Researchers In Israel Develop Cannabis Inhaler Specifically For Cancer Patients

By Mandy Froelich

In many countries, the cultivation and use of marijuana hold a stigma. Within the next week, this will no longer be the case in Israel. Researchers with pharmaceutical companies are taking advantage of increased access to marijuana by studying the plant’s uses and effects. For example, clinical research has already begun on a cannabis inhaler which may offer safe and immediate relief to cancer patients.

The method of delivering cannabis concentrates through an inhaler will increase accessibility for cancer patients who are treated with long-term pharmaceutical cannabis (for instance, sublingual tablets). The new method of delivery may also benefit those suffering from acute cancer pain, or who prefer to avoid smoking cannabis.

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“Every piece of clinical research that helps manage treatment using medical cannabis is important. Delivering treatment via inhalation is characterized by a quicker response time than oral or sublingual tablets,” said Dr. Itay Gur-Aryeh, Director of the Pain Unit at Sheba Hospital, Tel Hashomer.

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The vaporizer is outfitted with an attached vaporizer, to which a cancer patient can add a preferred, measured dose of cannabis extract. The extract includes a precise dose of active ingredients, which are then inhaled. The method of ingestion is ideal for cancer patients who are edible for treatment with medical cannabis. The research is being led by Rafa and Panaxia, two Israeli-based pharmaceutical companies.

According to a press release, Panaxia announced a clinical trial for registration purposes at the Ministry of Health to examine the biological availability of delivering medical cannabis via a metered-dose inhaler. The advanced medical products are marketed by Rafa Pharmaceuticals and will be tested as part of the clinical trial. If all goes according to plan, the medical cannabis inhalers may be available in Israeli pharmacies within the year.

“The clinical trial is performed as part of the registration procedure of the new products which we are about to launch in Israel this year, in collaboration with Rafa,” said Dr. Dadi Segal, Panaxia CEO. “Through access to cannabis inhalers, and subject to a medical specialist’s recommendation, we strive to help more patients suffering from acute pain. The inhaler will provide patients that are unable or unwilling to smoke, the right to be treated consistently and precisely.”

“This innovative product is an additional method of delivery of medical cannabis products which we are intending to launch. The future of treatment with medical cannabis is the ability to match treatment to each patient in the best possible way,” Anat Savion, Rafa CEO, added.

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Written by: Amanda Froelich — I’m an RHN, plant-based chef, freelance writer with 6+ years of experience, Reiki master therapist, world traveler and enthusiast of everything to do with animal rights, sustainability, cannabis and conscious living. I share healthy recipes at Bloom for Life and cannabis-infused treats at My Stoned Kitchen. Read More stories by Amanda Froelich

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