5 Ways Clean Eating Has A Positive Effect On Your Body

healthy eatingLife moves at such a rapid pace today that we tend to neglect our diet and go for what we think will be the easiest option. So often we’ll make the choice of eating a meal that’s quick to microwave or just heat up.

The problem is that these foods tend to be heavily processed with added fats, sugars and salt – all dietary no no’s!

As a reaction to this, and supported by a number of nutritionists and celebrities alike, the clean eating movement has emerged over the last few years.

Essentially it relies on eating food that has had minimal or no processing, having a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat in each meal and having more and smaller meals throughout the day.

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Sounds good already? Well, wait till you hear all about the other benefits it may have for you…

Fuller longer

Because you’re eating less more often and what you’re eating is a well-balanced combination, it means that there’s no mid-afternoon craving for chocolate, cakes or crisps that can often be our undoing when we’re feeling peckish.

Increased energy

The ‘little and often’ approach to eating means that blood sugar levels tend to stay more regular throughout the day and that means no peaks and troughs of energy levels – and a happier and more productive you.

Weight control

Unlike crash diets which can help you shed pounds quickly only to put them back on as soon as the diet ends, clean eating can lead to gradual and permanent weight loss as your body becomes accustomed to its new diet.

Better digestion

The unprocessed nature of much of the food in clean eating, as well as the fibre that a lot of it contains, is also very good for your digestive system. Studies in the past have suggested that this can lead to a reduced risk of cancer and other digestive complaints.

Better hearing

Perhaps one of the most surprising potential benefits of clean eating is on your hearing. That’s because it’s been found that omega acids present in oily fish like salmon and mackerel can help to protect against age-related hearing loss and foods like bananas, artichokes and potatoes can reduce the effects of environment-related ear damage.

Naturally, if you already have hearing problems then these are less likely to help. If this is the case then the best idea would be to visit a local audiology expert who may be able to help with Hidden Hearing aids.

So why not give clean eating a try? You’ll find a wealth of information and recipe ideas online and, because they all rely on a few simple ingredients, they are generally quick and easy to prepare – and a lot better for you than just reaching for that microwave meal!

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