This is a Test of Your Emergency “Propaganda, Control, and Manipulation Broadcast” Detection System

By Patricia Burke

You, Too, Can Be Both An Expert Witness and a Test Dummy for Wireless

Let’s say that you have 2 dogs.

One is a big dog, and it bites people on the legs, arms, hands, and backside.

One is a small dog, and it nips at people’s ankles. When held, the small dog bites people in the face, ears, neck, throat, and hands.

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Wireless Industry Reasoning


The big dog bites people.

The small dog bites people.


Injuries from the big dog bites, measured in the ER, become overwhelming obvious, undeniable, and “statistically significant.” The big dog bites.


The small dog is not a big dog; therefore the small dog does not bite.

If you follow this line of reasoning, you, too, can serve as a news reporter, news analyst, expert testifier, lobbyist, or mercenary scientist for the wireless industry and, more recently, to assist with its portrayal of next generation “5G” technology.  (You can also moonlight for the drug, tobacco, and fossil fuel industries, and Monsanto.)

By adopting the strategies outlined by the Union of Concerned Scientists in the disinformation playbook, you, too, can mesmerize city councils, elected officials, career politicians, market analysts, physicians, investors, lawyers, regulators, news reporters, and the public with the promise of 5G nirvana.


This form of logic underlies one of the wireless industry’s chokeholds on critical thought, reasonable examination, and necessary course correction regarding the health, safety, and environmental impact of wireless devices and infrastructure.

This form of logic, that claims that the small dog doesn’t’ bite, forms the foundation of expert testimony given across the country, and dominates the media’s assurances of safety of wireless technology.[1]

Except, there is one small problem.

Increasingly, the public isn’t buying it, because many people are not idiots.


Both big and small dogs bite.


The fact that non-ionizing radiation is not ionizing radiation is irrelevant to the question of whether or not non-ionizing radiation is harmful.


The wireless industry has been getting away with the misleading, illogical, inaccurate claim that non-ionizing radiation is not harmful for decades, despite mounting evidence that harm is occurring. [2]

If this line of reasoning was or is a part of the inquiry concerning the placement of wireless infrastructure in your locale, it should serve as a powerful warning that critical thought and integrity are in short supply.

It is happening in part because, as Chris Hedges wrote in Truthdig, “Democracy ( ) was slowly strangled to death by the Republican and Democratic parties on behalf of their corporate masters.”[3]

And it is happening in part because, as Harvard Kennedy School Fellow and security expert Bruce Schneier, writing regarding the insecurity and hack-ability of 5G, noted,

… These insecurities are a result of market forces that prioritize costs over security and of governments, including the United States, that want to preserve the option of surveillance in 5G networks. If the United States is serious about tackling the national security threats related to an insecure 5G network, it needs to rethink the extent to which it values corporate profits and government espionage over security.

5G security is just one of the many areas in which near-term corporate profits prevailed against broader social good. In a capitalist free market economy, the only solution is to regulate companies, and the United States has not shown any serious appetite for that.

What’s more, U.S. intelligence agencies like the NSA rely on inadvertent insecurities for their worldwide data collection efforts, and law enforcement agencies like the FBI have even tried to introduce new ones to make their own data collection efforts easier. Again, near-term self-interest has so far triumphed over society’s long-term best interests.

(Please note that Bruce Schneier is NOT expressing concerns about human health and safety, but about an insecure technological paradigm.)


There you have it.

Like an autoimmune illness, where the system turns on itself, the U.S, and other governments are prioritizing surveillance over health and safety.

Return to Reverence?

According to Chinese cosmologists, 2020 could be the crucial point when critical mass reverses the order of the heavens, to restore order to an economic model gone awry.  Why?

The ancient Chinese seers predicted that when the start of the Chinese New Year fell before Feb. 4, the year would offer the gift of foresight, being a “bright year.”

Why Feb. 4?  Because the ancient Chinese seers determined that when the sun reaches the exact angle to the earth that occurs on Feb. 4, seeds underground begin to awaken and face the sun, heralding important data about the start of spring.

Advisors to the emperor were responsible for predicting the spring thaws, flooding, planting and framing calendars, and best times to breed animals, which were critical to the survival of the citizens.  The consequence of providing inaccurate information to the emperor, whose reign was dependent on his benevolent protection of his subjects, was death.

We don’t need to punish the wireless industry and its shills with the death sentence, but the financial consequences for lying about health and safety could be swift, and just.  If applied, they will halt the unwise and unsustainable march towards our own ecocide.

January 25 marks the Chinese New Year.  The Chinese sages realized that the timing of the second new moon after the winter solstice, and whether if landed before or after Feb. 4, mattered, tremendously.

With an extensive long-standing written language, they recognized the 60-year pattern that underlies the agricultural calendar thousands of years ago.

The Year of the Rat could herald the return of wisdom and crucial thought. We could be cultivating an intelligence that reveres the influence of invisible subtle energies that govern the balance of our very existence.

We might even be able to synthesize what the Rat represents, and its implications for human health.

We’ve been lied to, we are lying to ourselves, and we are lying to each other in assuming that the wireless industry is any different from other industries whose rationale is based on the disinformation playbook.

Just because radiation is not ionizing, it does not mean that it does not cause harm. Got it?

It all starts when we reclaim our capacity to understand that both big and small dogs can bite. 

(No dogs were harmed in the production of this article.)


[1] Examples of Industry Manipulation using the big dog – small dog line of reasoning:—-gsma



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