The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth

by Ida Lawrence

The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth takes the reader on an evolutionary journey backward and forward in time. The author discusses personal shadow aspects arising from childhood experiences, cultural conditioning, the traumas of life and media programming. Emotions and injuries that are hidden within and unresolved can interfere with relationships and personal growth throughout life and block the way to unified self and recognition of the divine within.

Techniques in identifying and countering these hidden aspects are offered. The author also travels back to the inheritance of collective shadow aspects from having been born into a particular culture, racial grouping or human family. As the impediments to growth and inner development are recognized, the warrior’s journey continues onward to discuss the world as it is: intensifying conflicts and environmental destruction, the collapse of economies, and the system of control becoming ever more restrictive.

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Within this darkness, the author reminds us of the transformative energy that we are together creating, leading us to envision and work toward manifesting a new heaven on earth. Readers are reminded of prophesies and many different signs pointing toward this being the time period in which a great shift occurs. The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth offers practical advice, real knowledge, inspiration and information as it points toward disengaging from a devolving, collapsing world, and engaging in a return to self: down-to-earth gentleness and grace aligned with the divine feminine energy.

The light emerges from darkness with an ever increasing awareness of how we are truly one… no more us and them, just us, unified within, and with all that is.

Book is available in paperback HERE.

Also available in a Kindle edition HERE.

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