Employees In This Office Space Share Their Cubicles With An Urban Farm

Pasona11-e1451107300553By Amanda Froelich

The last place you might expect to see an urban garden is in the heights of a city skyscraper, but that’s exactly what you’ll be surprised with if you visit Pasona Inc. in Japan. Individuals employed by the multinational firm, which specializes in human resources and temp staffing, share their office space with thousands of square feet of fully functional urban gardens. With over 200 species of fruits and vegetables, and even a 1,000-square-foot-indoor rice paddy growing indoors, the office workers are constantly surrounded by agriculture.

Pasona_4 Pasona2-e1451107337746When French artist Hélène Veilleux ventured to Pasona Inc., she photographed the unique melding of “office” and “organic”. From the building’s foliage-covered exterior to the vines dangling off overhead trellises once inside, the Japanese building’s carefully crafted work environment is a huge contrast from what one might expect an international corporate headquarters to look like.

Pasona5-e1451107395222Reports Mental Floss, Yoshimi Koni of Koni Designs is the brilliant architect behind the building’s design. According to the architect, the building isn’t just green for show; it is “an effective urban farming project (and is 100% organic).” In addition, the eco-minded showcase of innovative architecture serves an important purpose. Japan is an incredibly dense, urban country, and there is little room for sprawling farms. At present, more than half of the country’s food is imported from other countries. Urban farms can help remedy this problem, as well as improve the ambiance and health (more oxygen!) of city work environments. Scroll through the photos below to see what’s hidden in Pasona’s headquarters:

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Pasona_1 Pasona_3 Pasona3-e1451107362125 Pasona4-e1451107437114 Pasona6-e1451107566114 Pasona7-e1451107593950 Pasona8-e1451107618609 Pasona9-e1451107636787What are your thoughts? Comment below and share this news! 

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