Wireless Technology: Ultra Convenient. But Not for Survival.

By Peter Tocci


Obvious as it is that no significant issue ‘exists in a vacuum’ (or anything at all, for that matter :-), most analyses of wireless tech are quite tightly focused, while some critical considerations rarely appear, if at all. Unfortunately, in the age of information overload, many people want a bottom line quickly. Where wireless tech is concerned especially, however, a wider context is necessary to empower choices necessary for planetary, thus human, survival.

This article is an extreme distillation of a comprehensive (13,000 words), fully referenced one (70 references, over half in print format)—Wireless Technology: Ultra Convenient. Endlessly Entertaining. Criminally Instigated. Terminally Pathological.—but with the hope that people will invest in the main one, or at least sections of interest, for the essential whole truth about wireless in – one place.

Also, while it seems that we face a large number of issues, most are symptoms of just one: The ancient and deep manipulation of human society by generations of perpetuated Elite psychopaths. Wireless tech is one such symptom. It has all the appearances of a major component of a larger Elite Illness/Slow-Genocide Agenda.

The original Introduction follows, with minor edits, to give the reader an idea of the needed scope.

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Original Introduction

The intent of this article is to show that wireless technology is, without remedy other than termination, one of the most devastating environmental and health threats—and threats to personal liberty—ever created.

Included is discussion of the criminal deceit employed by U.S. Government agencies, concealing awareness, at least a decade prior to marketing, of severe health impacts of radiation such as that emitted by wireless infrastructure and devices.

Peer-reviewed studies were published from the 1950’s up to the initial wireless rollout in Orwellian 1984 (with many thousands since). It follows that the industry also practiced deceit at the outset. Nearly a decade later (3G era), it also suppressed findings from, and attempted to discredit, a 5-year study project (called WTR – Wireless Technology Research) it was forced by circumstance to initiate and fund.

Specific human-health effects of mobile telecom and WiFi are identified. Emphasized, however, is the far-reaching, inevitably fatal, threat to environment – all species, with the possible exception of some microorganisms.

There is consideration of new 4G radiation exposure limits called for by concerned scientists, activists, wireless educators, and Smart Meter opponents—and the futility and danger thereof due to inadequacies in their complaints about the inadequacy of current standards.

The latest wireless iteration, 5G, is also discussed, including a strong warning about the folly of opposition to 5G per se.

To achieve the article’s intent, a wider context is presented than usually seen. Part of that context is manipulation/control of society and governments by an utterly ruthless coterie of policy-setting power brokers called by various names – the elite, global financial elite, power elite, ruling class and others (incorrectly, the “Deep State”). A future article will detail this.

Ruthless (psychopathic) imposition of power helps to ‘explain’ the unthinkable level of evil—implied and stated—driving the wireless atrocity. There is argument against the mechanical assertion that profit is the primary motive – at the top of the power hierarchy.

Also suggested is that runaway advanced technology and its wide public acceptance, including wireless, is symptomatic of a nearly subliminal societal mental illness, or collective psychospiritual imbalance, instigated and/or reinforced by elite manipulation.

Conventional medicine applies the word ‘pathogenic’ to disease-associated microorganisms. Fundamentally, however, the word simply means ‘disease-generating,’ and is found here in that sense. Or, one might regard wireless telecom and WiFi as a highly complex electromagnetic germ infecting the larger body of life, the foundation of which is electromagnetism.

For an all-important reason to be discussed, telecom wireless radiation will herein be called “Information Carrying Microwave Radiation” (ICMR). Microwave is also called radio frequency – RF. Cited scientific studies might be challenging for lay persons to decode, but just the Abstracts should convey the essence.

‘IndustryGovernment’ (IG, signifying the virtually conjoined colossus) continues to indulge willful ‘ignore-ance’ as new evidence of severe impacts emerges regularly. Had the deception and remarkable range of effects been exposed in timely fashion, wireless never would have gotten off the ground. The truth, which relatively few are emphasizing, is that society must return it to the ground for survival.

Wireless Technology: Ultra Convenient… Distilled

Suppose the packaging of the first mobile phones described them accurately:

Portable, Life-Negative, Ecocidal,
Pathological Surveillance/Human-Control Unit
with Wireless Telephone Capability

How many folks would have dashed out to buy one? Instead, we were told this new device would set us free. That was to get the technology woven into the economy and daily life, making everyone more artificially dependent, obsessed, and addicted. Withdrawal would then be tough. Can you say ‘pigeons’? Sure you can.

How does this crime make IG any different from drug dealers so reviled by ‘proper’ society?’

Unfortunately, the preponderance of danger warnings concerns humans, whereas, the greater threat by orders of magnitude is to environment/Earth. If you use a wireless device, you are, knowingly or not, participating in terminal damage—of a new order—to the ecosystem, thus humanity. This is no accident. Please give this some thought next time you fire up that slow-genocide device called a phone – or tablet or any wireless device.

Of course, you don’t even have to use devices, since the 4G infrastructure network, bathing the environment 24/7, is eminently capable of, has been, and is now, destroying environment and health.

IndustryGovernment (and Other) Malevolence

As suggested, the origin, history, and nature of 1G through 4G reveal fiendish deceit by IndustryGovernment (IG, signifying the virtually conjoined colossus). The noted, voluminous scientific literature beginning in the 1950s showing harm to humans was ignored/dismissed, making the tobacco and asbestos deceptions mere pimples on the face of such evil as cannot easily be imagined.

All human dangers were known by mid-1970s, at least a decade prior to the original rollout in (Orwellian) 1984. More below.

All governments, regulatory organizations (FCC, WHO and UN agencies), and international agencies, like the supposedly independent ICNIRP, perpetuate blatant scientific fraud: The arbitrary and singleminded assumption as an operating premise that the only potential danger from ICMR is thermal (tissue heating). Whereas, conveniently ignored science clearly shows harm from non-thermal radiation.

The BioInitiative Report: A Rationale for a Biologically-Based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Radiation (BR) plumbs the history. It reviews, collates and summarizes 3800 peer-reviewed studies showing harm from non-thermal radiation. It was first published in 2007, with 2000 studies. The 2012 edition includes 2007 and covers 1800 subsequent ones.

The BR is cited, however, only to reveal independent science the FCC says doesn’t exist or is “inconclusive”: Because its call for “…a biologically-based public exposure standard…“ deemed safe (for humans) is futile, as is the International EMF Scientist Appeal to the WHO and UN.”

And as we’ll see, despite it being relied upon, power level is not the total consideration: Between heating, and all non-thermal, limits, it is by itself virtually irrelevant and potentially dangerous, even though there are heating dangers relative to power and antenna distance.

Key Testimony in Toronto

From a presentation at the Toronto Whole Life Expo 2009 by Andrew Michrowski, PhD:

… Precise, quality, straightforward medical and scientific research since 1950s details radiofrequency and microwave effects – without influence of stocks, PR and lawyers. By 1970s, electromagnetic, electrochemical, cascade effect equations were well defined for tissues, cells, intracellular & extracellular fluids and macromolecular effects on living systems…

Analysis of 1950-1974 mortality of 40,000 Korean War veterans shows that microwave exposure effect is cumulative [emphasis added] it affects all deaths … This means that even ‘weak’ and short exposures from wireless systems accumulate over the years and decades to engender serious diseases. [emphasis added].

Michrowski notes that the National Research Council of Canada Control Systems Laboratory in 1973 showed 22 non-thermal effects documented and generally understood by the scientific community more than 30 [40] years ago.

Michrowski: “Now, scientists daring to describe a part of such phenomena risk their career and income…” So, most aren’t telling the whole truth these days: Telecom is now about three times the size of Pharma.

Researching since the 1980s, one uncompromising, humanitarian scientist with an outstanding career in neuroscience—Professor Olle Johansson—lost his financing in 2017, callously forced into early retirement by Karolinska Institute (medical college) in Stockholm, with shameful disregard for science and a highly distinguished career.

Johansson was/is telling the whole truth: The only safe dose of ICMR, based on power level, is virtual zero, or the cosmic background level. (See also.)

A 2013 study shows that the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is not only insufficient for determining exposure level during typical use, but is dangerously inadequate for biological systems.

Effects can occur any time during or post exposure – nominally speaking, since there is normally no escape from tower radiation. As noted, effects, even if not immediately felt, will cause overt and serious illness in the longer term. Susceptibility varies, but no one escapes.

Fetuses, pregnant women, the elderly and the very young are most susceptible. But the young up to 20 years or so are still more susceptible than physically mature individuals.

Michrowski notes a rarely mentioned, hair-raising scenario: “Other impacts include accelerated corrosion of infrastructure (buildings, bridges, pipelines, nuclear power stations), and impacts on agriculture productivity (soil density, livestock issues).” [Emphasis added.]

A disturbing 2017 study shows that wireless radiation creates antibiotic resistance in Listeria and E. coli (corresponding study). Where will this end, if ever, especially with WiFi in hospitals?

Corroborating Michrowski, physicist and former Royal Navy diver and trained microwave expert Barrie Trower, PhD says dangers were fully known by mid-1970s: Because the technology was not originally developed for telecom, but, among other things, as a military stealth weapon for inducing illness. Weapon technology was adapted virtually unchanged to telecom, although one main difference is that weapons emit much less power.

Trower presents proof that Government was aware that WiFI irreparably damages the DNA in ovarian follicles (p. 4), before promoting it in schools. It also causes sperm-DNA fragmentation in boys.

A good introduction to Trower is this 35-minute edit of a long 2012 video interview by the International Center Against the Abuse of Covert Technologies.

The Point: No Safe Dose

Exposure standards are based on power levels. As noted earlier, below heating, power is virtually irrelevant: Information/data-modulation of carrier frequencies creates signal pulses to which cell membranes are extremely sensitive at all power levels. All cells being susceptible, the range of potential effects is extensive. Pulsing is the reason for the specific term, ICMR.

“…pulsed EMFs are, in most cases, much more biologically active than are non-pulsed (often called continuous wave) EMFs.” – Professor Martin Pall, PhD (Page 45, Chapter 6, first par.). Also, download PDF, type “puls” in search window.

The 2007 BR found that one tenth of one millionth of a watt per square centimeter – .1 μW/cm2, far below the FCC standard, showed harmful effects. Pulsing is the culprit. Trower questioned captured spies to learn what pulse frequencies their governments used to induce which diseases. It’s down pat.

The tentative safety range suggested by the 2012 BR is roughly 333,000 to 670,000 times lower than the current FCC exposure limit. One can thus get a feel for the extreme sensitivity of biological systems. This and the principle of cumulative effect are therefore paramount.

Please keep in mind that the strictest ‘biologically-based’ public power-level standard suggested to date is a billion times higher than natural background level in which life has always existed. And that wasn’t pulsed.


With regard to biological sensitivity and cumulative effect, one dreadful consequence of ICMR is a syndrome called electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), comprising a dozen or more unpleasant and disruptive symptoms. EHS victims usually cannot escape all radiation, and this can be agony. Not yet considered a disease, EHS has been declared a functional impairment in Sweden/EU. It’s existence has been denied altogether by US authorities (what else?), although in 2002, the United States Access Board recognized EHS as a disability (and) Federal Register, p. 56353.

One who has long felt no effect can gradually or quickly become hypersensitive. Therefore, EHS victims, who feel symptoms early and intensely, comprise society’s early warning system. We had better pay attention and respond before the explosion of illness sure to come.

The 5G Locomotive

A wave of resistance is building against 5G (per se)—a misguided priority and knee-jerk reaction. It’s dangerously out of critical context and thus totally ill-advised. The obvious context, of course, is wireless tech in general, the ultimate context of which includes technology per se and the very nature of being. Life is affected by artificial electromagnetic fields, because natural electromagnetism is the foundation of life.

4G is destroying the environment and human health now. Opposition to 5G should be re-focused on wireless-per-se, 5G included. Opposition specific to 5G might better be focused on its ability to ramp up loss of liberty and personal autonomy beyond 4G.

In addition to the Elite slow-genocide agenda, a fundamental purpose for wireless tech’s adaptation from weapon to telecom was the foundation of a global-fascist human-control system in the technosphere—the interplay of wireless systems, microchips, AI, robotics, nanotech, and economics: Total information awareness. Emotion, thought, and behavior control (with 5G/IoT, in real time) at the ‘push of a button.’ It might be slower, but 4G is accomplishing the overall Agenda as we speak.

If 5G by itself is worse than 4G, which is plenty bad enough by itself, then isn’t 5G opposition saying that we’ll let the 500-pound safe drop on our head, but not that nasty 1000-pound one? Yes, we can’t wait to get back to that comfortable space of ending life ‘softly’ with 4G. We can dance with the devil and come away clean.

Concerning 4G: A quote from Barrie Trower’s paper: Wi-Fi – A Thalidomide in the Making. Who Cares? p. 7

The Main Risks to Children

These biological processes described [earlier – PT] as being ‘influenced’ by low-level microwave irradiation may not just damage foetal [sic] growth; relying on the same biological processes are:

Blood Brain Barrier – requires 18 months to form and protects the brain from toxins. It is known to be affected. [Broken down – PT]

Myelin Sheath – requires 22 years to build its 122 layers. It is responsible for all thinking, organ and muscle processes.

Brain – requires 20 years to develop (I can assure you, cell phones do not help in its development).

Immune System – requires 18 years to develop. Bone marrow and Bone Density are known to be affected by low-level microwaves as are the immune systems’ white blood cells.

Bone – requires 28 years to develop – as mentioned, the moisture content of children makes both the ‘soft bones’ and marrow particularly attractive to microwave irradiation. Bone marrow produces blood cells.

Clearly, our decision makers are overlooking a child illness pandemic hitherto unknown in our 40,000 generations of civilization; which can involve over a half of the World’s exposed mothers / children. [Emphasis added.]

Other horrific facts must be omitted here that are available in the main article.


Maybe there should be a Nobel prize for common sense? Common sense tells us that ecocide cannot be ignored or dismissed for human ‘need’ or desire. Also, the “decision makers” referred to by Trower exist at multiple levels of influence/power. That is, at some level, “…overlooking a child illness pandemic…” should be changed to “…deliberately causing…” Not to mention the adult illness pandemic.

So common sense also suggests that an infiltrated political and regulatory establishment perpetrating scientific fraud is unlikely to respond to calls for a safe exposure standard. Even if it did, such a standard isn’t even possible, so aren’t we better off without a futile or deceptive attempt?

When one adds it up—wireless telecom not a spontaneous development or ‘merely’ profit driven; official foreknowledge of pathogenic effects/intent to induce illness; targeting environment, the unborn, and the young; outrageous energy demand; dependency/obsession/addiction; burgeoning e-waste stream; and more—one can conclude without exaggeration that planet and people are in grievous trouble.

The scale of these perils makes the intense concern about drug addictions (e.g., opioids) laughable—not to mention grossly hypocritical.

Coming to Our Senses

People Power: The only way out. Most needed is mass rejection of wireless anything. Again, any person or organization using any wireless device is condemning life on Earth.

End wireless, thereby stop 5G: By disuse, cancelling contracts, not buying it, and by using and demanding wired systems. Ipso facto, you’ll kick the most dangerous stuff – WiFi and “Smart” (monumentally stupid) tech. Oh, I can hear it: “But I just (whine) couldn’t live (whine) without my (whine) cell phone.” If that’s true, and not just pathetic self-involvement, really think about it.

We have precious little time before the control circle closes: To overcome programming, habituation, dependence and addiction; to reject IndustryGovernment propaganda and its siren song.

Or will we continue as accessories before, during and after the fact to the devastation of Earth, allowing ourselves to be surveilled, data mined, catalogued, indexed, profiled, controlled, deliberately poisoned, sickened, sterilized, dumbed down and murdered? Might we borrow and invoke the slogan of the Addiction Hope and Hotline: “Get clean or die”?

Which will you choose, Consumer?

Peter Tocci is a retired massage therapist and wellness consultant with an abiding interest in exploring ‘managed’ history, nefarious covert agendas, and mainstream/mainstream-alternative news-media dereliction, distortion and suppression.

© 2019, Peter G Tocci. All Rights Reserved

Image credit: Waking Times

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