, they wrote this fine garbage: 1918 Influenza: the Mother of All Pandemics which caused 50 million deaths worldwide, remains an ominous warning to public health.”

The CDC has created one whopper of a myth.

So, Bush was behind the set up for the Orwellian regulations the CDC declareing a medical police state, and announcing its power to detain anyone.

But who was behind Bush?

Why, it’s the same ole suspects – secret societies and with a long-standing negative attitude toward the US and they appear to work for one major group.  They are quite greed with what they want.

This group has planned for a coup and they also want to get rid of Americans and they also want financial plunder which is woven into the CDC’s vaccine plan which came from Bush asvery, very odd pandemic laws.

And who devised them?  Georgetown University, a Jesuit school, and John Hopkins.  John Hopkins and the Rockefellers who run the CDC and the WHO are being sued right now for horrific medical crimes and were also involved in the Tuskekegee experiment.  If you read that article closely, you’ll see the Rockefellers also blocked a cure for polio and for other viruses and may have even created the polio epidemic be spraying DDT which has the same symptoms.  Coincidentally, dealdy pesticide spraying for the Zika  hoax is occurring in the US right now, as well as on airplanes where people are trapped and can’t avoid it.  Who’s pesticide is it?  Monsanto’s?  They also made DDT.

This vaccine and pandemic nonsense is part two of 9/11, the coup part.

Part one was the use of explosives and part two is a coup, using bioweapons.

All hidden under the CDC’s vaccine regulations are death, financial pillage and a coup.  That is one swell health agency.

Image: Caribflame

This article (A Little CDC Plunder, Death, and a Coup To Go Along With the Swell US Elections?) appeared first at Exopolitics Blog and appears here with permission.

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