Whole Foods To Launch Budget-Friendly Store To Make Healthy Food More Accessible


The ‘365 Store’ is a budget-friendly version of Whole Foods that will be opening in May.

Whole Foods is many things, but affordable for the majority of the population, it is not. Because the health-focused grocery store is often referred to as ‘Whole Paycheck,’ the chain is attempting to rebrand itself by launching a new store which will offer affordable and convenient organic food options.

Basically, the “365 store” will be a budget-friendly version of Whole Foods aimed at Millennials. The name of the new chain stems from the Whole Foods’ private label brand, whose products are a bit more economical in comparison to the other options sold at their stores.

One Green Planet relays that because a number of mainstream and specialty grocers also offer organic offers, the company hopes to set itself apart once again with this new development.

Appealing to the Millennial generation is an intelligent move, for they are the most powerful group of consumers in the U.S. In fact, nearly 25% of the population falls under this generational segment. In addition, it’s become trendy to ‘live green, eat clean, and act consciously.’ Expensive prices, however, are a big set back to this demographic.

According to the company, the first store is set to open on May 25 in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. As the chain develops, Whole Foods will be partnering with companies to offer a variety of services to their customers.

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Some things will remain the same in the new stores. For example, an Allegro Coffee Company bar will continue to serve craft coffee and beer.

Credit: sprudge.com

Jeff Turnas, president of the 365 stores, told USA Today: 

“The idea is to not only entice customers through the door, but get them to stay a while.” 

If the atmosphere, layout, and diversity of food options are similar to present-day Whole Foods stores, we’re sure customers will have no problem sticking around for the bit. The new stores will also feature a rewards program that offers everything from coupons to “personalized nutrition insights,” the company’s website states.

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