Italy’s Coronavirus; Coyotes In the Midst

By Patricia Burke

I was standing near the river.

A little girl on a scooter caught up to me and noticed that I watching two swans. She explained that they were a momma and papa, and that they were going to have babies.

And she assured me, “they are safe here, because there are no predators here. Sharks only live in the ocean.”

The coyotes grinned.

Forbes: Coronavirus Could Infect Privacy And Civil Liberties Forever

As reported by Forbes, the “Coronavirus Could Infect Privacy And Civil Liberties Forever.”

From a technological perspective, the coronavirus pandemic is one massive testbed for surveillance capitalism. More specifically, it’s a testbed for new, much more large-scale forms of surveillance. Already, governments in Italy, Germany, Austria, China, South Korea and Taiwan have begun analysing smartphone data so as to determine to what extent populations are really locking themselves down at home. Meanwhile, governments in the UK and the US are very close to rolling out similar surveillance measures, all in the effort to ensure that policies of mass behaviour modification are successful.

Dafna Tachover of the Children’s Health Defense Fund noted,

From the moment this epidemic started I have been more concerned of the “day after” how the Corona Virus will be used to further take away our civil and human rights and the promotion of 5G in the process. Sadly my concerns have been justified. The wireless industry could not have imagined a better scenario than the Corona Virus to advance its 5G agenda. 5G is not about speed it is about interconnecting everything in our environment for the purpose of data mining, the new gold rush. The COVID-19 epidemic provides a justification.

Her concerns are well founded. As an example, TelecomPaper notes

Telecom Italia (TIM) has activated 5,000 cabinets in digital divide areas throughout the country to reinforce a network facing a substantial traffic increase as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. “We have added 5,000 new cabinets in the so-called white areas that allow us to quickly connect a million more people to the ‘ultrabroadband’ service, with all the advantages that come with it in terms of connection speed,” said CEO Luigi Gubitosi in an interview with Italian daily Corriere della Sera.[1]

FierceElectronics reported,

Dragonfly, a maker of commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), announced that Australian authorities have selected the company to use its drone fleet to detect infections among people at a distance. According to the company, the drones not only detect infectious and respiratory conditions, they can monitor temperatures and heart and respiration rates of people gathered at convention centers, border crossings, places of employment, aboard cruise ships and even in some locations at senior care centers.” [2]

5G Health and Environmental Pre-market Safety Testing: The Dog/Coronavirus Ate My Homework

What the decision makers, industry partners, regulators, and the telecom industry have not done is to evaluate whether or not the non-ionizing radiation used for monitoring and surveillance, supposedly to support increased health and safety, is actually harming health and immunity, down to the cellular level.

There has been no premarket safety testing for the juxtapositions of wireless frequencies being imposed on communities for human health or environmental impacts.

The question of whether or not or how the unexamined and unmonitored increase in wireless technologies contributed to the pandemic and other adverse health outcomes is not known.

Science tells us that in the case of an emergency, the inborn “Fight or Flight” response takes over in humans and other species. Energy shifts to the large muscle groups to provide speed, the tendons and ligaments tighten to increase balance and power, digestion is sacrificed, and some parts of the brain are shut down in order to fuel the immediate, short-term emergency response.

What keeps animals, humans and communities healthy and safe is their ability to regain equilibrium and homeostasis after the threat has passed.

If we inadvertently err in making some unreasonable and unsafe decisions in the face of fear fueling pandemic response in the short run, we can forgive ourselves.

On the other hand, if the fear of illness, disease, death and dying due to Covid-19 is used to justify unnecessary and preventable human health and environmental damage caused by the expansion of wireless infrastructure, the need for a course correction is urgent.

The Theatre of the Absurd

What makes the Dragonfly technology recently adopted in Australia, which detects heart rates at a distance, so absurd, is that published peer-reviewed research by Magda Havas has already demonstrated that wireless exposures alter the heart rate in some individuals.  (In her research, she studied the effect of cordless phone transmissions.)


Italy has used the coronavirus to increase the speed of its telecom network, while lamenting a lack of ventilators, without pausing to determine whether or not wireless exposures may be adversely impacting many health indicators, including heart rate, digestion, immune response, and even the voltage-gated calcium channels in the cell walls.

The wireless industry in the U.S. is working with Congress under cover of this outbreak to accelerate 5G deployment, including densification on towers and forced installation of new antennas in neighborhoods near homes.[3],[4]

In fact, its time to go back to the drawing board, all together, on wireless, human rights, and community rights. The indicators for caution are already there, but it depends on who gets to collect, view, interpret, and control the data.  This is one danger of the emerging surveillance state.

The reasoning of the little girl by the river, who assumed that swans are safe “because sharks only live in the ocean,” is similar to the argument that non-ionizing radiation is safe because it is not ionizing, and because it doesn’t cause heating.

Adding even more wireless into the mix of stressors and exposures without scrutiny is not only insane; it’s criminal.

Swan photos courtesy Lori McCray



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Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. .

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