Solar-Powered Handheld Vessel Could Turn Hot Air Into Cool Drinking Water

solar powered water vessel

Scientifically speaking, photovoltaic modules on the outside of the device would absorb the solar energy throughout the day, which would then used to cool the air and produce condensation while also pushing airflow through the canister with a fan. The water drops that are produced would be collected in a small region of the device, and Ap recommends that if the device ever comes to fruition there should be small rocks added in order to provide necessary minerals.

Yes, Ap recognizes that, “It is still science-fiction, but for sure PV cells increase in efficiency, (only a matter of time) next to the speeding development of materials that store the cold of the night to help pre-cool the inlet-air during [the] daytime.”

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This designer has moved past the what if? part of designing new, highly-sustainable products and is already presenting them to the world. He said that since solar technology is developing and improving rapidly, there’s no need to wait for new technology to be released when you can actually design it yourself. Though he doesn’t have the know-how to make this product himself, Ap said,

“There’s no sense to be pessimistic about the future. With my projects, I want to show people that there are solutions, but you have to cross a certain border, and I feel that art is the perfect vehicle to break through the border.”

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