Jaden Smith Just Opened A Vegan Food Truck For The Homeless In Los Angeles Called I Love You Restaurant

By Mayukh Saha

It seems humanity runs in the Smith household. Will Smith has already been known for his philanthropy and now Jaden Smith, his son, is following in his footsteps. His pop-up restaurant is the latest addition to all of Jaden’s activist and artistic pursuits.

In an Instagram post, Jaden announced the launch of his pop-up vegan food truck named ‘I Love You Restaurant’ in Skid Row, one of the most impoverished regions in Los Angeles. In the same Instagram post dated 7th July, he mentions how this would kickstart many of his other programs and ventures. The pop-up seems to be a kind of soup kitchen on wheels, specifically focusing on providing healthy and sustainable food.

Jaden’s Instagram caption was truly heartfelt. He wrote how the @ILoveYouRestaurant is like a movement which is about giving to people what they need and deserve – healthy and free vegan food. He launched the first of many #JADENinc programs of one-day pop-up food trucks in the poorer parts of Los Angeles.

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In many of the pictures he uploaded of his food truck, people were seen accepting graciously the free packets of vegan food. Many commenting on the posts acknowledged Jaden’s kind and benevolent nature, and praised the environment he was raised in.

July 5 saw the release of his new album ERYS, a sequel to his previous hit album ‘Syre’. This album with 17 tracks featured heavily in his interview for the lead single ‘Again’, as he spoke on the Zane Lowe’s World Record on Apple Music’s Beats 1.

He believes that both these albums were like the devil and the angel on his shoulder, and ‘Syre’ was the angel. He closed off his interview by declaring that this was something that the world didn’t imagine him recording.

Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator on the IGOR tour, are also supposed to be going on an American tour with which would see them touring several cities in the USA along with Houston, Miami, New York City, and Atlanta, etc.

You can see Jaden Smith’s Instagram posts about his food truck here:

This article was sourced from Truth Theory.

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