All Glass, Solar-Powered Pods Allow for Glamping With a View

All Glass, Solar-Powered Pods Allow for Glamping With a View

By Melinda CaffertyNatural Blaze

We’ve written before about the rise of unique solar power. Some of the new solar cells are even wearable. One of the reasons solar is such a boon is the freedom it allows people if they want to go “off-grid.” Whether it be a cottage in the woods, or a backyard getaway, solar allows energy harnessing at a fraction of the cost of electricity.

Meet “glamping” – a term that means “glam camping.” Although if anything, it seems like a relaxing way to take in a view and still have modern comforts. Luxury? Sure. But also great for those who have pain and other conditions that don’t allow for rouging it.

PurePods is a company that allows people to rent all-glass, off-grid experiences in New Zealand. You’ll notice that the glass pods don’t offer much privacy but curtains are available, and there are no neighbors or wifi. I think the idea is to constantly be in awe of nature even if you are in a glass bubble, protected from the elements.

Can solar-powered “pods” allow people to finally “unplug” without the pitfalls of tent-camping? See for yourself.

Images courtesy of PurePods via TreeHugger:

(C) PurePods

Everything is made from glass, even the toilet.

(C) PurePods

(C) PurePods

A one night’s stay for up to two people costs $400 with the option to add $100 for local meals.

(C) PurePods

Filtered water comes in from two water tanks and waste goes to its own treatment area.

(C) PurePods

(C) PurePods

Boy, that’s pricey, but look at those stars!

(C) PurePods

(C) PurePods

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These glass pods are obviously “tech-chic” but we always want readers to bear in mind that solar is just one form of alternative energy. It requires resources mined from the earth and it isn’t always clear who is being compelled to do the mining or how safe that is for people and the environment. In other words – we should ask, is it really the earth-saving solution that it has been promoted to be?

On the other hand, it upsets the apple carts of the energy corporations and their jacked up prices. They already have a legacy of pollution, unfortunately. Meanwhile, it offers some self-sufficiency that allows people to break away from the status quo.

Frankly, I prefer to be in the nature. To bask in the openness of it. Still, that view!

What do you guys think? Are these cool or are there reasons you don’t like solar? Sound-off below!

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