MayDay or May Day – Move to Mars To Fix Planetary Problems?

By Patricia Burke and Jennifer Wood

Last week, new reports exclaimed “NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully makes oxygen on Mars; An experiment converted some of Mars’ atmosphere into breathable oxygen!” NASA said the experiment “could pave the way for science fiction to become science fact,” noting that storing oxygen on Mars could help power rockets from the surface of the planet to send astronauts back home and even possibly provide breathable air for future humans on the red planet!!!”[i]

Tech fans may be thrilled about the possibility that humans can live on Mars. But a portion of humanity is having trouble finding a home on Earth. If “science” were to scientifically investigate what negates a livable environment for humans, birds, bees, trees, and other living things, we might find that we won’t succeed on Mars either?

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Dr. Olle Johansson: Pioneer Neuroscientist, Researcher, Human Rights Advocate

Dr. Olle Johansson is a world-leading neuroscientist and expert in electromagnetic radiation.[ii] He has produced over 350 scientific publications.[iii] He speaks eloquently about the growing, global population of individuals injured by man-made, artificial, electromagnetic radiation.  He was one of the first to recognize social challenges faced by individuals adversely impacted by electrosmog,[iv] including difficulty finding appropriate housing, accommodation, and protection.

During the tobacco war years, advertisements promoted cigarettes to address various health complaints.  Now, telemedicine delivered via wireless 5G is “in.” But independent, non-industry scientists do not need further proof of wireless harm. Blood brain barrier leakage, toxic encephalopathy, and dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system are examples of injury associated with radio frequency exposure.[v]  Paraphrasing Olle Johansson, “Many people impaired by the electromagnetic environment of today face intense physical difficulties on a daily basis; lack of safe housing or places of work; and are generally not aided, or caught in any social net that would generally catch other members of the society that are handicapped for various reasons. This is an almost impossible situation: I admire these people that are extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields, and yet so tough in going about their lives.”

Those experiencing harm are generally not believed, marginalized, and ignored, Some are exiled to remote places, sheltering in valleys, fields, tents, vaults, and shacks without electricity. (In France, women took refuge in caves.[vi]) Some are forced to move repeatedly; others are constantly on the move – in cars, vans, campers, or trucks. Many are running out of places to hide.

These individuals, most likely, will not thrive on Mars.

Author Arthur Firstenberg, Researcher, Cellular Phone Task Force,[vii] 5G Space Appeal [viii]

On one side of the science we have marketing, which is not science. Competing telecom companies advertise their “fastest”, “most reliable,”  “largest,” or “the best coverage” 4 or 5G networks; competing satellite companies seek additional launches, and nations compete to “win the race to 5G,”- all of which translates to more electro-smog.

On the other side of the competition/marketing frenzy, are unanswered questions and mounting injuries. As noted in a podcast by the Weston Price Foundation, “What if not only electricity but other electromagnetic fields are disrupting our health and normal body functions? Arthur Firstenberg is a scientist, journalist, and the author of The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life. He [ ] walks us through history, showing how non-native electromagnetic fields have negatively affected the planet, and us. Nervous system disorders, insomnia, heart palpitations, and more may not really be as “normal” as once thought. Instead, they may be responses to our overly electrified environment. Firstenberg reviews how microwave and radio frequencies disrupt brain, heart, and mitochondrial function. He offers concrete ideas for how to de-electrify your own world for “a brighter and healthier future.” “For the last two centuries, we have pretty much accepted the notion that electricity is “safe” for us and the planet. But what if it is not?”[ix]

Living on a Prayer, Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

Exposure to microwave radiation is invisible, and so is the resulting humanitarian housing crisis. Here is a snapshot in time of stories unfolding in the lives of some of those on the move, in court, living in their cars, advocating, still marginalized, and raising questions the wireless industry and its economic partners haven’t answered.

The Homeless Architect, Advocate, Citizen Scientist – over 17 moves in 24 years: Jennifer Wood, an invisible refugee, who eventually moved to a radio astronomy quiet zone, was one of the earliest public spokespersons regarding the EMF crisis. After decades of work, travel and living abroad as an architect, she was severely injured and nearly died in 1996-97, during the years when analog cell phone technology switched to digital technology (2G) and cell phone use skyrocketed, along with the levels of ambient man-made electromagnetic radiation. She went from 120 to 77 pounds. She eventually received a functional MRI by Dr. William Rea at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas;[x] and was diagnosed with toxic encephalopathy from electrical & chemical injury.  She moved from Hawaii to Nepal, Texas, Georgia, New Mexico, and NY State, often having to live in her car in 110 degree summers or 20 below 0 winters.  During her third near-death bout, she traveled to the radio astronomy quiet zone in WV, where she built a tiny cabin by hand without help from anyone, out in the forest.  She lived for several years without electricity or telephone, plumbing or running water, returning to her normal weight and saving her own life.  She has reviewed over 5500 peer-reviewed scientific studies on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation and was interviewed over eighty times. Most press outlets circumvented the issue; some openly admitted they could be sued by corporations if they included medical or scientific reports. Ironically, Jennifer arrived in the quiet zone in May 2011, the same month that the World Health Organization declared ELF and cell phone radiation a Class 2B possible carcinogen.[xi]  Women’s International Network for EMR Policy

The GROW Village for Refuge from EMR;

The Green Bank Alliance

Family Forced to Move Due to the Neighborhood Monster Tower? Who Decides Where the Towers GoCourtney Gilardi bought her home on a quiet street, surrounded by woods, located in the heart of the Berkshires in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The name of her street, Alma, means “nourishing” and that is what her home used to be. That changed when during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic when trees were cleared, and they discovered it was a 115’ cell tower being built with no notification and no community consent. By December, 13 people reported headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia and palpitations, and another two had cancer. Courtney’s children had a hard time sleeping, and when they went to bed, did so with vomiting buckets next to their heads.[xii] Courtney’s children now sleep on mattresses on the floor in the basement of tiny cottage without working plumbing- but they do so without headaches, dizziness or nausea. Every morning the kids wake up and ask “Is it safe to go home now?” With an appeals case in process, Courtney prays that one day the answer will be, “yes.” Until then, she advocates for cell tower setbacks, wireless protection bills and the ability for people to live safely in their homes without being exposed to RF radiation.;;         Conversation about health impacts from cell towers

In Court: All He Wants for Christmas (or whenever), is His Analog Meter Back Without a Fee – Judge to Hear Smart Meter Disability Discrimination Case-Denies CMP Motion to Dismiss

On July 7, 2020 Bowdoinham resident Ed Friedman filed a disability/discrimination lawsuit against Central Maine Power (CMP) in Portland’s U.S. District Court. [xiii] The suit, brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Fair Housing Act (FHA) and Rehabilitation Act of1973 (Rehab Act) alleges smart meter opt out fees are discriminatory to those disabled customers whose condition may be exacerbated by emitted radiation from the meters. Friedman has lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma, an incurable form of cancer. CMP filed a Motion to Dismiss on several grounds. On Wednesday March 31, 2021, Judge Jon Levy issued a ruling denying CMP’s Motion on all counts. This allows the case to proceed. While most people are familiar with the ADA, the FHA specifically protects against discrimination in the provision of housing services and the Rehab Act prohibits discrimination by recipients of federal funding. (CMP received $96 million in stimulus funding from the Department of Energy for their smart meter project.)

For Friedman, opting out of the smart meter program is not a choice. His doctor recommends he not be exposed to any excess radiation in his home. According to Friedman’s oncologist, exposure to even low-level radiation from the meters may exacerbate “fatigue, cognitive difficulty, memory issues and multiple cancer types.” CMP rejected numerous requests for reasonable accommodation from Friedman and when he refused to pay opt out fees, disconnected him. Friedman has been living off grid for three years. Judge Levy, noting the similarity in discrimination language between the ADA, FHA and Rehab Act, wrote: “If Friedman’s factual allegations are true—as I must assume on a motion to dismiss—then CMP’s refusal to waive the opt-out fee may constitute discrimination under all three statutes. Friedman chairs the environmental group Friends of Merrymeeting Bay. They are suing CMP under state nuisance law over unnecessary tower lighting and 24/7 radar installed to, for the most part, only activate the lights when an aircraft is in the vicinity. Quoting the leading pre-Revolutionary War nuisance case from 1611, FOMB accused CMP of “infecting and corrupting the air.” Much of Maine Coalition’s smart meter advocacy work over the years can be viewed at

The Wandering Writer – 22 moves in 7 years  Patricia Burke moved across the county from MA to CA in 2008, in search of easy access to organic food, sunshine, and year-round outdoor swimming, only to run head-long into incapacitation due to the installation of wireless smart utility meters.  After 2 years and 4 moves, including remote camping, she came back East, where she is still unsuccessful in finding safe housing. In a 7 year period, she had moved 22 times. A western mainstream medicine Dr. advised that she see a psychiatrist or move to Montana. A frequent writer at Natural Blaze,[xiv] she seeks to provide a voice for many not being heard. As a lightning strike survivor and meridian yoga teacher, she often references the ignored intelligence housed in the meridian system of oriental medicine, and the synthesis with the natural electromagnetic environment as the basis of health. [email protected]

Living in Her Car in the Desert: Despite living in her car in the desert, Charlotte Alling, author of “A Fecund Future and New Earth” maintains a Facebook presence inspired by her love of beauty.  “Tonight, there is heavy wind storm, where I am in Arizona and so the horizon looks like snow, so thick with blowing sand. This afternoon concerned about the welfare of my car, as the intense wind and sand was threatening, I left the area where I was camping, and parked behind a store. Wondering where I would be tonight, I prayed to Sophia. Shortly, ooching out around the edge of the building, like a thief, I barreled through the blowing sand, my car sighing in the struggle and turning right I flew down an intended road hoping for shelter. Up ahead were hills of protection and blessed a range of trees along a wash. I pulled in. Silence, quiet, the sun dappled through the trees and my little car and I are safe. Sophia….grace and gratitude.”

Disability advocates are thrilled with new opportunities for “differently-abled populations,” for example, for a blind or deaf person to access an autonomous vehicle. But in the meantime, the FCC and industry continue to cast a blind eye towards the safety issues being created by the artificial EMF environment, including electrosmog and increased energy consumption from 5G/IOT.[xv] Denying that these issues exist, and denying the EMF/RF is the cause, is not a solution. [xvi] Of even more concern is that the housing crisis is also an issue for other earth inhabitants, like pollinator bees. [xi]

Want to help people and the planet? Get un-smartified, get wise, and get wired.


Coming Soon – Watch for the upcoming 5G vs. Mother’s Day with articles by Kate Kheel and Courtney Gilardi

You can read the rest of this May Day series HERE and find Patricia Burke’s entire archive HERE.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits.She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

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[ii] Semi-retired from the prestigious Karolinska  Institute in Sweden which annually awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Olle JOHANSSON | Professor (Associate) | PhD | Karolinska Institutet, Solna | KI | Department of Neuroscience ( 350 scientific publications,

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[iv] Also referred to as microwave sickness, electromagnetically hypersensitive, electromagnetically impaired (EMI), microwave injured, microwave poisoned, tin-foil hats. The most recent, highly publicized cases concerned injured  U.S. and Canadian diplomats working in Cuba and China.












[xvi] Example of media/industry reporting, Science vs science: The contradictory fight over whether electromagnetic hypersensitivity is real Is electromagnetic hypersensitivity real? Depends who you ask — WHYY

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