Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe The Criminal Conspiracy at CDC & the Vaccine Link to Autism


A Movie Review by URI DOWBENKO

So what’s behind the exponential rise of autism in America?

Prior to 1986 and the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which provided liability protection to vaccine manufacturers and health care providers, autism prevalence was 1 in 10,000 in the United States, writes Kevin Barry, Esq. in his book “Vaccine Whistleblower: Exposing Autism Research Fraud at the CDC.” (Sky Horse Publishing, 2015)

“In 2015, autism prevalence is 1 in 68 in the United States,” Barry continues. “This occurred after the CDC 2015 immunization schedule for children by the age of six recommends thirty seven injections of ten vaccines.”

The conclusion is obvious. “Autism prevalence is up more than 14,000 percent over the thirty year period from 1985 to 2015,” writes Barry. “This increase eviscerates the theory that genes cause autism. There is no such thing as a genetic epidemic.”

The book Vaccine Whistleblower contains transcripts of conversations between epidemiologist Dr. Brian Hooker and CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson. It provides a fascinating look at the manipulation of scientific data at CDC to protect the vaccine cartel and their revenue streams by promoting an egregious – and decidedly dangerous — schedule for children’s vaccinations.

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Do Vaccines Produce Autism?

In concert with Barry’s book, the powerful and provocative documentary film Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe highlights the anguish of parents who have to deal with the consequences of their decision to vaccinate their children – children who have suddenly and inexplicably become “autistic.”

The vague term “autism” is defined as so-called Autism Spectrum Disorder from the psychiatrists’ bible called Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Symptoms include developmental disabilities, as well as hand flapping, body rocking, head banging, eye rolling, the inability to engage with people, as well as a general disconnectedness from life.

The film Vaxxed begins with hysterical newsclips by NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN announcers warning of the “outbreak” of measles in Disneyland. Ironically these news-readers all sound like they’re reading from the same script of fear-mongering propaganda. And most likely they are…

Indeed Vaxxed exposes the perfidy and criminality of corporate, i.e. pharmaceutical, agro-chemical and vaccine manufacturers — Merck, Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Klein, Sanofi, Aventis — as well as government — U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) scientists who cover up the conspiracy.

In fact a remorseful CDC whistleblower Dr. William W. Thompson confesses in his telephone conversation to Dr. Brian Hooker about the scientific fraud at the heart of the CDC.

The film then segues straight into the recorded conversation of Dr. Thompson, Senior Scientist at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who says – “I have waited for a long time to tell my story… I was involved in deceiving millions of taxpayers regarding the potential negative side effects of vaccines. We lied about the scientific findings. The CDC can no longer be trusted to do vaccine safety work.”

Speaking with environmental biologist Dr. Brian Hooker, who has a son with autism, Thompson says. “I have great shame now when I meet families with kids with autism. I have been part of the problem.”

Hooker himself says about his son – “Two weeks after his 15 month vaccination [with the MMR – Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine], he lost all language. He lost all eye contact.” This has been called “regressive autism” in which a seemingly healthy child exhibits radical changes in developmental behavior.

Vaxxed is a heart-breaking documentary that will bring tears to your eyes, when confronted by the trauma of vaccine-damaged children, as well as the suffering of parents who are taking care of them.

Dr. Hooker, clearly frustrated by CDC stonewalling regarding his autistic son, listens to Dr. Thompson as he tells his insider story of CDC conspiracy and cover-up. Hooker speaks about the radical change that came over his son after receiving the MMR triple-threat vaccine, wherein his son regressed into autism and never came back.

Parents’ Testimonials on Their Vaccine-Damaged Children

Testimonials by parents with autistic kids punctuate the film. For instance Polly Tommey, one of the producers of the film who has an autistic child, describes the “uncontrollable shaking” that afflicted her child as a reaction to the MMR vaccine. “Nobody ever told me there would be any side effects,” she says.

Yet the side effects are clearly stated in the MMR II package insert. Side effects include
“seizures, severe headache, change in behavior or consciousness or difficulty walking.” But who reads the package insert when the nurse or doctor is standing by with a hypodermic needle ready to abuse your child with toxic vaccines?

Another parent of an autistic child, nurse Jeanna Reed, LPN, says – “Seven days after the vaccine, he [her child] was not walking. He was no longer able to do that. Falling down. He became a very sick boy.”

Meanwhile the defamed British gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield, director of Vaxxed, had testified before a congressional committee on April 6, 2000, saying that the risk of autism increases by age. He also claims that the single measles vaccine produced by Merck seems to be fine, but when combined with two other vaccines, the notorious MMR, becomes a hazard that increasingly has caused more autism symptoms, so-called “regressive autism.” The vaccine-damaged child loses all developmental abilities and regresses into what appears to be a vegetative state.

Referring to whistleblower Dr. Thompson who has confessed to “cooking the books” at CDC, Dr. Wakefield says, “Whistleblowers can disappear as quickly as they appear and your job is to get them from the hook into the boat.”

For obvious reasons, the alleged NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden comes to mind.

There’s also a racial component to the CDC fraud. When Dr. Thompson looked at the statistics, he discovered that African-American children were 2-6 times more at risk to have autistic symptoms after receiving the MMR vaccine.

In the telephone conversation Hooker asks “Race in general is downplayed?” to which Thompson replies “Of course it is.”

The notorious Tuskegee Experiment (Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male) also comes to mind in which the US Public Health Service experimented on African American males, so they and their wives died of syphilis because they were not treated with penicillin. They have been historically acknowledged as unwitting guinea pigs in a heinous experiment by the government’s mad doctors who can perform crimes against humanity without thinking.

The film also shows 2008 Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier M.D. speaking about the CDC criminal fraud, who says “Vaccine autism interaction is a worldwide problem, not only in this country, in Europe but also in Asia, even in Africa. The MMR vaccination, in a very early stage of infancy before the age of two, was more prominent in Afro-American children and this was hidden for some time. This fraud of course ranks very high.”

Mark Blaxill, the father of an autistic daughter and author of Age of Autism, says regarding the huge multi-billion dollar vaccine business that “Merck, Pfizer, Glaxo Smith Klein, Sanofi, Aventis can’t give money directly to CDC – but can launder it through setting up foundations.”

Another Big Pharma whistleblower, a former Merck sales rep called Brandy Vaughan, says that Merck covered up data on the dangerous side effects of Vioxx and agreed to pay $4.85 billion in 2007 as a settlement with the government.

Finally in an impassioned speech, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, Senior Research Scientist at MIT, says that there is an exponential growth in autism, so that “by 2032 half of the children will have autism – 80% of them boys.”

Smoking Gun Evidence on CDC’s Scientific Fraud & Criminal Conspiracy

Dr. Thompson then describes the destruction of CDC documents in which he personally participated. In his recorded conversation with Dr. Hooker, Thompson says — “There was a meeting and a trash can was rolled in and they selected documents to be destroyed. Literally they got rid of all their documents, so the only documents that exist now, the only documents left are mine.”

In Vaccine Whistleblower, which includes transcripts of the telephone conversations between Dr. Hooker and Dr. Thompson, we learn of current practices at CDC and other so-called public health agencies which can be called “consensus science,” in which statistics are manipulated until the results fit the vaccine cartel-CDC agenda. Manufacturing consent in science means manipulating statistics from the studies to ensure a certain conclusion – namely to protect vaccine manufacturers from any liability as well as to act as a PR mouthpiece for the vaccine cartel.

Thimerosal is a toxic mercury-based preservative used in vaccines. In the transcribed conversation with Dr. Hooker, Dr. Thompson reiterates – “The mantra should be, ‘We know thimerosal causes tics.’ That’s been demonstrated in the big studies. And just keep saying that, ‘We know thimerosal causes tics. ‘Cause CDC never said that thimerosal doesn’t cause tics. The CDC always says thimerosal doesn’t cause autism…”

In the first recorded call, Dr. Hooker asks Dr. Thompson “…if you were in a position to do so, how would we ban [mercury in vaccines.]?” Dr. Thompson answers, “So in the United States the only vaccine [flu shot] it is still in is for pregnant women… So I don’t know why they still give it to pregnant women. Like that’s the last person I would give mercury to.”

Dr. Hooker replies – “It makes absolutely no sense. And it’s a full 25 micrograms of mercury in the infants’ formulation for the flu shot, you’re not supposed to give flu shots until six months of age. The infants’ formulation has 12.5. But the maternal flu shot still has 25 micrograms and you can give it in any trimester.”

Later in the conversation, Dr. Thompson says “… if you take autism out of it, you will get that message out. And once you get that message out, do you think a pregnant mother would take a vaccine that they knew caused tics?… Absolutely not. I would never give my wife a vaccine that I thought caused tics.”

In another conversation, Dr. Hooker reads a CDC paper from 2012 in which researcher Jack Barile wrote, “In light of these findings, the researchers conclude that the greater exposure to thimerosal from vaccines is potentially associated with an increased risk of the presence of tics in boys between age seven to ten.”

Government Corruption Rules

Meanwhile government corruption and fraud through the so-called “revolving door” from public service (government agencies) to the private sector (Big Pharma corporations) continues. This is a common and accepted scenario.

For example Dr. Julie Gerberding, former head of the CDC (1998-2009), has undoubtedly been rewarded for her “good work” shielding the vaccine cartel, since she became the head of Merck’s vaccine division and was then elevated to Merck’s Executive Vice President of Strategic Communications, Global Public Policy and Population Health. Gerberding is a typical example of a high-ranking government employee who becomes a Big Pharma Shill – because that’s where the money is.

In other US government crime news, former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) chief Margaret Hamburg has been sued for criminal conspiracy, fraud and RICO racketeering, having generated millions of dollars in drug company profits for her husband Peter F. Brown, whose hedge fund firm Renaissance Technologies was heavily invested in Johnson& Johnson’s Levaquin.

According to Mike Adams of Natural – “The lawsuit alleges that while acting as FDA commissioner, Margaret Hamburg engaged in a wide-ranging conspiracy to approve an extremely dangerous drug known to cause severe (and even deadly) side effects, in order to financially benefit her husband’s hedge fund which held very large financial positions in Johnson & Johnson, makers of the drug. ‘Defendants, each and every one of them, operated a criminal conspiracy at least between the years 2009 to 2015 to fraudulently suppress warnings about the devastating effects of Levaquin,’ says the complaint.

“This Amended Complaint sets forth allegations that involve a conspiracy by Defendants, each and every one of them, to reap large financial returns by failing to disclose to Plaintiffs and the public at large the full extent of the devastating, life-threatening, and deadly effects of a highly dangerous pharmaceutical drug named Levaquin,” reads the opening of the lawsuit. The conspiracy complaint also alleges that over 5,000 people died as a result of Hamburg’s conspiracy cover-up at the FDA.”

At this time the lawsuit is still pending.

In November 2012, Florida Rep. Bill Posey held a hearing on the rising autism rate in which he pointedly asked Coleen Boyle CDC’s Director of the National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities (NCBDDD) — “I wonder if CDC has conducted a study of vaccinated children with unvaccinated children. Have you done that?”

Of course, this is simple science – a study comparing vaccinated children vs. unvaccinated children. However there was no answer from Boyle, since the fraud-ridden CDC acts as a PR front for the multi-billion dollar vaccine cartel. Rather the CDC uses the politics of science to craft a consensus that absolves vaccine manufacturers from any liability for vaccine-damaged children.

Meanwhile Rep. Bill Posey has allegedly received 100,000 pages of evidence from Dr. Thompson regarding this conspiracy and coverup at CDC.

In the obstruction of justice department, it should be noted that the 1986 National Childhood Vaccination Act shielded drug companies from all liability from drug injuries and deaths caused by the vaccines they manufacture.

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A postscript to the film – since 1986 this so-called “Vaccine Court” has paid out approximately $3 billion to parents of vaccine damaged children.

And another staggering fact — every 7 minutes a child in the US is diagnosed with autism.

If you’re a parent – or plan to be one, Vaxxed is a must see film.

In an impassioned speech, Polly Tommey says, “Out there there’s millions of me, Polly Tommeys with vaccine damaged children. I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to live the life that I’ve led. I don’t want you to go though the pain. I don’t want you to suffer. That’s why I’m telling you. I have no other reason to tell you about it. It’s not my concern. My kid is already damaged.”

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* URI DOWBENKO is an artist-writer currently living in Miami Beach. His books include Homegrown Holography: How To Make Holograms in Your Own Low Cost Studio (1978), Bushwhacked: Inside Stories of True Conspiracy (2003) and Hoodwinked: Watching Movies with Eyes Wide Open (2004). His work can be found on his website as well as He can be reached at [email protected].

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Copyright 2016 — Uri Dowbenko, published on Natural Blaze with permission

New Dawn Magazine  July-August 2016

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