5G/EMF/RF New Wireless Codes For The City Of Ithaca, New York — What is Your Community Doing?

Posted by Patricia Burke,  Article Courtesy Environmental Health Trust

Community Protective Rules For Cell Antennas

Environmental Health Trust and several other experts and residents testified to the Ithaca City Council  on the day of their vote. Residents and experts had worked for a long time towards community protective rules for cell antennas. Residents had hoped that their City would choose to enact more protective setbacks at over 1000 feet however they were about to establish much stronger procedures than other communities such as Montgomery County Maryland that has a setback of just 30 feet!

Theodora Scarato’s Testimony on Cell Tower Radiation, to City of Ithaca New York (2 ½ minutes)

A 1,500 foot setback between antennas (old code: 0 feet)

A 250 foot setback between antennas and homes/schools (old code: 8 feet)

Requiring proof of a significant gap in service coverage for any antenna, proven by ‘in-kind’ testing (such as drive-by tests, dropped calls/data 10Mbs)

Clarifying that an applicant’s claim that it needs the proposed tower for “future capacity” or to “improve coverage” is not sufficient to establish that it suffers from a significant gap in coverage

Requiring the least intrusive methods to fill any coverage gap for antennas

Requiring that a visual impact analysis be submitted for any new proposed antennas

Requiring General Liability Insurance without a pollution exclusion

Allowing for random, unannounced radiation testing for all towers done by the City at the expense of the applicant

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Including fall-zone requirements that wireless facilities are maintained at a sufficient distance from other structures and the general public

Allowing for revocability (a clause allowing the voiding of any contract requiring its modification in the event of a regulatory change)

Mandating certified mail notices of any proposed tower be sent to people living near a proposed site before approval, paid for by the applicant.

Establishing a procedure for any disabled persons suffering from EHS to submit requests/grievances in accordance with the ADA

Establishing that the codes apply to all wireless transmitting antennas, including any on private homes (aimed at the OTARD challenge)

Deputizing any citizen to test for RF emissions

Protecting against reductions in property values of properties situated near wireless facilities

Requiring that everything submitted by the applicant is done so under oath and penalty of perjury

Cindy Russell’s Testimony on Cell Tower Radiation to City of Ithaca, New York (2 minutes)

See More Policy Actions On 5G & 4G Small Cells compiled by EHT here.


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