Study: LSD and Psilocybin Mushrooms Treat Roots of Criminality

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By Cassius Methyl

The Rise of Entheogens

In the latest piece of pro-entheogen news to hit the internet, Associate Professor Dr. Peter S. Hendricks explained a recent study into psychedelics treating domestic violence, specifically in people locked into the prison system. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of British Columbia, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health.

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It basically studied people who had taken psychedelics, and people who had not taken them, and several of those who admitted to using psychedelics were never incarcerated again, while a percentage of those who had not admitted to entheogen use ended up behind bars again.

Their study examined “men aged 17-40 in the criminal justice system. In all, the study followed 302 men,” according to Inquisitr.

It found that, according to a university press release:

“Of the 56 percent of participants who reported using hallucinogens, only 27 percent were arrested for later IPV, as opposed to 42 percent of the group who reported no hallucinogen use being arrested for IPV within seven years,” 

“From the 1950s through the early 1970s, thousands of studies reported on the medical use of hallucinogens, mostly LSD. Due to the classification of the most prominent hallucinogens as Schedule I controlled substances in 1970, research on health benefits was suspended, causing many of these studies to be forgotten.”

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“A body of evidence suggests that substances such as psilocybin may have a range of clinical indications,” said Peter S. Hendricks.

“Although we’re attempting to better understand how or why these substances may be beneficial, one explanation is that they can transform people’s lives by providing profoundly meaningful spiritual experiences that highlight what matters most. Often, people are struck by the realization that behaving with compassion and kindness toward others is high on the list of what matters.”

Difficult to quantify in a study but now well known, a psychedelic can “transform people’s lives by providing profoundly meaningful spiritual experiences that highlight what matters most,” according to Hendricks. The value of an entheogen is clearly explainable by a person who has experienced it.

This is the humbling, the purification, the self questioning and ego dissolving unique to a psychedelic experience. It’s suppressed common knowledge across the world, and here we see academia trying to quantify that.

The Inquisitr article included several additional examples of psychedelics being used to treat all kinds of things. This is becoming the general format followed by mainstream (or alternative) news articles, describing recent pieces of evidence that entheogens are medicinal: there’s a centerpiece of news, and then several additional pieces of past evidence, other incidents.

This article could follow a similar route, and reference dozens of examples of psychedelics being valuable in mental health and medicine, but is that really necessary? If you care to follow this, you already know. Because you probably already know if you’re reading this, maybe the best thing this article can offer is a strategy for presenting evidence to those who still believe entheogens are dangerous.

It should also be recognized that entheogens are very powerful, and certain entheogenic experiences could temporarily or more permanently throw a person off balance, although psychedelics tend to have a more regenerative property than degenerative.

Any person experienced with psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) or Ayahuasca could attest to their value, and the respect necessary for handling such things.

The difficulty in the general public’s ability to perceive psychedelics for what they are stems from several factors, one of them being lack of firsthand experience. The glaringly obvious factor is of course propaganda.

Firsthand experience with nature’s miracle cures is personal evidence to their value, which is immensely valuable to the individual, but difficult to quantify.

How does a person who understands entheogens convey their value to a person who has been taught to despise them?

Many of us have family members who would have knee-jerk reactions to the idea of psychedelics being medicinal. I suppose these regularly appearing studies and articles of evidence, testaments to their value, are a precursor to forming dense blocks of knowledge that can be presented to people as evidence: presentations, blocks of knowledge.

A dense block of knowledge: a well assembled and well sourced structure of evidence that you can present to family members, or anyone you want to debate an issue with. This is just one strategy, an example I present to you with the possibility that it will inspire you to think about how to educate your people and family members on all sorts of things.

This is a lost skill, mental exercise, human intellectual art and necessary social practice: debate. Debate, dialogue, discussion with family members is really key to having any kind of unified understanding of the world with them.

The rise of CBD/cannabis oil could illustrate the dynamic of this ever expanding social progression toward eroding cognitive dissonance about this: when enough people of all classes and creeds, all age groups, report having their cancer treated by CBD oil, the evidence stacks up.

These people can not be marginalized and compounded into some stereotype, a hippy or loopy person anymore: these are average Americans with chronic illness and many others discovering CBD oil, and their experiences are out there for us to discover if we only look.

Take this one for example. This is an average American woman, someone not very susceptible to being discredited for their appearance.

Now that we have loads of evidence at our fingertips with the internet, it’s time to be smart: we can be efficient and educate our people, or we can waste our opportunities.

If you are passionate about the value of entheogens and want to change their legal status from criminal to medicinal, let us know your ideas in the comment section below, and please share this with as many people as possible.


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