5G AI May Day Mayday Bees vs. Rain; While Tobacco Science Still Reigns

By Patricia Burke

The Planet of the Apes! The Planet of the Tobacco Scientists!! The Planet of the Tobacco Scientists Who Became Tobacco Scientists for the Wireless Industry!!! The Planet of the Environmentalists Who Believed the Tobacco Scientists for the Wireless Industry!!!!!!

A remarkable development occurred in the area of liability law a few years back. As reported in the series “Meet the ‘rented white coats’ who defend toxic chemicals’ by the Center for Public Integrity:

“BELLEVUE, Ohio — At 2:15 in the morning, an insomniac corporate defense lawyer in San Francisco finished crafting a “revolutionary” scientific theory…..Nelson defended companies that had exposed people to asbestos, a heat-resistant, fibrous mineral. Asbestos causes several deadly diseases, including mesothelioma, a rare cancer that often drowns the lungs in fluid. Nelson had expressed frustration with the argument that asbestos is the only known cause of mesothelioma. After scouring the scientific literature and applying his own logic, Nelson came up with a new culprit: tobacco.”[i]

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The theory that both asbestos and tobacco may cause mesothelioma did not, in fact, change the course of history regarding liability law.  But it was not for lack of trying, or lack of co-conspirators.

“Evan Nelson of the law firm Tucker Ellis & West needed a scientist willing to publish it in a medical journal. If his theory were given scientific validity, Nelson could use it to win lawsuits.”  Nelson contacted Peter Valberg, of the product defense firm Gradient. “It is amazing that no one has pout [sic] this together before me, but I am confident that you will agree it is solid science that proves tobacco smoke causes mesothelioma — you just have to look at the tissue [sic] through the proper lense [sic].”

“There was an obvious problem with Nelson’s “science.” Researchers for decades have exhaustively analyzed data on the health of hundreds of thousands of smokers. Since 1964, the U.S. Surgeon General has summarized the findings of study after study, none of which shows evidence that tobacco causes mesothelioma. Valberg wrote back within hours, calling Nelson’s scientific theory “very intriguing.” He was game to try to disseminate it in peer-reviewed journals. He later sent Nelson a contract agreeing to write the first of three articles and even offered him a 10-percent discount. In the meantime, Valberg would adopt Nelson’s theory as an expert witness in lawsuits, using it against mesothelioma victims such as Pam Collins of Bellevue, Ohio.”[ii]

Like a Forever Chemical, Tobacco Science Endures

When the story came to light, lawyer Even Nelson was fired from his law firm.

Partner in crime and mercenary scientist Peter Valberg, however, continues his lucrative work defending and advocating for other “problem industries” that cause harm, including the wireless industry. Stupefyingly, Peter Valberg’s opinions formed the backbone of justification for ‘smart’ meter safety claims.  His “science for hire” is presented at regulatory hearings in state after state, despite documented harm reported by both patients and their health care providers.

And the majority of utility regulators and elected officials, when informed, did not bat an eyelid.

The Challenge of Multiple Disease and Illness Vectors Is Not Insurmountable

It may have been possible that tobacco and asbestos both cause mesothelioma, but they don’t. That does not mean, however, that an individual can’t suffer poor health outcomes from exposures to both mercury and lead, or from both chemical exposures and manmade artificial radio frequencies.

Corrupt and mercenary science has been in play for the tobacco industry for over a century. [iii] Unless society responds, the chemical and wireless industries will forge the legal battle that Evan Nelson and Peter Valberg dreamed off. The questions of dual exposures will be weaponized.

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It does not have to go this way.  Researchers have the capability to isolate variables and measure outcomes, such as damage to the blood-brain barrier.

But overriding the scientific inquiry of chemicals vs. wireless toxicants is another, more fundamental challenge.

Do we continue to glorify human expansion that is un-tethered from a basic understanding of the forces that sustain life, or do we turn towards nature?

100 Years Ago, The Honey Bees

In 1923, theosophist Rudolf Steiner — the founder of Anthroposophy, Waldorf education and biodynamic agriculture gave a series of lectures presented at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland.  They are part of the lecture series entitled, The Functioning of Spirit in Nature and in Man. The Being of Bees.  Translated from German in 1998 by the Anthroposophic Press, “Bees” is a transcription of these lectures, in which Steiner describes the spiritual wisdom inherent in the bee, wasp and ant kingdoms, as well as their role in maintaining formic acid levels, which are crucial to Earth’s ecosystem.[iv]

From Lecture 4, December 1, 1923 [v]

QUESTION:  According to an old peasant rule it is held that if it rains on the third of May, the Day of the Finding of the Holy Cross, the honey is washed out of all the flowers and trees, and there will be no good honey harvest that year. My observations of the last four years seem to confirm that there is some truth in this rule. Is such a thing at all possible?

STEINER: “This question leads us very deeply into the great processes of Nature. Thus the rays of the Sun come at the beginning of May from an entirely different corner of the Universe than at other times.

Suppose now that it is fine weather in the beginning of May — on the third of May — what does this signify? It signifies that on the third of May the Sun has a powerful influence on all that is earthly. Whatever happens on the earth is under the influence of the Sun when the weather is fine.

What then does is mean when it rains on May the third — that is in the beginning of May? It means that the earth has the strongest forces, and hinders the influences of the Sun. This is immensely significant for the whole plant kingdom, for when the rays of the Sun come from the direction of the Ram, they can so work that their whole power is directed to the plants. Then the flowers can develop the sweet substance which is present in honey. Then the bees can make honey. When, however, the earth has the greater power, when it rains at this season, the flowers cannot develop in the rays of the Sun which come from the Ram, but must await later events, or maybe even be altogether interrupted in what they have already developed. Then the flowers do not mature the nectar rightly and the bees find none.

A matter such as this only becomes comprehensible when we know that everything that happens on this earth is, as I have repeatedly told you, under the influence of the Cosmos, of all that is outside and beyond the earth. Rain means that the influences of the Sun are chased away. Fair weather means that the Sun forces can unfold in all their power. The question here is not that the power of the Sun comes only in a general way, from where we look up to it, but that it comes definitely from that part of the heavens where the Ram is. The forces of the Sun differ according to the particular corner of the heavens from which they come. In the beginning of May the full force of the Ram is working; by the end of the month the Sun is already in the Sign of the Bull. These forces of the Bull cannot work with the same strength on the plants, they tend to harden and dry up the plant, and this means above all that the plant is no longer able to mature the forces for honey-production. Thus something has really come to light from these old peasant rules that has sound reason, and one should take note of it. Naturally, as I have previously said — the consciousness of these things has been lost, and we have fallen into superstitions, for when one is no longer able to distinguish things one may easily become superstitious.” [vi]

Techno-enthusiasts are installing smart wireless sensors, antennas, and data collection centers so that an individual in an autonomous vehicle knows whether or not they need an umbrella on the other side of town in the next 5 minutes.

What if the task of this generation is not only to address the damaging effects of wanton use of chemicals by previous generations, but also to prevent the legacy of the reckless use of artificial, manmade frequencies for future generations?

The early Chinese culture had a complex written language, and codified a 60-year pattern in the solar-lunar farming calendar, over 2,000 years ago. They knew the overall pattern of the year’s conditions in advance, including how to support the bees, what to plant, when to watch for the spring thaw, each year. Because they knew the significance of what was where and when, in the sky – It is the energy that sustains all of life. If you don’t believe it, ask those who had to move the Ever Given out of the Suez Canal. [vii] This wisdom belongs to all.

Our lifeforce – choreographed by corporations, or choreographed by the cosmos? As the Muppets on Sesame Street teach us, “One of these things is not like the other.”

Top drawing courtesy Flo Freshman

You can read the rest of this May Day series HERE and find Patricia Burke’s entire archive HERE.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits.She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].


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