On the Way to Slaughter-less Butchershops and Murder-Free Meat


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Revolutionary New Company Creating Meat Without Slaughtering Animals

If Memphis Meats can appeal to meat eaters, they may have the potential to put a dent in the massive meat industry. They plan to bring their products to market in the next five years and intend to sell them both in grocery stores and at the wholesale level for use in restaurants.

Memphis Meats is not alone. Companies like Mosa Meat and Modern Meadow Inc. are also working to develop lab-grown meat and gaining traction as the cost to produce it falls.

This growing trend indicates not only that competition in the market will likely yield some satisfying selections, but that consumers are eager for solutions to the vast problems of factory farming and are ready to try alternatives to meat.

Similarly, Valeti described the reasons why he and his colleagues Memphis Meats:

Some care about solving the environmental problems associated with conventional meat production. Some care about animal welfare. Some just think the science behind our process is fascinating and has a tremendous potential for positive social impact. As a cardiologist, I also factor in the potential our products have in terms of public health.”


He continued:

For all these reasons, our goal is to provide people with the delicious meat experience that everybody loves, in a way that is better for the planet and its inhabitants.


Still, the Wall Street Journal notes the meat the company develops is not yet 100% animal-free. Memphis Meats currently requires fetal bovine serum, which comes from unborn calves, to initiate the culturing process. Valeti says in the near future, however, he will be able to replace the serum with a plant-based substance.

Though for many vegans and vegetarians, the thought of eating animal cells whatsoever may prevent them from trying lab-grown meat, Valeti told Anti-Media Memphis Meats is seeking to market their products to “people who love meat, but want to be able to enjoy it without inflicting harm on the planet or its inhabitants.”

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