PA Attorney General Concerned About Equifax Cyberattack; Will U.S. Attorneys General Be Upset About Utility Smart Meters Hacking?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

According to news reports [1], Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro is concerned about and investigating the credit bureau Equifax’s data breach affecting some 143 to 145 million Americans.

“People who believe they are an identity theft victim can contact the consumer protection bureau in Shapiro’s office.” [1]

“New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman urged New Yorkers to look out for potential hacking and phishing attempts by cybercriminals following the Equifax data breach.” [2]

CNBC News reports “Massachusetts says Equifax hack exposed more than half the state to risk of fraud” [3]. Listen carefully to what Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey says in the short video in this link about hacking personal information.

The real problem

Consumers don’t know Equifax was collecting their important credit information and selling it to others! However, that’s the very same tactic/problem/issue that is being programmed to be done by and with AMI Smart Meters being retrofitted on to electric, natural gas and water utilities services nationwide by states’ utility commissions.

However, no safeguards are being mandated by state public utility commissions regarding the retrieval, collection, storage, safety and personal in-home data/information collection utility companies will be exploiting via the ZigBee transmitters and local microwave networks instituted to relay personal information back to “Big Brother Utility Company,” who, in turn, will sell and profit from customers’ information!

As Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey correctly points out, customers don’t opt in to the data collection.

That also is the most important point regarding the collection of personal data from inside customers’ homes via AMI Smart Meterscustomers don’t know nor opt in, which can lead to even greater risks and problems besides identity theft.

What are the problems?

The problems can be cybercriminals stalking people and/or houses to learn when homes are not occupied; learning customers’ daily routines and habits in order to burglarize or vandalize; hacking to take down a certain customer’s meter and utility service, or even an entire neighborhood of meters; plus other innovative surveillance and hacking techniques hackers will think up and implement.

AMI Smart Meters can be the first line of ingress into taking down the power grid in any country!

Selling customer data to third parties for profit

Customer data surveillance and utilities selling to customer-unknown third parties by utility companies across the USA and in other countries is part and parcel of the Internet of Things and the surveillance society to be instituted under the UN’s Agenda 21 and 2030 one world governance goal.

Where’s the proof utilities will sell customers’ data?

The patented algorithm “Onzo” is a ‘business hacker’ invading customers’ privacy to collect in-home data and sell it to third parties for profit and marketing leads, and who knows what else.

Here’s a less than 2 minute video explaining Onzo’s purpose, methodology and invasion of your privacy.

About ONZO

ONZO is a global leader in consumer energy data and analytics. ONZO combines the science of energy analytics with disaggregation, lifestyle behavior analysis and probabilistic forecasting to give utilities and their customers unprecedented insights into how, where and when energy is used. Leveraging granular smart meter date, ONZO’s patented algorithms result in rich, highly accurate, customer-specific insights with actionable outcomes that help utilities improve customer engagement and energy efficiency, while reducing churn and creating new revenue opportunities. [for everyone but customers] Visit, and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. SOURCE ONZO [4] [CJF emphasis]

Besides all of the above, costumers’ collected information will travel over highly porous microwave frequencies—similar to cell phone calls—and they can be hacked into by any high school kid with some knowledge of computers and a penchant for cyber thrills. What about the Russians?

Why should consumers be concerned?

First and foremost, probably nine out of ten utility customers don’t know they have had an AMI Smart Meter retrofitted on to their electric, natural gas and water utility services.

Secondly, customers are not aware that those new meters are sophisticated computers that will have to be replaced every 5 to 6 years and customers will be billed for them, as they are now, via monthly installments to their utility bills while utility companies obtained federal grants in the millions to roll out AMI Smart Meters!
Moreover, customers do not know their private lives are/will be monitored 24/7/365 to the point of knowing when you shower; use certain electrical devices no matter how personal; have that information sold to unknown third parties for unknown reasons and consequences; open your privacy and home to becoming a target for thieves, burglars and cybercriminals.

Safety or surveillance?

The New World Order governance agenda under the United Nations utilizing all the new “smart” technologies we’ve become addicted to, only leaves everyone more vulnerable to become a sitting duck for more and more criminal activity at the personal level. Do you want that?

Now is time during the Equifax fiasco about privacy and personal information being compromised to contact your respective state’s public utility commission and attorney general to bring the above information about AMI Smart Meter privacy issues to their attention and demand safety and security for your personal information, plus whatever else you don’t like or fear about AMI Smart Meter surveillance.

The analog meter, which operated without problems for decades while not spying on your house, is the safest meter to have. It’s not a fire hazard, as AMI Smart Meters are, because AMI SMs are made with plastic parts, have no surge protectors and emit non-thermal radiation waves that cause adverse health issues.

With AMI Smart Meters, customers can lose their privacy; become sitting ducks for criminals; and also lose their health due to electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) or what the medical profession calls idiopathic electromagnetic intolerance (IEI).

Welcome to the crazy world of smart technology!



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