The Medical Kidnapping of Cassandra C – The Truth Finally Revealed

By Heather Callaghan

Imagine your 17 year old daughter gets the diagnosis of cancer. You both do research on treatment options and see that chemotherapy is toxic with potentially long standing, irreversible consequences: damage to the reproductive organs, bladder, heart, lungs, nervous system, kidneys, and more. You and your daughter decide not to do it and choose to take a different route; one that is safer and is non-toxic. 

Much to your shock, while you are out shopping, your daughter is home and the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) shows up at your door (with 12 police cars no less, to kidnap your daughter and force her to do chemotherapy against her will and your wishes.) 

What would you do?

The above is from an exclusive interview by Ty Bollinger of The Truth About Cancer where the bizarre, incredible truth about Cassandra C is finally brought to light. Her last dose of forced chemo drugs was April 27th 2015 – but that doesn’t begin to describe her harrowing experience of being locked away for five months with armed guards. She wasn’t even allowed outside for an hour per day.

It’s a story of traumatic, dehumanizing force and one of the dignity of the human spirit; of hope and healing. (Watch below)

Cassandra explains in the video below, the trouble with her cancer diagnosis, her reason to stop chemotherapy and try something else, her scary medical kidnap, running away from authorities, coming back after her mother was threatened with arrest and about her forced hospitalization from DCF, forced sedation, restraints and drugging from the hospital and more…. 

It’s more bizarre than the mainstream news ever let on… The media shamefully supported this assault, and while they claimed that the court-ordered chemo saved her life, they never let on the complete violation of her human rights and health-breaking trauma and loneliness in isolation. Sometimes – they and DCF used deception to instigate this heartbreaking incident. They lied and claimed that Cassandra wanted to forego treatment as a death wish, but Cassandra wanted another option. Eerily, when Cassandra’s medical kidnap ensued, it was around the same time the media lauded cancer patient Brittany Maynard of Oregon who was allowed to medically take her own life last November.
Cassandra’s story is similar to the little Amish girl who was also targeted for forced chemotherapy after her family noticed she was getting much sicker. Just like Cassandra, everyone was told that unless she was forced into chemo, she would die, and all but promised she would live if left in the hospital for chemo. What they didn’t tell you is that they had put the little girl on experimental chemo drugs and had her sign the paperwork! The media couldn’t claim that chemo saved her, however – the family escaped to holistic treatments and the girl made a full recovery.

Also, how could the media know if the chemo drugs cured her? Even doctors don’t use the “c-word.” Did the doctors actually give her a clean bill of health? Is she really in remission?

Ty Bollinger’s interview with Cassandra C on her harrowing experience:

Also see:

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