In Memory Of Catherine J. Frompovich — Health Advocate and Activist

By Michael Edwards, Editor

I am sad to report that today, February 14, 2020, Activist Post/Natural Blaze and the wider independent media community has lost one of its greatest contributors: Catherine J. Frompovich.

Regular readers should be familiar with her depth of knowledge on many issues, but it was her twin focus of vaccine awareness and the health concerns of smart technology for which she will be most remembered.

As Catherine’s editor at Activist Post and Natural Blaze for nearly 10 years, I’m forever grateful for her positive impact, as well as the personal education she offered me through her many articles and books.

Catherine was more than a writer; she was an on-the-ground activist of the most formidable type, often giving expert testimony as a naturopath to her local community and politicians. She called out corruption directly to its face and never backed down from intimidation.

I can attest from our decade of communication that every fiber of her being was given in service to humanity. It was her meticulous nature that made her so demanding of herself and others, which resulted in a work ethic unlike anything I have ever seen. Even at 80 years old she could offer 2-3 articles per day when she was feeling her best. Her final article that we published was dictated from a bed in hospice care!

We all should strive to live with such vigor and dedication.

Catherine’s unwavering spirit and her vast wisdom will be sorely missed, but we can honor her by continuing to forge ahead and carry on her message of tireless devotion to truth and liberty.

Rest in Peace Catherine.

Catherine’s extensive article archive is available HERE and HERE.

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