Monsanto’s Next Weedkiller Uses RNA and It’s Far Worse Than RoundUp


By Christina Sarich

(URThe main ingredient in Monsanto’s best-selling herbicide, glyphosate, has already been named the most-used herbicide in history — and the company hopes you will continue to focus on the nefarious ramifications of a two-decades-long spraying spree with this carcinogenic chemical concoction while its patents on ‘RoundUp Ready’ seeds expire.

While you and I are obsessed with glyphosate, Monsanto is turning to other genetically-modified atrocities — like RNA pesticides.

This is the next chemical attack the company will likely wield just as it has before, by using crony capitalism, skewing scientific factssuing non-compliant organic farmers, and trying to monopolize food crops by buying up land and forcing ubiquitous trade deals that only well-appointed lobbyists in government capitals support.

Monsanto calls RNA Interference a ‘natural process’ in plants in the same manner they have vowed that glyphosate is ‘safe,’ while industry-discredited scientists have shown that glyphosate exposure, even in infinitesimal amounts, causes cancerous tumor growth. The company explains the process:

RNA interference (RNAi) is a natural process cells use to turn down, or suppress the activity of specific genes. This is done through the cell’s natural ability to review RNA instructions inside the cell and then “decide” whether to process the instructions or not. As a result, the process can turn down or stop production of a specific protein, much like a dimmer on a light switch. This cellular process was discovered in the 1990’s and additional research in the area led to Drs. Fire and Mello winning a Nobel Prize for their work in 2006. Their award-winning work, and that of countless other scientists, has opened many new areas of research in human, animal and plant health.”

Notice that nowhere in this explanation does Monsanto describe what this technology really does, which is silence genes. Of course this technology is meant to silence genes in bugs that eat crops, but there is no proof RNA pesticides won’t silence the genes of unintended recipients, like wildlife, and human beings.

In fact, University of Canterbury Professor Jack Heinemann released results from genetic research he conducted on Monsanto’s GM wheat, which showed with “no doubt” molecules created in the wheat, that are intended to silence genes to change its carbohydrate content, may match human genes and potentially silence them.

According to Heinemann’s analysis, dsRNA-mediated silencing is becoming the basis of novel traits in GM plants, including bio-pesticides. These RNA pesticides are altering nutritional characteristics, and they can lead to significant changes in the way glucose and carbohydrates are stored in the human body, causing potentially lethal outcomes.

So after Monsanto developed PCBs, DDT, Agent Orange, and Roundup (glyphosate), it now wants to silence our genes with RNA pesticides to help grow its $47 billion empire. Is there no end to Monsanto’s ravenous appetite for destruction?

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  • blue579

    Important information, thank you. Terrifying to think of the genetic pollution / genie out of the bottle we are witnessing. The huge leaps made with precision genetic engineering magnify this problem (along with the patenting of life) by several orders of magnitude. Already, a Monsanto subsidiary is selling patented non-GMO produce varieties created in part via initial GMO prototypes and then back engineered, as described in the Wired article “Monsanto is Going Organic in The Quest For The Perfect Veggie”. 1/21/14 ….Another big foot in the door to controlling our food, this time with a facade of techno-cool and even an appeal to organic buyers.

  • Joan Camara

    Thank you naturalblaze for bringing this article to our attention. First I’ve heard of it, and it’s disturbing! And just when I was hearing that Monsatan, was starting to lose money. Good thing I’m an all organic girl, but I’ll definitely pass this news around for the people who still don’t get what corporations are putting in their food. This one ought to wake them up…I hope!

  • Joan Camara

    Appeal to organic buyers? Nope, not me!
    If I may ask, could you tell me where you found that article (about Monsanto going organic….)? I’d like to see it myself…if you could give me the link, I’d appreciate it…

  • blue579

    Here’s the link, replace the dot with a period: http://www.wired (dot) com/2014/01/new-monsanto-vegetables/ Note the subsidiary is selling under a different name and my emphasis is on Establishment tentacles being inserted into new paradigms using precision genetic engineering and other new technologies with the aim of controlling and patenting food production under the new economic framework of Technocracy – overseen by the same powers that shouldn’t be but most people won’t understand that. BTW, I’m a medical scientist and am aware of the advanced projects underway.

  • Joan Camara

    Ok, got it, thanks.

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