Israel’s COVID Vaccine Mandate Violates Nuremberg Code!

By Neenah Payne

Support The Vaccine Bill of Rights! shows that America’s Frontline Doctors are calling on Americans to send an email to their senators to request that they support The Vaccine Bill of Rights.

Covid Vaccine On Trial — Webinar Review! shows that the world-renowned physicians, scientists, lawyers, activists, etc. who participated in the The Covid Vaccine On Trial: If You Only Knew… webinar on February 10 questioned the need for the COVID-19 vaccine as well as its legality, safety, and efficacy. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense organized the webinar. Heated Vaccine Debate – Kennedy Jr. vs Dershowitz was a milestone in 2020. GREAT AWAKENING: Kennedy Addresses Over 1 Million Berliners – End Lockdown – End Mandatory Vaccines shows that Kennedy spoke at the August 29, 2020 Berlin protest.

The webinar provided information not available in the corporate media (funded by Big Pharma) so people can make informed choices about whether to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The webinar showed that the COVID-19 vaccine is not necessary because CDC statistics show that COVID-19 threatens less than 1% of the population and there are five proven cures for COVID-19. The COVID-19 vaccine is not legal under the Emergency Use Authorization Act which cannot be used if treatments are available. The COVID-19 vaccine has not been proven safe or effective since no animals testing was done. The COVID-19 injection does not meet the five criteria for a vaccine. You are on your own if you are injured by the COVID-19 injection because doctors will not know how to help. Under the Nuremberg Code, you are protected from being forced to take an experimental medical treatment like the COVID injection.

See: The Lost Book of Remedies

Many people have already been severely injured or killed by the COVID vaccine! See COVID VACCINE INJURIES BEGIN, COVID VACCINE REACTIONS RISE WORLDWIDE, CDC EXPECTS VACCINE INJURY EPIDEMIC, DOCTORS TAKE A STAND AGAINST COVID VACCINE, 501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show, and 36-Year-Old Doctor Dies After Second Dose of COVID Vaccine.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Is Not Legal, Safe, or Effective?

Mary Holland, President and General Counsel of the Children’s Health Defense, pointed out in the webinar that we are “Drowning in information, but starved for wisdom”.

Holland used the acronym “YOYO” meaning “You’re On Your Own” if you are injured by the COVID-19 vaccine because doctors won’t know how to help you. Under the PREP Act, drug companies have no liability no matter how many injuries or deaths the COVID vaccine causes. Since the vaccine has not been tested on animals, it is experimental and thus has not been proven safe or effective. See COVID VACCINE SAFETY SYSTEMS FAILING, and The Dangers of Chronic EM Exposure and the Covid Vaccine.

Yet, over seven billion (including healthy) people are being told to get this vaccine. Why?

In December 2020, the FDA approved the use of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 injections under the  Emergency Use Authorization Act. However, Holland pointed out that the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is not legal if effective treatments are available.

Do Senate Hearings Show COVID-19 Vaccine Use Illegal? explains that there are at least five effective treatments for COVID-19 that have saved tens of thousands of Americans. Yet, in issuing the EUA for the COVID-19 vaccine, the FDA ignored all these treatments and the corporate media has ignored these remedies. Because the NIH, FDA, and CDC have not approved these remedies, only the bravest doctors have used them to save the lives of patients. The Tech Giants have tried to suppress information about these treatments by banning books, blocking viral videos, censoring websites and social media, etc.

Holland pointed out that the rushed COVID-19 injections are experimental because animal testing was not done. She explained that under the Nuremberg Code, the consent of individuals is essential in any scientific experiment. Even the military cannot mandate vaccines. So, states cannot mandate vaccines. Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire who was the last speaker at the webinar, used his ICAN legal team to stop Massachusetts from forcing students under age 30 to get the flu vaccine in January.

Although children are subjected to an array of mandatory vaccines now, the COVID vaccine is the first attempt to make a vaccine mandatory for adults. However, Holland warns that the COVID vaccine won’t be the last vaccine Big Pharma tries to force on the public. She says there are now 65 mRNA vaccines in the pipeline!

The COVID Injection Is NOT Even a Vaccine?

Dr. Larry Palevsky, a New York pediatrician, asked in the webinar “Is the COVID-19 injection a vaccine?” He said, “Based on science taught in medical school, this injection does not meet the criteria of a vaccine. Dr. Palevsky explained that there are five criteria for an injection to be considered a vaccine and it takes 10-15 years to establish that the injection has met those criteria.

Dr. Palevsky said that for an injection to be a vaccine, it must meet the following five criteria:

  1. Provides immunity to the virus
  2. Protects recipients from getting the virus
  3. Reduces deaths from the virus infection
  4. Reduces circulation of the virus
  5. Reduces transmission of the virus

Dr. Palevsky said the COVID-19 injection fails to meet any of those five criteria. The COVID-19 injection doesn’t behave like a vaccine. So, the COVID-19 injection is not a “vaccine”! So, what is its real purpose?

Dr. Palevsky explained that mRNA is a gene-altering technology never used before in vaccines.

Why Is mRNA in The COVID Injection?

The Battle For Humanity says: “This may be the most important video you will ever watch in your life!” The active ingredient in the Moderna vaccine which will alter our RNA or DNA is called “Luciferase”. Is that code for “Lucifer erase” humanity?

Dr. Carrie Madej warns in the film that the COVID injection has two purposes:

  1. To reprogram our DNA to make us human-AI hybrids that are easier to control.
  2. To implant a Digital Vaccine ID that will allow total control over each person.

The site warns:

“There is a battle raging for humanity. Dr Carrie Madej reveals how Big Tech collaborates with Big Pharma to introduce new technologies in the coming vaccines that will alter our DNA and turn us into hybrids. This will end humanity as we know it, and start the process of transhumanism: HUMAN 2.0. The plans are to use vaccines to inject nanotechnology into our bodies and connect us to the Cloud and artificial intelligence. This will enable corrupt governments and tech giants to control us without us being aware of it.”

COVID Vaccine May Kill Millions in a Few Months?

Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire, was an Emmy Award-winning producer of The Doctors TV show and the producer of Vaxxed and 1986: The Act. Bigtree, the last webinar speaker, interviewed Professor Delores Cahill about the COVID vaccine: Dolores Cahill Del Bigtree on Covid19 fraud.

See Why people may start dying a few months after the Gates vaccination – Professor Dolores Cahill.

Bigtree emailed subscribers about the win in New York of his legal team at the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN):

“ICAN achieved another victory in its ongoing campaign to ensure the government does not spread false information about vaccines.  New York State’s Department of Health prepared a social media campaign pushing the COVID-19 vaccines.  One of the ads falsely stated that the vaccines ‘went through the same rigorous approval process that all vaccines go through’ and that ‘the vaccine is safe and effective. It was approved by the FDA, the CDC, and by NY’s independent vaccine panel.’

ICAN, through its attorneys, wrote to Dr. Howard Zucker, Commissioner of New York State’s Department of Health, and to Governor Cuomo, demanding they remove the false graphics and messaging regarding COVID-19 vaccines.  They quickly complied and removed the relevant false messaging.”

See Freedom Wins In Court.

Jews Vowed “Never Again” After Nazi Germany Experiments!

First Government Launches Green Pass For Vaccinated shows that Israel has decided to be the first government in the world to force its citizens to get the experimental COVID injection. The article shows Israel’s stance: “Get the vaccine or recover from COVID itself and you get a Green Pass to participate in society. Try to trick the system and you will be criminalized and thrown in jail.”

One of the reasons Israel was founded was to protect Jews from the horrors they endured in Nazi, Germany. Among those atrocities were the medical experiments for on them by “doctors” like Mengele.  The Nuremberg Trials were held to convict people who committed those atrocities and the Nuremberg Code was created to protect all people from being forced to participate in medical experiments.

Since the COVID-19 vaccine has not gone through animal testing to prove that it is safe and effective, it is an experiment – the first conducted all of humanity. It is an egregious extension of the kinds of horrors the Nazis inflicted on Jews and others a generation ago.

Jews around the world vowed “Never again!” They meant that never again would they be forced to endure the kinds of horrors inflicted on them in Nazi, Germany. Yet, the Israeli government has become the Nazis that Israel was supposed to protect Jews from!

What on Earth is going on in Israel? Israel should be the first nation to say that it will never impose the experimental COVID injection on its people in violation of the Nuremberg Code!

However, it gets worse.

Israel Badgers People Who Are Unvaccinated!

Israel has decided it is not enough to exclude people who are unvaccinated from participating in society. It will violate their privacy and badger them!

Israel adopts law allowing names of unvaccinated to be shared says:

“Israel’s parliament passed a law Wednesday allowing the government to share the identities of people not vaccinated against the coronavirus with other authorities, raising privacy concerns for those opting out of inoculation. The measure, which passed with 30 votes for and 13 against, gives local governments, the director general of the education ministry and some in the welfare ministry the right to receive the names, addresses and phone numbers of unvaccinated citizens. The objective of the measure — valid for three months or until the Covid-19 pandemic is declared over — is “to enable these bodies to encourage people to vaccinate by personally addressing them”, a parliament statement said.'”

This policy ignores the fact that COVID threatens less than 1% of the population. It ignores the five proven ways to prevent, treat, and cure COVID. It assumes the vaccine is safe and effective. It ignores the fact that the COVID injection does not meet the five criteria of a vaccine. It also ignores that the Nuremberg Code protects people from being forced to participate in medical experiments. So, the policy is based on a network of false premises that just a little investigation would prove to be totally invalid.

Note: Sweden Debunks the Covid Hysteria: No Lockdown, No Masks, No Vaccine. Their long term strategy is working.

America’s Frontline Doctors Introduce The Vaccine Bill of Rights

America’s Frontline Doctors came to the nation’s attention when they held a press conference on July 27 in front of the US Supreme Court to tell America that there is no need to fear COVID-19 because there is a proven cure (hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and erythromycin). The video went viral and was seen by about 17 million people before the Tech Titans blocked it. America’s Frontline Doctors held an all-day online summit and planned to continue it the next day, but it was also blocked.

Dr. Simone Gold: I DO NOT CONSENT! shows that Dr. Simone Gold who organized America’s Frontline Doctors is the author of I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture.

America’s Frontline Doctors sent the following email on February 19.

America’s Frontline Doctors Unveil ‘Vaccine Bill of Rights’

Dear AFLDS Ally,

It’s time to sound the alarm bell. America’s Frontline Doctors is dedicated to delivering the latest unbiased and uncensored medical information so that you can make informed decisions about your healthcare. It’s why ALFDS is proud to call ourselves the Trusted Name for Independent Information in the fight against medical cancel culture and Big Tech censorship.

But we can’t do it alone. As part of the AFLDS commitment to science-based information exchange, transparency, and accountability, our organization recently developed a Vaccine Bill of Rights (VBOR) so that state legislatures can re-affirm their commitment to individual rights of conscience, assembly, and movement. Read the Vaccine Bill of Rights here, and protect your freedoms as an American.”

Send This Email To Your Senators Now

America’s Frontline Doctors asks everyone to send the following email to their legislators to support The Vaccine Bill of Rights. To find your senators’ contact information, click here.

Dear Senator ________,

As your constituent, I support a COVID-19 Vaccine Bill of Rights to protect myself from unconstitutional experimental vaccine mandates. Please immediately sponsor and pass the COVID-19 Vaccine Bill of Rights memorializing resolution to re-affirm your commitment to individual rights of conscience, assembly, and movement.  The Vaccine Bill of Rights contains six general categories of protections for individuals against government overreach and attempted interventions by private businesses and organizations.

These protections are:

  1. No persons will be mandated, coerced, forced or pressured to take a COVID-19 vaccine.
  2. No physician or nurse shall be asked by their employer to promote a COVID-19 vaccine.
  3. All persons reserve the right, at all times, to determine what is in their own best medical interest without threat to their livelihood or freedom of movement.
  4. All persons must be given access to independent information to help them determine what is in their own best medical interest, including the risk of death based upon age/condition from contracting COVID-19 naturally. This information must include information from sources that are independent of a conflict of interest such as a government, political or commercial entity. Such information can be included but cannot be the sole source of information.
  5. The elderly are additionally entitled to a knowledgeable, independent advocate with medical training to help them determine their own medical interest.
  6. The elderly are additionally entitled to a knowledgeable, independent advocate with medical training to help them determine their own medical interest

As your constituent, your commitment to individual liberty and medical ethics is very important to me. Intimidating Americans into taking a vaccine for a virus with a 99.7% survival rate not only is damaging to individual liberty, it also contradicts safe medical practice. I need to know where you stand. I urge you to sponsor the Vaccine Bill of Rights today and oppose unconstitutional and scientifically dubious COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Thank you for your timely consideration of this urgently important matter.

Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by a qualified healthcare provider.

Top image: Joaquin Castro/Twitter

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