Independence Day 5G/EMF/RF Concerns: I Know, But … Protesting Wireless Technologies on Behalf of People and Nature

This is part 5 of a series of articles about EMF/RF/5G concerns. Yesterday’s article featured an independent scientist from Finland; today’s article comes to us from an activist in Greece.  Reprinted by permission from the blog of Naturalist Activist.

By Natural Activist, with Patricia Burke

Engaged Activism

“All around the world, people are working in various ways to get rid of this dangerous and destructive technology.  Scientists, doctors, lawyers, educators and activists everywhere are fighting hard to counter the narrative that wireless technologies are safe and harmless.  They publish studies, host informative websites, start legal actions, and try to effect changes in government policies concerning wireless technologies.

But what can ordinary people do to help the campaign?  We can write letters to our elected officials, we can educate others by telling them about the dangers of wireless technology, we can lead by example by not using wireless technologies ourselves, and we can display signs and slogans that tell the world we protest.

Signs and slogans are important because they’re visible at street level.  The world around us is full of advertisements for wireless technology.  Indeed, the world is full of people using the technology, talking and taking pictures on their smartphones, accessing the web or social media–people these days seem to spend more time online than in the real world.  But the Internet isn’t the real world, and people have to want to look up a subject in order to access information about it.  Signs and slogans can reach the people who don’t know that wireless technology is harmful, or who think it’s safe.  They can catch people’s eye, and make them think.  They can start a conversation.  They can get captured on camera, appearing in a news photo or TV clip.

Think about it.  If enough ordinary people displayed some sort of sign or symbol that showed they protested wireless technologies–whether it’s cell towers or public Wi-Fi,  5G small cells, whatever–think how far the message that we don’t want wireless technologies would spread.  You don’t have to go stand on a street corner with a megaphone: just put up a yard sign, wear a T-shirt, or put a bumper sticker on your car.”-  Natural Activist

Ignoring isn’t the same as ignorance, you have to work at it. – Margaret Atwood

“One of the most difficult things about trying to persuade people that wireless technology is dangerous is the fact that they already know it’s dangerous.  They just don’t care. They don’t care because wireless technology is too convenient, too much a part of everyday life, and too addictive. They don’t care because they want to believe that the bad things that can happen won’t happen to them.

What are some of the bad things that might happen as a result of exposure to wireless technology? These include brain tumours, acoustic neuromas, neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, thyroid malfunction, lack of fertility, testicular cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, asthma, excessive weight gain, brain fog and ADHD.  Then there are the symptoms of electrohypersensitiity, which include headaches, lactose intolerance, unexplained exhaustion, hyperactivity, aggression and inexplicable rages. Neither of these lists is by any means complete, but you get the picture: wireless radiation is not healthy. But how do you persuade people to stop using wireless technology?

I try to tell people I know to turn off their Wi-Fi, get rid of their cordless phones, not to use wearables such as smart watches. If they must use a mobile phone, at the very least put it on speaker and not clamp it to their heads.  If they must carry a mobile phone, at least don’t carry it in a pocket next to sensitive body organs like genitalia. Most of this well-meant advice is met with a blank stare and the words, “I know, but…” followed by whatever excuse they can come up with at the time. The bored look tells me they’re being patient with a crank.

And yet. This is a small town, about seven thousand people, which means most people know each other by sight if not by name; this is well enough to see the changes in people, to note the changes in the town itself. When someone dies, funeral notices are plastered all over town, and everyone knows how old the person was and what he or she died of. And there have been changes in the past few years, notable changes.

What Changes Have We Seen? One Big Change = Bigger People

For one thing, everyone is getting very fat. Not just fat, but grossly obese. This is alarming because until now the Greeks have not been an obese people—real obesity was very rare. The change has been relatively sudden, and it is affecting many if not most people.  This may be because of too much or bad food, but our personal experience says otherwise.  We lived in town surrounded by everyone’s Wi-Fi signals for three years, and we both gained weight even though we had not changed our eating habits and got plenty of exercise.  When we moved out to the country where we live now—where there is no Wi-Fi—the weight dropped off us.  Our clothes fit again.

Many people, mostly women, who were not fat have suddenly developed great bloated tummies, which is an early sign of thyroid malfunction and is definitely associated with exposure to wireless radiation. I know because I’ve been there. I have pointed this out to a friend of mine who has gone from being a slim, attractive woman to looking as if she’s eight months pregnant. She knows she has a thyroid problem, but the doctors say she’s “borderline” and won’t treat it. She won’t turn off the Wi-Fi or stop twiddling with her smartphone.  Nor will another woman I’ve talked to, who has Hashimoto disease.  Meanwhile, not one but two endocrinologists have opened up shop in our small town; we didn’t use to have any. Nor did we have, or need, a child psychologist/ speech therapist specializing in behavioural disorders like—you guessed it—ADHD. Funny, that.

Many of the people we know are suffering from worse effects of wireless radiation, or have a close relative who is. Some have died.  Our next door neighbours’ daughter died of an aggressive brain tumour, and they know that her doctors were concerned about her cellphone use.  Her sister carries her smartphone everywhere and won’t be parted from it.

A friend whose mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s is starting to call people by the wrong names all the time. At other times, he completely forgets people’s names. He’s getting very worried by this, but he won’t stop wearing his smart watch, or carrying his smart phone around with him all the time. He also lives directly under a group of cell towers, but he has really deteriorated since he got the phone and the watch. He has also developed a bulging tummy, though he is otherwise very fit.

A local pharmacist has a small daughter who is suffering badly from asthma. I have told her that my husband recovered completely from his asthma since we moved out of town and got away from everyone’s Wi-Fi, but she won’t turn off the Wi-Fi at home. Lots of children these days have asthma, which used to be exceedingly rare.

A friend with an acoustic neuroma on the side of her head where she uses her cell phone will not accept that the phone caused the neuroma, though the ear doctor says the association is well known; he has lots of patients with acoustic neuromas.  She refuses to get a land line.

A local GP who is treating a number of young men for testicular cancer is alarmed by the number of such patients but will not tell people to stop carrying phones in trouser pockets because the government has not issued a health advisory to this effect.  His father, an electrical engineer, has been warning him for years about the effects of electromagnetic radiation, but he won’t listen; his home and office both have Wi-Fi. He, his wife and his daughter have put on vast amounts of weight.

A local shopkeeper is given to outbursts of pure, screaming rage whenever a customer annoys him.  You can hear him a block away, and these outbursts are becoming more frequent—people joke about it, but it isn’t funny.  He’s electrosensitive but he doesn’t know it.  His shop has Wi-Fi, but even if he turned it off he would still be affected by the signals from all the nearby shops and cafes. Aggressive driving has become the norm, rage being taken out behind the wheel of the car instead of on customers, friends and family members.

Shopping trolleys in supermarkets are filled with lactose-free and gluten-free products, which didn’t exist a few years ago. Many people we know are complaining that they can no longer sleep more than a couple of hours a night. One supermarket is now selling melatonin as a sleep aid, as well as magnesium, which is recommended for alleviating some of the symptoms associated with wireless radiation.

Brain tumours, thyroid problems, obesity, neurological diseases, asthma, testicular cancer, breast cancer, lactose intolerance, headaches, sleeplessness, exhaustion, rage—we know people who have all these problems, and too many people who have died too young.  This is an island with plenty of clean air, good food, sunshine and lots of opportunities for sport and exercise. It is not a smog-filled city where one lives among concrete canyons of high-rises. So why are so many people—including so many young people and children—so sick?

What we share with every city in the world is a proliferation of cell-phone masts, of Wi-Fi in every shop and virtually every home, and a proliferation of hand-held and wearable radiating devices.  We are being poisoned, just as the rest of the world is being poisoned.  Cell towers, people’s own Wi-Fi and their own devices, are stealing their health and their children’s health.  To a greater or lesser degree, everyone is aware of this, still, they continue to make excuses.

“I know, but I need the phone for work.”

“I know, but what does it matter if I turn my Wi-Fi off? The neighbours still have it.”

“I know, but without my smart watch, how can I know my pulse and respiration rates when I’m running?”

“I know, but I can’t get rid of the cell tower, can I?”

“I know, but how can I get in touch with my kid if he/she doesn’t have a phone?”

“I know, but what if there’s an emergency?”

“I know, but I don’t use the phone much, really.”

“I know, but you can’t turn the clock back, can you?”

“I know, but…”

There are a million excuses.

I have to believe we can turn the clock back, that sanity and good health and a healthy environment can be restored. I refuse to accept that the wireless future is the only future, because if that is so, we have no future.  The time to do something about this is now.”- Natural Activist

Bottom image courtesy Global Protest Facebook Page

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Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits.She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

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