Cellphones: So, What’s the Big Worry About a Bit of Precipitation or a Coffee Spill on Your Device, When We Don’t Bother to Actually Test For Safety? Because….

By Patricia Burke

A recent post from Australians for Safe Technology asks:

Did you know that children have thinner brains than adults? Did you know that children’s brains have a higher water content than adults? Is should be no surprise then that children absorb significantly higher levels of radiation than adults. You would expect then that children would be the most studied group which it comes to mobile phone safety. Sadly you would be wrong. What would you say if you knew that there is currently no safety testing for children and mobile phone use? The current safety testing for mobile phones is on SAM, a plastic dummy head filled with liquid that represents a 6 ft. 100kg male. #WeAreNotSam

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Telecompaper is reporting that Apple is being fined by the Italian antitrust watchdog AGCM for misleading practices concerning how well its iPhones hold up when exposed to liquid spills.

Italian antitrust watchdog AGCM has fined Apple EUR 10 million for using “misleading and aggressive” commercial practices to sell its iPhones in the country. Specifically, the regulator accused the company of claiming that several iPhone models (the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11pro and iPhone 11 pro Max) were water-resistant without clarifying they were only so under certain controlled circumstances, namely in “laboratory tests conducted with the use of static and pure water.”

In addition, the company’s disclaimer that the phone warranty did not cover damage caused by liquids served to deceive clients by failing to clarify the type of warranty referred to and by failing to “adequately contextualise the conditions and limitations of the assertive claims of water resistance.” In addition, according to the watchdog, the company breached Italy’s consumer code by refusing to provide support when customer phones were damaged by water or other liquids.

The latest antitrust fine comes a couple of years after Apple was handed an identical EUR 10 million fine in Italy over the iPhone performance throttling scandal. That fine was issued after Apple admitted that it artificially limited the processing power of iPhones carrying old batteries via software updates.

It is a fascinating development that the Italian regulator is focusing on the fact that testing under laboratory conditions does not correspond to real life risks, because, in fact, the entire wireless industry is operating under the cover of health and safety testing protocols that do not correspond to real life conditions.

The laboratory model for testing cellphone emissions is a plastic dummy head filled with something like the equivalent of Jell-O, which is supposed to represent the average of the various tissues in the brain/skull in an adult male. As if the body “averages” anything?

(Art courtesy Flo Freshman)


From the “SAM” plastic dummy head test for 6 minutes, to field testing smart meter transmissions in an empty field with no pollinators or people,

to measuring the effect of a stucco home on meter transmissions …

humanity is operating in the theater of the absurd.

We need intelligent people to be asking whether trees are toppling because they are close to homes that are relentlessly transmitting artificial pulsed RF signals into the environment.

We need to look at the damage patterns of plants and foliage in the environment relative to the position of transmitting water, gas, and electric meter transmissions.

What is so remarkable is the prevalence of support for faster more ubiquitous telecommunications, 5G, the Internet of Things, and supposed “sustainability” initiatives, is the endurance of unsubstantiated beliefs regarding health and safety, and the portrayal by the industry and its media partners of critical thought and direct experience as conspiracy theory.

The human energy field itself, which extends beyond the skin, is filled with intelligent, interrelated, interconnected sensors of its own, designed to harmonize the organism with the time-space continuum of natural EMF environment. Lacking a recognition of this inborn intelligence and the adaptations that have developed over thousands of years, including the synchronization with the day-night cycle and the seasons, (which we see clearly exhibited in jetlag), techno-fundamentalism is careening towards a repeat of some of the worst chapters of human rights abuse, and environmental injustice.

When individuals worldwide are reporting harm and injury, and industry and its regulators continue to take engineering measurements of inanimate objects against theoretical guidelines, protections have fallen off of a moral and ethical underpinning in favor of something valued more than life itself – the accumulation of power, control, and money.

As the most vulnerable plants and trees in our midst die due to RF exposure, will we then allow another wave of destruction to unfold, or will we listen to nature (and victims of an industry out of integrity, and independent experts)?

Be a Light to the World, and Be on the Right Side of History.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

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