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Switchel: What the Heck Is It And Why Do You Need Its Health Boosting Properties?

By Tess Pennington For years, we have written extensively on the immune-boosting properties of apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon, cinnamon, and ginger. But what happens when you combine all five of these natural health-boosting ingredients into one drink? A natural, synergistic energy drink that will…

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When the Lights Went Out in California: How My Family Got Through It and 10 Tips The Prepper Community Gave Me

By Tess Pennington When emergencies happen, many of us use these experiences as a testing ground to evaluate our supplies, take inventory, and see if we are mentally equipped for the stressors of an emergency. Taking this a step further is talking and bouncing ideas…

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10 Best Books To Survive Food Shortages & Famines

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