FlightHub Customers Seeing Medical Tourism Benefits


Medical tourism has grown rapidly over the last decade. As an online travel agency, FlightHub has heard from multiple customers who have gone overseas to receive medical care in other countries. While many may think this is a case of people from third world or lesser developed countries seeking high tech care in first world countries, the opposite is starting to become the reality. FlightHub reviews and gets feedback from customers regarding their travel choices and I asked them why people choose medical tourism over their established medical systems in their home countries.

Cost Of Care

The first reason FlightHub gave us came as no surprise. People travel for medical care due to the massive cost difference between procedures in foreign countries and their home countries. This is especially true for American travellers who may not be insured, or simply can’t afford the massive cost that can be associated with major surgeries in the US. For countries with free healthcare, the issue is often the only thing you can’t buy, which is time. You are often able to get the same surgery overseas with far less wait time. This can be beneficial in so many ways that often the out of pocket expense is worth it to medical tourists.

Standard Of Care

Now, people who think of medical tourism and are skeptics are probably imagining the same thing. A dark room, primitive tools, and a mechanic who moonlights as a doctor. FlightHub is happy to report that this is not the case according to medical travellers. The biggest factor in the rise of medical tourism isn’t saving money, it’s about the rise of medical systems in foreign countries. There are numerous countries out there that 20 years ago you would be nervous to get stitches in that now boast ultra modern and clean facilities staffed by professional doctors and nurses using high tech equipment. In fact, many developing countries have more efficient medical systems than those found in first world countries, allowing them to expedite care for medical tourists in comparison to wait times back home.

Travel Opportunity

Medical care isn’t just about surgery. It’s about recovery as well. Some of the most popular medical tourism destinations are also top holiday destinations according to FlightHub. What this means for recipients of care isn’t just a lower cost in terms of the procedure, but the chance to recover on a beach or in a tropical environment is hard to turn down. This can also have a profound effect as well on your mental health, which will only benefit you as your body heals. Sure beats walking out of surgery into a blizzard.

Some of the world’s most popular destinations are Mexico, Costa Rica, and India. While savings vary, research says patients can save anywhere from 20 per cent to 65 per cent on their procedures overseas. In terms of which surgeries are popular, many most commonly leave their home country to receive cosmetic, dental, and cardiovascular procedures.

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