13-Year-Old Food Freedom Activist On a Mission to Spread Seed Libraries Across the U.S.

By Jason Erickson

Alicia Serratos has been an activist since the age of 8 when she campaigned to get GMOs out of Girl Scout cookies, according to fellow activist and author Rob Greenfield seen in the video below.

Alicia hasn’t stopped since those early days of promoting food freedom; today at the age of 13 she has turned her attention toward seed libraries which aim to make seeds accessible to more people as well as educate about the importance of seed saving.

As regular readers might know, Big Ag and its corporate and government partners have been on their own mission to criminalize the act of sharing seeds, even going as far as to declare it a form of “Agri-Terrorism”  in violation of the Seed Act of 2004.

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Nevertheless, Alicia is being recognized by sensible people everywhere as a hero for her work. She has appeared in the documentary The Need to Grow, as well as being invited to Rob Greenfield’s World Solutions Speaking Tour.

Alicia’s new project is called 3 Sisters Seed Box, which will be a self-contained seed library starter pack that she aims to place in each of the 50 states.

She details her mission at her blog where you can donate if you would like to Support her work HERE:

My goal is to send out 100 Seed Boxes, with at least one in each of the 50 United States. I am excited to get started, but can’t do it alone. It will take all of you to help me reach my goal. I will need help with donations of organic seeds, a total of 2,000 packs! I will also be accepting monetary donations to purchase all of the other items that will go in the Seed Boxes and to help cover the cost of shipping.

Each Seed Box will include:

A binder, complete with everything you need to know about Seed Libraries

20 packs of seeds (including one each of corn, squash and beans)

20 containers to house each seed variety

20 wooden seed label stakes for labeling newly planted seeds

1 pack of envelopes (to check out and return seeds)

1 pack of pens

1 box

Follow Alicia on Instagram at @Alicia.Serratos  and Facebook at 3SistersSeedBox

Jason Erickson writes for NaturalBlaze.com. This article (13-Year-Old Food Freedom Activist On a Mission to Spread Seed Libraries Across the U.S.) may be republished in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

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