Whatever Happened to Cassandra C?


By Paul Fassa

Cassandra C. (Callender) is the teenage girl who was abducted from her home in Connecticut and forced under lock and key to be injected with chemotherapy drugs for five months. She was not allowed to have a phone or visitors, including her own mother with whom she is very close. The door to her hospital room was guarded.

Her diagnosis was Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Despite Assistant Attorney General John Tucker’s state supreme court assertion that Cassandra’s mother was the source of her resistance to chemotherapy, Cassandra maintains her mother had wanted her to go ahead with the chemo originally.

“She told me as a parent that she didn’t want to lose her only daughter and that we would get through the chemo, but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to try anything else that wasn’t as potentially harmful as chemo. Eventually she chose to not fight with me about it. She chose to stand by me,” Cassandra confided.

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The Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford was where she was taken by Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) (nice title for medical kidnappers), who were supported by several police cars to lead their abduction from her home while her mother was gone.

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Of course, they were assured by the local medical authorities that Cassandra was a dead teenage girl walking unless she had the chemotherapy right away. The fear of death is the medical mafia’s ticket for abuse.

Even though the DCF and legal authorities were convinced she had an 85% chance of full recovery, the whole notion of capturing someone and refusing even parental support for months is not exactly a part of the purported American ideal for freedom of choice. Oh, I forgot. She was 17 then. Not capable of choice according to the law.

While undergoing a painful life and death procedure with the lowest cure statistic of all, not having the support of her friends and mother for months made it worse. One wonders if mainstream oncologists have any awareness of how emotional and psychological duress hampers healing.

The way she was treated is the stuff of horror movies or prisoner of war torture documentaries. She had resisted getting a portacath or “port”, or a totally implantable venous access device (TIVAD) surgically implanted in her chest before being locked away in a hospital room.

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Under enormous legal pressures, she had agreed to chemo at the time. But with that threat she ran away from home for a week.

Then she was taken into guarded custody in the hospital after returning home to avoid her mother’s arrest. The time came for her surgical chemo pathway insertion and she strongly physically resisted. Then she was literally strapped in and put under, just like the movies. When she came to, she saw the tube protruding from her chest.

In order to overcome Cassandra’s continual resistance, they said they would sedate her in order to give IV her chemo. That would require not eating for 12 hours prior. Cassandra opted to being allowed to eat, another method that forced her compliance, food deprivation. With each chemo treatment, she declared that she did not consent. No worries, the DCF signed for her!

Even two months before her release, the hospital announced she was in remission, which really can only mean the tumors are not growing but shrinking. I question why chemo was continued after remission. Might it have to do with Medicaid funding?

The DCF glowed officially about her “recovery” and everyone involved felt righteous for saving the foolish teenage girl from her folly of seeking an alternative healthy treatment.

Now She Has Lung Cancer

Cassandra explained ironically that she had fallen into the 15% that don’t respond to the treatment, which was a “guaranteed” 85% recovery. But remission is not necessarily healing. Most cancer cases return within that five year window, which if passed through still in remission can be considered a cure by mainstream oncology standards. Their percentage of actual cures is under five percent.

To help make matters worse, the hospital forced constant antibiotic dosing on her. Could be why she gained weight now. Most of her probiotic microbes were nuked.

Cassandra’s remission was short lived, of course. She was diagnosed with lung cancer within a year of her release from her local medical mafia dungeon of forced medical experimentation. Interestingly, the “port” of chemo entry was her chest! She is undergoing therapy in a Mexican clinic that was represented in Ty Bollinger’s The Truth About Cancer internet TV series.

You can help Cassandra financially with the Go Fund, which was originally set up for attorney’s fees to go after those involved with her forced “care”. But that was before her “relapse”. Here’s Cassandra’s Go Fund Me.

Now she is at the Hope 4 Cancer Clinic in Mexico https://www.facebook.com/Hope4CancerMex, and Medicaid, or Medicare, or USA private insurance won’t go there even though it is less expensive and more effective than what they cover here.

You can view her video from Mexico here: vimeo.com

Paul Fassa is a contributing staff writer for REALfarmacy.com, where this article first appeared. His pet peeves are the Medical Mafia’s control over health and the food industry and government regulatory agencies’ corruption. Paul’s contributions to the health movement and global paradigm shift are well received by truth seekers. Visit his blog by following this linkand follow him on Twitter here


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