Hard Drugs found in Deceased Man, Coroner Blames Kratom: Xanax and Fentanyl

By Markab Algedi

The details relevant to the public in this story seem about as black and white as the headline of this article.

A man passed away who was found with what one can only assume were deadly levels of the extremely potent, notorious opioid drug Fentanyl in his system, and his poor mother was told that kratom could have played a role. This was cited in a mainstream article about another man who passed away with benzodiazepines in his system, and kratom.

Proving there’s an agenda against kratom, possibly even suggesting the agencies working so hard to demonize the plant may have even personally reached out to coroners, this coroner made a wildly out of whack declaration that kratom could have played a role in his passing.

The victim probably also ate bread that day, but they didn’t link that to his death. Kratom is literally about as relevant as bread when it comes to an overdose death.

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Here’s the thing about users of kratom: while plenty of them are using it to treat pain, and plenty of them just like kratom and nothing else, the plant is a miracle for treating opioid or opiate withdrawal. Therefore, coroners are certainly going to encounter some people who pass away with both kratom and some deadly thing like Fentanyl in their system.

The headline of this local news article promoting the coroner’s claims doesn’t even make sense. The headline reads “Coroner: ‘huge’ levels of Kratom in blood indicate cause of overdose death.” You cannot find an entire herb present in somebody’s blood, they must mean they found Mitragynine in the blood, one of the active compounds in kratom. This may seem like pointing out an insignificant detail, but trust me, if the alternative media made one small mistake like that Snopes and all the rest of them would try to eat us alive. I guess the same standards don’t apply to the mainstream media.

Anyway, the main focus of this article is a man who passed away with unspecified drugs that are likely Xanax or Valium in his system, and they blamed kratom. It was only a brief mention of the Fentanyl victim at the end of the article, the coroner specifically spoke on the man who passed away from benzos.

Someone named Spencer Cordes passed away in January, to a “combination of Fentanyl and Kratom,”as phrased by that local news article. That statement is so utterly ridiculous it can hardly be described. That’s like saying the man passed away from a combination of Fentanyl and chicken nuggets.

To make it worse, the mainstream article misspelled the world “roll,” with the sentence “Though it’s not known how big a roll Kratom played in his death, she wants those who use it to be safe.” Somewhere in a room, an author for this website is regurgitating what someone told them to write, and not even doing it well.

The poor mother of the fentanyl victim Spencer, Donna Cordes, was misleadingly told that kratom played a role in her son’s passing, and in that article she was quoted as saying: “You don’t know that you could unknowingly mix it with something and it could be fatal. If this interview just saves one life, then I’ll be happy. And I know it would make Spencer happy, too.”

Back to what the coroner said, he claims a 39 year old man with unspecified benzodiazepines like Xanax or Valium in his system passed away due to an excessive dose of kratom in Peoria, Illinois.

Users of kratom know that the amount necessary to consume, just to produce the effect of being nauseous which is really the worst thing that can happen, is so large it would be really difficult to consume.

It genuinely sounds like someone put the coroner up to saying this. “The level of Kratom in (the victim’s) system was three to four times higher than the reference range given from our forensic lab that causes fatality,” the County Coroner Jamie Harwood claimed.

“The reference range is 20-600 nanograms per milliliter,” Harwood said. “This gentleman had 2,300 nanograms per milliliter. That’s huge.”

(Image credit: Jamie Harwood, Peoria County Coroner/Facebook)


Well Jamie Harwood, try taking as much kratom as you can fit into your stomach, and you’ll see the only thing that will happen to you is you’ll get nauseous. This is just like trying to claim cannabis took a life. You’re referencing some numbers that mean nothing, firsthand experience is more valuable than those numbers, and you’re being manipulative trying to feed people who don’t know any better some bullsh**, scientific sounding measurement.

“I don’t care what people do,”  Harwood claimed, trying to avoid responsibility for what he is saying, “but what I do care about is public safety. And I want people being safe.”

Sure, you don’t care if people get to use kratom for chronic pain and opioid addiction, or if they don’t get to, because you’re just out for your paycheck. Doesn’t matter to you, who you effect by saying what you’ve probably been put up to saying.

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You’ll be responsible if the regulatory agencies clamoring for the control of kratom cite what you said in court Jamie Harwood, and the people of organizations like the American Kratom Association (AKA), will see to it that your claims are thoroughly, ruthlessly debunked and foundationally destroyed because what you’re saying is completely false, and dangerous to everyone who is already suffering through this drug epidemic.

Please grow some common sense and balls to not follow orders, and realize Fentanyl is a great threat to our entire country, and Kratom is nothing but a harmless herb that people can use to get off things like heroin.

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My generation, born in the 90’s, is literally being killed by drugs like this, and you want to take away from us one thing that helps. I’ve personally seen people change their lives with kratom, and I’ve seen people lose their lives to hard drugs after deciding that kratom wasn’t strong enough, but they almost quit.

Jamie Harwood you’re f***ing with a whole generation of people who have lost loved ones to this. Mind your own business.

Read More at Edge Canopy

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