Vaccines, Measles and Blowing a Gasket!

By Dr. Scott Graves

Recently, a rise in measles has been reported that is linked to exposure at Disneyland and the unvaccinated. What are we sensibly to do with this? Some have taken to the Internet and have gotten super angry and/or afraid! What about you, how are you reacting to this? Are you angry?

This isn’t an article to discuss the science of vaccines, and it is not meant to defend one position or another. Its purpose is to point us towards the real context in the debate about vaccines. When things of this nature reach the mainstream media, first it is always a good idea to inquisitively and discerningly question the narrative being peddled around.

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– Why the focus on vaccines now, at this time?

– Is there another agenda that the White House or the pharmaceutical companies have that is not being discussed in the mainstream media?

– Is this really just about health?

– If this agenda pushes forward, will it force people to lose some of their freedom in being able to choose not to vaccinate?

– What better way is there to force change and to get people to comply than to peddle fear and anger to the masses through the media?

Beyond the science of vaccines and people’s health is a debate between everyday people like you and me that is largely being fueled by one thing – negative emotion. At the heart of it, it appears the VACCINE debate (for or against) is largely an emotional issue. Beyond the surface, it appears not to be a rational issue, financial issue (pharmaceutical), logical issue, scientific issue or personal choice issue; but an emotional issue. Science, logic and reason are used in defense of or against, but what is sitting behind all these things seems to be very powerful emotions (mostly negative) for each person involved in the debate.

What would happen if each person let go of THEIR own anger, rage, fear, condemnation, defensiveness, frustration, shame and pride, instead of projecting them onto others?

What seems to be really missing from the debate is genuine love, compassion, understanding, and positive emotion all the way around.

Instead, when viewing posts, articles and things written about vaccines on the Internet, the comments from some are borderline violent and abusive.

– People are afraid of getting sick

– People get angry defending their position

– People belittle others for not believing in the science of vaccines

– People project shame on others, making them to feel wrong about their choices

– Those unvaccinated may look down upon, feel prideful about their decision not to vaccinate or feel contempt for those who don’t really understand how nasty vaccines appear to be

– We call people ignorant on both sides and hate others that can’t see things the way we do

How would the debate be different with each person letting go of THEIR negative emotions first, embracing more positive emotions and then engaging others from a heart of love, compassion and understanding?

The emotions we project upon others are a reflection of ourselves not others. Those negative emotions arise within you, no one causes you to feel anything, and you make that choice yourself.

To say otherwise is to say that you are a victim to those you debate, that you can’t control yourself and you also can’t take responsibility for your emotions. It is so much easier to blame than take responsibility. In order to be healthier physically, mentally and emotionally, it is critical to take responsibility for the emotions you experience when you debate or have a discussion with someone who doesn’t agree with you. What is the point of having a discussion when no one is able to listen over and above their own negative emotions? No one can see clearly with all these emotions blocking the way towards understanding another’s point of view even if you don’t agree with it.

The media seems to have it down to a science, and knows very easily how to control the masses.

Problem (measles) – Reaction (I’m angry or afraid) – Solution (we need change!). My hope is that we all learn more daily about how to control ourselves or rather let go of the negative emotions we experience first before engaging in the debate or coming up with a Solution. Things in the world would be much different if the mind was clearer, filled with love and compassion, before debating or even offering a Solution. Would we be able to at least agree that loving each other first regardless of the opinion we have, could radically change how we deal with this debate or any other social issue?

May we love ourselves first by letting go of our negativity and then love others before we discuss how different the world could be one day.

Dr. Scott Graves ND, MA is a Florida-based Naturopath and Intuitive who specializes in Nutrition Response Testing, NAET, EFT, and Psychokinesiology. He offers free 15 minute phone consultations and is available for radio and TV interviews. Like him on Facebook.

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