Simple Ways to Doctor Your Meals Into Healing Foods

by Heather Callaghan

“Eating healthy” means a lot of things to different people and it might seem complicated with all the millions of books, programs, and websites available. It might seem complicated with a busy schedule and limited budget. But it doesn’t have to be if you’d like to take the “doctor up your foods” method – which simply means adding a bit more to your already existing diet and getting quick results.

The following are superfoods that you can easily get from most grocery stores and then some additional ones to get online or in bulk from health food stores.

They pack a giant nutritional and alkaline punch. You’re basically taking food supplements but without the great expense. Feel free to add them to anything!

Lemon juice – Forget expensive multi-level marketing water ionizers…who wants to pay $4k when you can just add lemon to your water. Turn your water or tea alkaline and clean out the liver for pennies. Only use real fresh squeezed lemons.

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Coconut Oil – Cook and bake at high temperatures with this oil – NOT olive oil which burns and turns into a carcinogen at low temps. Save olive oil for your salads. Eat coconut oil in the mornings for energy or just put it in your tea and coffee – or smoothies. Help the liver, gain energy, and eradicate harmful yeast and bacteria. Go for cold-pressed, not expellar.

Cayenne Pepper – Add this to just about anything and get your circulation going. Make yourself alkaline, kill gut bugs, and ward off sickness.

Cilantro – Have you tried expensive heavy-metal chelators? You could just eat cilantro every day and pull heavy metals right out of your body. Be cautious if you have fillings or implants and whatever you do – do NOT cook cilantro on aluminum – or you’ll get a big dose of that. Do cook on iron. Add to salads, soups, guacamole and anything else your heart desires.

Ghee – I find this nutritional fat to be the best cooking oil on the planet. Fry and bake at high temps and get great results or use like butter. Cooks better than butter – never seen it burn. Great for storage, no need for fridge. Would you believe this traditional food, popular in the East, is credited for reversing tooth decay and cavities?

Avocados – Do avocados make you happy too? they might if you started using them and felt the effects of their anti-inflammatory cleanup abilities. Wonderful in sandwiches on soups, snacks, salads as a substitute for butter or mayo – even make chocolate pudding out of them and never know it was nutritious.

Turmeric – Hailed as cancer’s worst enemy! Do a search on Activist Post and Natural Blaze to see what this amazing food can do. Buy in bulk and add to just about any recipe. Make turmeric teas and milks. Add to desserts and fight cancer-causing inflammatory conditions.

Extra options:

Sea Salt – Very alkaline and actually super good for the heart. No processing like table salt and loaded with trace minerals. Feel free to use liberally.

Hemp Seeds – LOADED with all kinds of nutrients. Sprinkle on everything, use in smoothies, make nut better, and replace sesame seeds and other nuts with hemp seeds.

Chia seeds – Omega-3s and fiber with others, can be used like gelatin. Use in smoothies, soups and drinks, no need to chew. Sprout them – just don’t waste them on the chi-chi-chi-chia pet!

Nutritional Yeast – Vegans love it because it’s loaded with naturally occurring vitamin B usually found in meats. Cheesy or nutty flavor, this works well on recipes, best on cooler foods. It is a by-product of molasses. Great to have in storage for extra additional nutrients and flavor, especially for rice, beans and vegetables. Use on popcorn. Ahem – preppers! You need to look into this. NOW brand is high quality and low cost.

Molasses – Speaking of which, this is probably the most underrated superfood. It’s a shot to the arm providing iron, chromium, magnesium and more. Despite its sweetness, it’s great for diabetics. Great for female health and strength for men.

Kitchen-grown sprouts – These are so expensive in the stores and not so fresh. You can grow these in days right in your kitchen. Get the whole living plant with hardly any care – you don’t even need a garden. Try radish, alfalfa, broccoli and more….

Flax seed – These are best utilized ground and used in flour recipes, smoothies, batters, thickeners, in soups and more. Packed with anti-inflammatory Omega-3s which we all need more of, since we are too heavily exposed to Omega-6 fatty acids from God-forsaken hydrogenated oils. Protects heart health and more.

These are just a few simple ways you can “doctor” up your foods, even if that means adding to your pizza and canned soups. Can you see how these storable foods would be great for keeping on hand in the future?

Do you have any more simple foods to add to the list?

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Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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