Real Engineers and Real Epidemiologists Agree — Dirty Electricity Is Harmful; Sam Milham and David Stetzer: 5G/EMF/RF Father’s Day Stories

By Patricia Burke

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An April 2017 article, Dr. Samuel Milham: “Smart meters are a public health hazard” reported:

“As part of direct testimony filed in an electric utility rate case in Arizona, Samuel Milham, M.D., M.P.H. stated: “It is my professional opinion that smart meters are a public health hazard.” 

As explained by Dr. Milham:

“’Dirty electricity’ or ‘dirty power’ are terms coined by the electric utilities to describe the electrical pollution consisting of high frequency voltage transients and harmonics riding along on the 50 or 60 Hz wave form and contaminating the electricity delivered to users. …

‘Here is what dirty electricity looks like on an oscilloscope. The pink tracing is dirty electricity, and it shouldn’t be there.’ Graphic from direct testimony of Sam Milham on behalf of Warren Woodward.

The APS ‘smart’ meters are electronic devices which replaced the old electromechanical analog meters used to measure electric power consumption for billing purposes.  The smart meters have circuitry to measure power consumption and a microwave transmitter to send this information to the utility.  The health effects of microwave exposures are well known.  All transmitters, including the microwave transmitters in smart meters, operate on direct current (DC).  The APS smart meters contain a switching mode power supply (SMPS) which changes the utility 60 Hz alternating current to DC. …

Because it is at the front end of a building’s wiring, the dirty electricity from the smart meter’s SMPS has a gateway into that building’s wiring, and also into the earth via the house ground.  The house wiring acts as an antenna and the fields capacitively couple to the body through the air within 6 to 8 feet of the house wiring or extension cords plugged into the outlets. …

I believe that our evolutionary balance, developed over the millennia, has been severely disturbed and disrupted by man-made EMFs.  I believe that man-made EMFs, especially dirty electricity, are chronic stressors and are responsible for many of the disease patterns of electrified populations. …

It is my professional opinion that smart meters are a public health hazard.”

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Physician and epidemiologist Dr. Sam Milham is the author of Dirty Electricity: Electrification and the Diseases of Civilization. His biography at his website notes that he is currently Adjunct Professor, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, 1989—winner of the Robert Carl Strom Foundation Humanitarian Award, 1990, and a Member of Bioelectromagnetics Society, 1984—.

“Dirty Electricity tells the story of Dr. Samuel Milham, the scientist who first alerted the world about the frightening link between occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic pollution, and human disease. Milham takes readers through his early years and education, following the twisting path that led to his discovery that most of the twentieth century diseases of civilization, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and suicide, are caused by electromagnetic field exposure.

Dr. Milham warns that because of the recent proliferation of radio frequency radiation from cell phones and towers, terrestrial antennas, Wi-Fi and Wi-max systems, broadband internet over power lines, and personal electronic equipment, we may be facing a looming epidemic of morbidity and mortality. In Dirty Electricity, he reveals the steps we must take, personally and as a society, to coexist with this marvelous but dangerous technology.”

Engineer David Stetzer

David Stetzer and the late Martin Graham were involved in litigation with utility companies over power quality issues, for dairy farmers who were experiencing loss of milk production in their herds. David and Martin were pioneers in proving that ground current was creating biological harm, which resulted in financial harm to farmers.

Dave Stetzer has been an electrician by training, education and experience for over 30 years. He joined the United States Air Force in December 1970 and began his career in electricity when he attended electronics school at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi Mississippi from February through November 1971. At that time, Keesler AFB was known as the world’s #1 electronics school.

During this training Dave was given top-secret military clearance, as much of the electronic equipment he worked on was, and still remains, highly classified. Dave completed training as a ground radio communications electronics technician and was assigned to the 676 Radar Squadron, Antigo Air Force Station, Antigo, Wisconsin. There he diagnosed and repaired a variety of electronic equipment, including PC boards, Klystron tubes and integrated circuits, as well as highly classified military electronic equipment, employing among other things, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, and digital frequency counters.

In February 1972, Dave received an assignment to go to Vietnam and was sent to KY8-38 Crypto School at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas where his top-secret military clearance was upgraded to include crypto access. Upon completion of this training, Dave returned to the 676 Radar Squadron at Antigo Air Force Station pending his November port call to Vietnam; his assignment was subsequently changed due to the official ending of the Vietnam War in September 1972. Dave’s duties continued as before, with the additional tasks of diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing highly classified crypto electronic equipment. Upon completion of his tour of duty, Dave received an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force.

In 1975, Dave founded Stetzer Electric, Inc. and remains the president of the company to this day. Since the firm’s inception, Dave has specialized in power control in industry, municipalities, and motor control centers. For more than the past decade, Dave has focused more attention on power quality analysis and troubleshooting, which led to the founding of Stetzer Consulting, LLC and the development of the STETZERiZER (Graham-Stetzer) Filter and Microsurge Meter. The STETZERiZER filter is designed to filter harmonics and other high frequency current (trash) from the electrical environment, thereby reducing the potential for leakage into the human environment and creating additional trash in non-liner loads (televisions, computers, variable frequency drives, energy-efficient lighting, etc.).”

(2006-08) David Stetzer & Martin Graham – RF electrical pollution Silicon Valley Health Institute Smart Life Forum Palo Alto

Among the articles available in Stetzer-related research:

A New Electromagnetic Exposure Metric: High Frequency Voltage Transients Associated With Increased Cancer Incidence in Teachers in a California School by Samuel Milham, MD, MPH (Washington State Department of Health, Retired) and L. Lloyd Morgan, BS (Retired Electronic Engineer)

Accommodation for Environmental Sensitivities by the Canadian Human Rights Commission

Do We Keep Blaming “Climate Change” for Outages? Or Do We Consider the Impact of Non-linear Loads, Created by Electronics, on A Power Grid That Was Designed for Linear Loads?

David Stetzer – Testimony Transcript Abstract: Dave Stetzer presents evidence in support of the Michigan Attorney General’s case against Consumers Energy Company.

“I am presenting evidence in support of the Michigan Attorney General’s case against Consumers Energy Company. Specifically, I will be presenting readings and measurements taken on farms that clearly demonstrate the utility’s electrical pollution, electrical poisoning, and power quality problems.

Electrical pollution and electrical poisoning is destroying the dairy industry and negatively impacting other livestock industries. This electrical pollution and poisoning is directly affecting the health of dairy cows and other livestock, thereby negatively impacting the economics of these farms. This in turn negatively impacts the entire farm community that depends on, and draws its livelihood from, the various dairy and other livestock farms. In late 1997, I reluctantly agreed to troubleshoot a so-called ‘stray voltage’ problem on a farm affiliated with the Associated Milk Producers, Inc. I identified the problem as ground currents originating from a neighboring farm, due to the utility’s inadequate neutral. I called this to the attention of the appropriate utility. I was surprised and appalled by the utility’s failure to address the problem, its repeated distortion of the nature of the problem and its failure to take remedial action. This was the beginning of my work with dairy farms.

Unfortunately, I have seen this same pattern of abuse (blame the farmer), confrontation and refusal to either fully and promptly investigate the matters, or even attempt to solve the problem by virtually every utility serving the farms I have visited. The one welcome exception has been the Jackson Electric Cooperative, a Wisconsin electric utility which assisted its customers and upgraded its distribution system to eliminate the problems. Essentially, I’ve found and recorded electrical phenomena that deal specifically with poor power quality supplied or caused by the utility including: Harmonics, Transients, Voltage sags, Voltage swell.  The essential problem is that the utility is using the earth as the return pathway for its electricity or neutral current, back to the substation, rather than its own neutral wire. This is occurring because of a number of factors including the following: 1) a decrease in the ability of the neutral wire to conduct current due to degradation of the wires; and 2) an increase in the impedance of the neutral wire due to the changing characteristics of loads from linear to non-linear.

Unfortunately, the utility has a 1930’s to 1950’s electric distribution system designed for generally linear loads, whereas today, a significant portion of the existing load is non linear. And the situation is not expected to get any better as the proliferation of non linear levels is projected to increase significantly. In fact, the utility’s own funded research organization EPRI, has warned about the escalating proliferation of non-linear loads. In addition, as noted in EC&M, The Magazine of Electrical Design, Construction and Maintenance, June 1999, ‘With the exception of the incandescent light bulb, every load today creates harmonics.’

The net effect of these power quality problems is a significant amount of neutral current riddled with harmonics and transients being forced onto the earth, as the pathway back to the substation. This is dirty power or more appropriately stated, it’s electrical pollution (when it impacts equipment) or electrical poisoning (when it impacts living creatures).

What are the Solutions?

What are the solutions? Basically, what goes out on a wire from the utility’s substations should return to the substation on a wire. In order to help ensure that electricity stays on the utility’s wires  (and out of and off the earth), a sufficiently sized neutral is an absolute must. At a minimum, the neutral wire should be sized at 200-225% of the current carrying capacity of the largest phase conductor.” (More at link).

Do we continue to build on a Titanic-like future, cutting corners, ignoring health and safety, enabled by forceful, aggressive, short-sighted pro-industry pro-profit-at-all-costs policy? Or do we, wisely, question the imposition of juxtaposed artificial, manmade 5G/RF/EMF frequencies onto the wiring, into the earth, and filling the atmosphere.

Save the Date: Solstice Envisioning Meditation, “Creating A Blueprint For The Future And Roadmap For Getting There” June 21 2021; Moving Forward From A Higher Perspective

“In our field of activism, as in every other endeavor fostering greater awareness, there is a disruptive and yet constructive tension between the agents of change and the stakeholders of the status quo. A friction is set up between those who have seen the future beyond solutions no longer sustainable, and those who are not yet able to see beyond the benefits or conveniences of a given product, service, or institution.”

Be on the Right Side of History.

This is part of a Father’s Day 5G series which you can read in its entirety HERE.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits.She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

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