Live Everyday Like It’s Your Birthday

6ab3fdc2ce73df31d0753924a8d1d001By Rosanne Lindsay

Once a year we wake up to celebrate living a new year on Planet Earth. We mark our birthday with a candle, blow out the flame, and call it a day. The next day we wake up and forget to celebrate, even though everyday we wake up is a celebration of life. Everyday our bodies remind us of the gift of rebirth, renewal, and regeneration by creating new cells, new neural connections, new thoughts, new experiences, and new life. Every day is an opportunity for re-creation if we so choose. What one chooses affects the collective. So what does our collective birthday look like?

The news tells us that America ranks first in the world for global crime, rape, divorce, teen birth rate, heart attacks, plastic surgery, prisons, and prisoners. We dispense the most vaccines and have the worst infant mortality rate. We are the sickest nation on earth, have the highest rate of diabetes and obesity, and despite having the highest health care costs, we have the worst healthcare system in the world, in terms of efficiency, equity, and outcomes. We spend the most money on global war while twenty-two of our own service veterans commit suicide each day (2010). We have the highest rate of illegal drug use and prescription drug use, with opiate drug abuse leading the way. We are a nation in pain.

We have a billion dollar medical kidnap business where judges skirt the law for Federal Funds. We are a global leader in laundering up to a trillion dollars a year in narcotics and financial fraud. We have a Federal government usurping State sovereignty through mandates, from forced insurance to forced vaccines. We allow corporations to patent nature while allowing government to criminalize our access to nature. We accept petro-chemical energy solutions while being denied green, clean energy technologies. We allow fracking in our water, while being denied access to clean water technologies. We allow the toxic chemical and pesticide spraying of our air and our food, while being denied informed-consent.

We are a nation that escapes from reality into reality shows; a herd easily led and misled. We believe that what we are told through our daily TV “programming” and educational system is true. As government officials arm themselves with war weaponry, citizens beg for their guns to be confiscated. As the Federal Reserve system creates money out of thin air, we borrow into perpetual debt to pay off “credit.” We are the only species who pays to live on a planet that is abundant in its bounty. We are dosed with fluoride, chloramine, and lead through the public water supply so “Public Health is protected,” unaware there is no “public,” only individuals.

We fuel our daily destruction by consenting to it with our labor, our money, our ignorance,  our votes, our attention, and our beliefs. As we witness the symptoms of dis-ease through our own making, we forget that health is our natural state, and the state of the planet. When we accept we are the herd, watching the gates close around us, we forget we were born free, as individuals.

We are a dissatisfied and unsettled collective; sick of being sick and tired of being chained. When government no longer serves its purpose, it is made obsolete. It must be gutted at its foundation and remade on new soil by each of us. With Brexit signaling the beginning of the end of the European Union, copycat States – Texit and Calexit – pick up the vibe in the U.S.

Could we be on the verge of celebrating a new birth?

We are born as individuals with the inherent power to govern our own minds and bodies. What if everyday is a day for life to be celebrated instead of lamented, an opportunity instead of an escape? What if each of us live in our truth instead of someone else’s lie? In a universe that runs on energy, we are not dependent on the blood (oil) of the Earth, nor on representative government. We have our own limitless candlepower. Instead of marking a new year by blowing the flame out, why not amplify it? Just as we create dis-ease, we also create health. We only need to refocus attention there. Energy flows where attention goes.

Turn off the T.V. Your reality begins with your inspiration. Make your Birth Day be a daily inspiration to create a better you then watch that energy spread like wildfire. Each of us must ask what we want and how we shape it, not for the collective, not for the future, but for now. If our very cells are remaking themselves now, anything is possible.

Rosanne Lindsay is a Naturopath, Earth Keeper, liberty-lover, and author of the book The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet. Find her on Facebook at Natureofhealing and her website at

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