Vermont’s New Experimental Healthcare: Paying Doctors for Keeping Patients HEALTHY

By Paul A. Philips

More and more folks are wising up to the sad fact that our healthcare system would rather see us ill than cured. Illness means mega-bucks for Big Pharma who, in turn, give cash kickbacks to doctors and great business for hospitals…

For many patients this has brought dire consequences, having been prescribed detrimental, highly addictive or useless drugs and unnecessary surgery… However, in response to this and all the connected racketeering such as, for example, the great cancer racket, hospitals in Vermont, U.S.A have devised a different experimental healthcare approach.

A much needed new paradigm healthcare approach?    

Instead of offering financial rewards for keeping people sick, Vermont has introduced a new healthcare approach whereby doctors will be paid for keeping patients healthy.

In this approach, upfront healthcare payment will not be based on immediate treatment costs such as those for surgical operations, X-rays or overnight hospital stays. It will be based on the end-product; keeping the patient healthy. Thus, for doctors to receive financial rewards, the focus will be on diagnosing what prevents the patient from sickness, which could involve, for instance, improvements to nutrition, their housing situation and mobility…

This new approach involves getting financial assistance for patient management, primary care outreach and healthcare coverage programmes from for example, Medicaid and Medicare with the help of the Affordable Care Act.

A tall order some might say to the fact that Vermont’s intention is to apply their new health payment model across the state with 70% of its insured inhabitants by 2022. If successful as a universal healthcare approach it will significantly change the way in which patients pay for their health. Consider the implications. Could this be the start of a much needed new paradigm healthcare approach if other hospitals follow suit?

Will the new approach really work?

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The initiative has had many doubters. Critics have raised a number of issues/concerns:

  • A major issue/concern is whether or not keeping the patient healthy will be financially viable, especially in the long term. Larger hospitals will be more likely to survive than smaller ones. There is a concern that the system will incorporate too many middlemen administrators lacking in oversight. Will these power-charged middlemen in their care organizations coordinating the doctors, hospital staff with patients in the administrative network be able to effectively handle the healthcare costs?
  • Vermont tried to make a new revolutionary healthcare system work in 2014, but it was abandoned due to cost concerns.
  • Even if the new system is well thought out how will the patients react?
  • Can the doctors be trusted? With their training and practice heavily biased towards the Big Pharma health model (sickness model), how many doctors really know how to keep a patient healthy? For instance, many have had very little or distorted training in the healing powers of nutrition.
  • What defines keeping a patient healthy? For example, does this mean treating the patient with naturopathy or financially rewarding the doctor for administering multiple vaccinations?
  • The health problem is not with the doctors or Big Pharma and Big Government. It’s with the people in their lack of knowledge/understanding that they are the ones ultimately responsible for their health through diet and lifestyle and the avoidance of toxicity. With so much health information now available online ignorance is no excuse…

All in all

The concept of keeping the patient healthy is nothing new. It can be traced as far back as Ancient China using energy medicine.  Some might say that Vermont’s new healthcare approach is promising: Think of how much healthier people could be. While others might say that the new healthcare approach is a nice theory but won’t work in practice because, in the end, Big Pharma and Big Gov will never release their grip on our hijacked healthcare system, who really knows for certain? Only time will tell.

You can read more from Paul A. Philips at his site New Paradigm.

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