The Sun Fires Off An “Earthbound” CME

By Cap Allon

Sunspot AR2859 erupted on Aug 26, producing a C3-class solar flare.

SOHO coronagraphs detected the accompanying Coronal Mass Ejection (CME):

The storm appears to be on a direct course for Earth, says Dr Tony Phillips (of

NOAA analysts are looking at the CME now, no doubt keen to determine its exact arrival time — Dr Phillips’ guess: Monday, August 30.

Over the past few months, Earth’s ever-waning magnetosphere (due to its shifting magnetic poles and the onset of the next GSM) has failed to handle even the most minor of solar events — even ‘non-events’ have posed problems that in years past wouldn’t have gotten a solar physicist out of bed.

Space weather is now the number one threat to our modern tech-driven civilization.

Earth’s magnetic field is weaker than we’ve all realized.

In the year 2000, we knew the field had lost 10 percent of its strength since the 1800s.

Another 5 percent was lost by 2010.

Further accelerations occurred in recent years, 2015 and 2017, but we laymen were not privy to any additional loss data–with guesses on why that might be quickly sending you down a conspiracy rabbit hole.

What we do know, however, is concerning enough — and given the rapid weakening of our planet’s magnetic field (which nobody denies is occurring btw), even Aug 26’s moderate C3-class CME has the potential to cause disruptions on the ground.

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We should expect electrical disturbances upon impact, radio blackouts, and even the blowing of a transformer or two–who knows… But one thing is for sure: this is the future we’re all headed into, and there isn’t a single Draconian power-grab that can save us.

A widescale grid-down scenario is all-but guaranteed by 2024 (as the sun ramps-up into solar cycle 25).

Prepare accordingly…

Furthermore, the flaring on Aug 26 wasn’t actually the main attraction–not initially, anyway.

The eruption also caused a massive “solar tsunami.”

Watch the shadowy wave ripple across the sun in this false-color ultraviolet movie from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory:

The expanding circular shadow is a wave of hot plasma and magnetism.

Based on the time it took to reach the next sunspot, halfway around the sun, the tsunami was traveling 110,000 mph.

Solar tsumanis always herald a CME, and this one was no exception.

As stated above, we now patiently await NOAA’s update re the time and date of that CME’s impact…

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