FB Purge: Project Launched to Save the Alternative Media by Gaining Followers on the Street

alternative media facebook purge


By Markab Algedi

A project has just been launched to gain followers the old fashioned way for alternative media outlets affected by the massive wave of censorship.

The day before yesterday, Facebook and Twitter deleted hundreds of accounts with tens of millions of combined followers, in the most intense wave of censorship we’ve ever seen. Websites critical of police brutality, government corruption, war, mostly of a Libertarian or Anarchist persuasion were struck, while the mainstream media reported that it was some kind of purge against spammers. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

A GoFundMe was created to support this project, which aspires to reinforce the survival of the alternative media by driving traffic to websites organically, and even handing out physical copies of aggregated news articles on the street in person.

According to the newly created Facebook page (ironically) of the Alternative Media Carrier:

“The Alternative Media Carrier is an urgent reaction to the massive wave of censorship that has just been launched against the alternative media.

Hard working, true outlets such as the Free Thought Project, the Anti Media, Police the Police, and more now have no social media engines to get their articles out to people.
The objective of the Alternative Media Carrier is to put in work, to rebuild organic, street-level, real contact between the people who read alternative media, and the media itself. Our objective is to help cement a culture of thinkers and readers, that cannot be destroyed through censorship.
We are going to drive traffic to alternative media websites online, and physically print out articles by websites linked up with us, releasing daily publications that combine all sorts of alternative media into one sizable, true chunk of information.
Our daily aggregated, printed out publication will be available at Alternative Media Carrier locations across America, with real people handing them out if we can get this going. We’re looking at starting with Houston, Texas, San Francisco, California, and a few other locations.
People have gotten a little complacent with the ability to use social media. In the past, people would go out of their way to visit websites and read news on their own, and people would get actual newspapers. We have to rejuvenate this collective ability to put in effort, when we search for information.
Contributing to a thriving, strong culture of people actively reading, thinking, and seeking truth, things that are deemed controversial or too conspiratorial for the mainstream, the AMC has been founded.
We invite members of what we call the Alternative Media to join up with us, contact us and we’ll figure out how to drive traffic to your website, and also physically print your articles, to hand out in cities across America. The process of approval for joining up with us will be as minimal as possible, as unbiased as possible but with good taste and much thought.
While it may seem extremely uphill to the point of being futile, trying to hand out physical copies of alternative media articles in person, we take on that ambitious project with no fear, and nothing to lose, because this censorship just effectively killed any other option for these affected websites.
We’re going to be accepting donations through our GoFundMe, and the money will go to establishing this central node of support for the Alternative Media.
All funds will go to spreading physical articles in person, establishing real, concrete readers of alternative media, and financially contributing to the authors of those articles.
The funds will go directly to paying Alternative Media Carrier employees in cities across America, who will have real conversations with people, as uphill of a battle as that may sound, and put in hard, first-hand work to building up followers the old fashioned way.
This is an exercise in preserving the culture we create and the structures we build, even in the face of all foundations being ripped out from beneath us. Sometimes that happens in life, but we can’t give up.
Every cent of money donated will be accounted for. If you want to support a thriving, concrete culture of people thinking, learning, and reading, in the face of all the lies we are told every day, make a donation.

This article may be freely republished with attribution to the author, and a working link back to this article at Edge Canopy.

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