The Drugs Have Eyes: Drugs in Edible, QR Code Form are Being Developed

Edible QR Code Drugs

By Markab AlgediNatural Blaze

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark claim they have created a new method for the production of medicine. They made very tiny QR codes out of drugs, which can be printed onto edible material.

Possibly one reason is so multiple medications can be put into one dose. They claim this method will “tailor” doses to individual people with their own unique biochemistry more effectively.

You know the newer, square barcodes, the QR codes? The researchers printed QR codes out of drugs essentially.

Partnered with researchers from Åbo Akademi University in Finland, they reportedly produced what they describe as a white edible material: a “QR code consisting of a medical drug,” which can allegedly enable the storage of data in an actual drug.

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It is unclear just what data might be stored “in” the drug, or how that data would be accessed from I guess within the body after the drug or set of drugs had been administered. A little persuasive hint at what data would be accessed was explained by Natalja Genina, Assistant Professor at Department of Pharmacy:

Simply doing a quick scan, you can get all the information about the pharmaceutical product. In that sense it can potentially reduce cases of wrong medication and fake medicine.

“This technology is promising, because the medical drug can be dosed exactly the way you want it to. This gives an opportunity to tailor the medication according to the patient getting it,” claims Natalja Genina.

Headlines were made at the Smithsonian about “Fighting Fake Pharmaceuticals with Tiny, Edible Bar Codes,” to combat some “global problem of drug fraud.” As far back as 2016, other researchers such as one from the University at Albany, Jun Wang have been trying to embed data in drugs.

More recently, the FDA approved a pill that tracks whether or not a person took their medication. This can make every pill a person is forced by the state to take a little capsule of “snitch,” bringing involuntary treatment into a whole new era.

Involuntary treatment seems to be becoming a real problem for people of the world, especially in countries where guns have been banned.

While mainstream articles would rather focus on an epidemic of fake drugs in Africa, why miss the point that perhaps these drugs aren’t even the best treatment?

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This was funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark, a fund that is to some extent in collaboration with the typical academic institutions of Europe.

Ties from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland can be drawn to the Independent Research Fund in Denmark, as an associate professor named Michael Trott received a large grant from them to use CERN data for a particle physics research project.

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Any number of nefarious things could come from this QR code medicine. We’re living in an age where distrust for such things really should be prevalent.

In some places, distrust for this type of thing is prevalent: ask the people around you, they will probably know someone who has been injured by big pharma. So why would people take the risk?

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