City Drops Poison on Foxes Risking Lives of Dogs

city drops poison on foxes risking lives of dogs

By Edge Canopy

“They seizure, they froth, they die.”

Some people watch viral videos of things like ants crawling in designer nails, and blow up comment sections about cruelty to insects. Sure, that’s inhumane too.

But as a totally different, wider perspective goes against the grain of the truth on the issue of animal cruelty like so many problems in the world, meanwhile much worse things are happening.

In Australia and New Zealand, a poison called 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) is being dumped on the wildlife, killing off (with excruciating pain) every mammal and many birds who ingest it. The Commonwealth-culture has fused with the unique situation of extremely isolated landscapes receiving an influx of “introduced species” for the past several centuries, to create a monstrosity.

People trying to help the wildlife not be poisoned make videos like this.






That monstrosity is the justified poisoning and killing of just about every mammal in Australia and New Zealand. It’s legal ecocide, taking place right now.

People are so numb to the 1080 thing, in New Zealand the government is introducing artificial intelligence linked “killing machines” (the phrasing chosen by mainstream media), to spit pellets at small mammals it identifies, to exterminate them because they “aren’t native” in the natural environment of New Zealand.

In New Zealand, possums, deer, rabbits, stoats, rats, and a host of other animals are targeted quite openly by 1080 pellets. It isn’t difficult to figure out that 1080 leeches into the environment and poisons just about everything it touches.

Feral cats, dingoes, foxes, dogs, macropods, ferrets, and other animals are the less spoken of, still victimized species who have to suffer through the symptoms and fate brought on by 1080 in New Zealand, and to a lesser extent, Australia.

So now Parramatta, a major city in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, is one of the places where the government is deploying 1080, presumably in pellets. In this particular case, August 2018, they claim to be killing foxes.

(Image credit: skyscrapercity.)




Doing that takes the lives of countless other animals including pet dogs, even if for some disturbing reason you can’t empathize with this face.

(Image credit: the Mind Unleashed)


According to an article from the Sydney Morning Herald titled “‘They seizure, they froth, they die’: Warning to pet owners over fox baiting program”:

“Veterinarians are calling for pet owners to be vigilant in preparation for fox baiting programs that will be carried out in Sydney’s north, south-west and upper Hawkesbury regions over the next few months.

Doctor Lindsay Hay, owner of Baulkham Hills Veterinary Hospital, has stressed that if ingested by dogs, Foxoff poison baits – which contain the chemical 1080, or “sodium fluoro acetate” – are incredibly quick-acting, and ultimately lethal.”

Great, killing foxes.That’s a great reason to risk poisoning all other animals and creatures with the substance.

A mainstream article shows this picture of a fox biting into a chicken it had caught. That’s sad too, but foxes do what foxes do, and frankly there is a such thing as a chicken coop.

The plan to hit Parramatta with 1080 was opposed by a Sydney Fox Rescue. Their Facebook post reads:

“Please sign and let the City of Parramatta and the Hills Shire Council know Australia’s will not continue to stand by and allow the use of toxic 1080 poison in our communities.”

The symptoms of 1080 toxicity were described by the World League for Protection of Animals as:

“restlessness; increased hyperexcitability; incontinence or diarrhea; excessive salivation; abrupt bouts of vocalization; and finally sudden bursts of violent activity. All affected animals then fall to the ground in teranic seizure, with hind limbs or all four limbs and sometimes the tail extended rigidly from their arched bodies. At other times the front feet are clasped together, clenched or used to scratch frantically at the cage walls. This tonic phase is then followed by a clonic phase in which the animals lie and kick or ‘paddle’ with the front legs and sometimes squeal, crawl around and bite at objects. During this phase the tongue and penis may be extruded, their eyes rolled back so that only the whites show and the teeth ground together. Breathing is rapid but laboured, with some animals partly choking on their saliva. Finally such individuals begin to relax, breathing more slowly and shallowly and lying quietly with the hind legs still extended but apparently semiparalysed”

It has been reported by witnesses that clearly non “predatory,” herbivorous animals such as macropods (similar to kangaroos) that are forced to consume it suffer from horrible symptoms:

“Affected wallabies were sometimes observed sitting hunched up, with heads held shakily just above the ground. Generally they appeared non-alert and ‘sick’, with shivering or shaking forelimbs and unsteady balance. Most individuals then experience convulsions, falling to the ground and lying on their backs and sides, kicking and making running motions with their hind legs before dying. Many individuals also ejaculated shortly before death, and, with others, exuded a white froth from their nostrils and mouth.”

See, the program is called “Predator-Free 2050” in New Zealand. They have a plan to exterminate, ruthlessly take the lives of all non-native mammals to New Zealand, in about 30 years. Why? Supposedly to be environmentalist, jolly good people protecting the pretty native birds.

(Image credit:


This isn’t to protect birds. This is the pure, concentrated manifestation of psychopathy. People want to make money selling 1080, and people in power want to kill off life.

This article appeared first at Edge Canopy

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