Use Nature To Get More Clarity

by Jad T. Jones

A lot of us have forgotten where we came from. We came from this. We came from nature. We came from the land. In our day-to-day lives, we are living in boxes, on concrete streets, in air-conditioned rooms, with artificial lights, and computer screens that are sucking the energy and life out of us. We lose ourselves. So it’s very important that we do whatever we can to reconnect with nature. To go and take a walk out in nature, once a day, because nature has a stillness and a peace that you cannot get anywhere else.

If you feel like you’ve lost yourself, you lack clarity, you’re having trouble knowing who you are anymore, it’s probably because your not connected with nature. You don’t go for walks in nature, you don’t go for walks on the beach, whether in the forest or beside the water. Something magical happens when you just sit in nature, when you just spend a little time in nature everyday.

There is an intelligence that is contained in everything natural, and when you connect with that intelligence, it’s like it becomes a part of you. It’s like you downloaded it into your brain and it gives you that clarity, and your quality of life is determined by the clarity of your mind.

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Society is telling you, you need to have more, you need to go faster, work harder, do more, get more. But the truth is it’s the opposite. You need to have less, work less, chase less, and just be able to sit in contentment, be contented of this moment and be with nature, come back to the source. Your relationship with nature is a very big reflection of your relationship with life. If you want to be successful and happy, and have peace inside, have clarity and know where your going, well then you need to be in touch with nature.

So if you’ve been prioritizing, and this comes down to priorities now, if you’ve been prioritizing work, and achievement, and money, and ambition over silence, presence, joy, and simply sitting in nature and connecting with nature, well then you’ve probably lost yourself and feel disconnected. So it’s time to reconnect, dedicate that time, whatever time it is, maybe you only have ten minutes, take that ten minutes and connect with nature. Go to a park, go to a lake, go to a beach. That’s where you’re going to find the answers.

It’s not in the computer screens, it’s not in google, it’s not in youtube videos. It’s in here, and it’s enhanced when your outside here, because this (knocks on wood) is part of this (points to the soul). This is not plastic, this is alive. Even in it’s death it brings life, and it brings beauty, it is beauty and you are beauty. So be one with nature. Remember your own beauty and you will gain so much clarity, and that clarity will give you the strength, and the peace, and the vision you need in order to get where you want in life, and what you want in life.

So the best medicine sometimes is just to sit down against the tree log, do nothing, say nothing, think nothing. Just be. This is Jad T Jones. Take care. Peace.

This video with full transcription first appeared on Ingenious Press. Like us here on our Facebook Page and feel free to share this inspirational post far and wide.

This clip is original content from Jad T Jones, please visit his Youtube Channel for many more inspirational and personal development videos.

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