Twitter’s John Cusack, Will You Marry Me?

By Patricia Burke

Dearest John,

I was so sorry to read that you got caught up in a Twitter storm when you mentioned a little something about the wireless industry’s plans for the next generation of connectivity. You dared to be great. We won’t mention the actual term here, but I know that we, you and me, are on the same wavelength. Even without fast wireless.

What do you think about Snapchat?

The founder of Snapchat is married to model Miranda Kerr; and, apparently, she has outfitted her home with a “Kill Switch” to keep the WiFi out of the bedroom. Apparently, she has some concerns about the health effects of radio frequency exposures, especially when she and her family are sleeping. I can’t say for sure if its the headaches, or sleep interruption, or neurological issues, or even fertility issues that caught her attention. But she probably lives in a big enough house far enough away from other neighbors to be able to create a sleep sanctuary for herself, free from the risks of involuntary, ubiquitous microwave exposures.

Some other beautiful smart women also have concerns about wireless, too, like Tom Brady’s wife, who reportedly keeps phones out of the bedroom.

On the other hand, where I live, there are Sixteen Candles on the microwave tower nearby. We have about 20 signals permeating our place, including a wireless transmission to a wireless printer that is on, all day an night, in a neighbor’s apartment. But for some reason, the idea is being promoted that the always-on Internet of Things paradigm is a step in the direction of sustainability. With what the Broadcast News is transmitting, what exactly are we smoking these days?

It is fascinating to me that Twitter has become the arbiter of your truth, which is also my truth. Grace is just gone.

I have loved you ever since your “Say Anything” days and I can’t quite believe that in this country, in this time, you are not allowed to say anything about the next generation of wireless connectivity.

But here we are at Earth Day, and I can only hope that at some point, more people will wake up realizing that they aren’t waking up from a good night’s sleep, and that pulsed, non-native radiation might be a factor. (Actually, I believe that it is possible to prove that man-made radiation is actually traveling through the meridians that have been identified in Oriental Medicine, if we use a different Map of the Human Heart, but we can talk more about that later. Like on our honeymoon. It will cost much less than 5Gs.)

God Only Knows, we can’t be dumb enough as a species not to start questioning all those little issues that came up with decades of chemical use, like for example, juxtapositions of exposures and cumulative exposures. Can we? Better Off Dead?

Until Then, Your Always, Forever and a Day, Patricia
PS I Love Dogs

PSS Such Serendipity, We’re both Catholics!
Please Stand By Me and sign my petition to the Pope;
Pope Francis: Declare Moratorium on Antennas in Churches, Investigate Environmental and Health Impacts of Wireless Exposures

Maybe we can go to Rome for our honeymoon.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. .

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